How To Connect And Play Ppsspp Multiplayer Adhoc Games On Phone


  Does PPSSPP support two(2) players in multiplayer or adhoc games? Yes it does! I have been playing against my friends in the PES 2016 and 2021 psp games in my ppsspp emulator app which is in my Android phone.

Note: Before you head into next part of connecting multiplayer mode in ppsspp with friend, I advice that you first of all read through the article completely, and then go through it again as you begin setting up the multiplayer with friend.

Imagine the playstation consoles being used with a pair of gaming pad to play multiplayer games, and the same games played on them are played in the playstation portable - PSP console though with slight differences but without multiplayer. Noo that's exactly what we'd not wish to be possible in our minds before we even search the internet on 'how to play ppsspp multiplayer games'.

Some people have that energy to play games and master winning techniques while playing with computer or bot, but being able to compete and win another human player in a multiplayer mode tells how much you master gaming. So, ppsspp multiplayer functions was really a necessary settings to be attached to the ppsspp emulator app under the 'Networking' option in the app's settings. Lacking multiplayer mode in ppsspp emulator for mobile devices would be a very disturbing issue, but thanks to the ppsspp emulator creator, there's support for multi-playing.

Can Android Players Play Multiplayer games On Ppsspp?

How to play ppsspp multiplayer games on Android
Playing multiplayer on ppsspp emulator app

Yes! You can play PPSSPP with 2 or more players with your android phone. If you do not know at all how to play ppsspp games, read on this link for a guide. You can use the following settings to play PPSSPP games with two or more players. Now imagine competing with a friend on a basketball game or any other game which you consider challenging. Ofcourse it'd be much fun than playing the bots alone.

The ppsspp multiplayer feature allows two or more players to play together on various PPSSPP multiplayer games. With ppsspp multiplayer, now you can have fun, challenge, and compete with your friends on various PPSSPP games that support multiplayer. This feature will be very essential especially, for those who do not have a PlayStation console at home. 

Below, as you keep following, you'll learn the simple guide(step by step) on how to play  ppsspp multiplayer games using the multiplayer mode in the games. First I'll start with the requirements to play ppsspp multiplayer.

What Are The Requirements To Play Ppsspp Multiplayer Games?

The requirements in order for you to successfully connect and play ppsspp multiplayer is very basic and necessary. They're:

  • PPSSPP emulator app.
  • You must have at least 512MB of RAM and enough storage space
  • Android Phone with Portable WI-FI Hotspot.
  • Android phone functioning WI-FI.
  • And also try avoiding cheats while in multiplayer mode, it could cause hangs, but it does work.

Steps To Take To Connect And Play Multiplayer PPSSPP Games 

How to play ppsspp multiplayer is very simple. If you follow the steps as given, carefully, you can play any ppsspp multiplayer ad hoc game in your ppsspp emulator app.

 This particular settings applies more to PES games. Should you want to try it with other games, follow the same format of connection, and open a room using the Adhoc mode in any game. The ADhoc means multiplayer. If you find it in any game, it means you can play multiplayer with the game.


  • Turn on your Android’s Portable WI-FI Hotspot, and tell your friend or whoever you want to play with to turn on their Wi-Fi and connect.
  • The person who is connecting to your hotspot with his or her WiFi should go to his phone settings, click on About Phone to view his IP address. He should copy it, you should also be ready to copy that same IP address to your ppsspp Networking settings. The IP address is something like this:
  • After that, both of you should launch the PPSSPP emulator app. Don’t open the game you intend to play yet.
  • While on the PPSSPP app menu, Go to the PPSSPP’s SETTINGS.
  • Click on "Networking"
  • Enable networking/WLAN– Check or tick the same function as PSP’s Wlan Switch.
Adhoc server IP address– This is very necessary. The both of you should type in or paste the IP address your friend with wifi copied as your pro ad hoc server IP address to avoid hanging or the ppsspp from lagging. The new ppsspp update is different from the one I have pictures representating them below.
So, in the new one, you will have to click on the edit button to to add the IP Address in the space above with the default text, Soho or any you'll find there. Below, in the image, where you can see is where you have to put in your IP address as the host.
Changing IP Address For Multiplayer Connection On Ppsspp
Changing IP Address For Multiplayer Connection On Ppsspp

How to add adhoc ip address for ppsspp multiplayer
New - Where to add IP Address 

  • MAC address- click on change MAC address to generate random MAC addresses. Make sure both players use different MAC address. Though it does work when both players use same Mac address, but it might not really perform well when using the gold ppspp app.
  • Enable Built-in PRO Adhoc Server- Tick only if you’re the host (the phone that enabled Portable-Wifi-Hotspot).
  • Connect PPSSPP multiplayer.
  • After that, start the game. If it lags, use and increase 'Frameskip.'
  • After that, go to pes match selection and loading menu, and look for where you have the Adhoc multiplayer option, and then select it as can be seen in the PES 2016 game screen as seen below.
  • Note, you and your friend should have the same Ppsspp Networking settings: Same IP Address, same Port length. Avoid the Upn options. Don't tick it.
  • After that, both of you should cut off the ppsspp and launch it back, and then head straight to the game you wish to play two players. I'm going to use PES as an  example.

Chose or select Adhoc option by pressing X button.

PES 2021 multiplayer Adhoc mode options
PES 2021 menu screen with exhibition, quick start, penalties, and multiplayer options

The host should "Make Room" or "Setup" while the other player should Search For "Match Room" as it will appear in the next screen after clicking on the adhoc button.

Connect PPSSPP game multiplayer

Make sure you are the one setting up the room if you are the one who turned on the hotspot, i.e. the host, though the other person using WiFi can also SETUP. The other player should Search For MATCH ROOM and join. Always remember that the host is the one that turned on his hotspot, while the other player connected via WiFi is the guest. It could get simpler if you create the hotspot and WiFi connection between you and your friend  before opening the ppsspp emulator app. That's 100 percent recommended.

When you setup the match and your friend joins the match, your friend will have to select your address or hotspot name that will appear in the switching screen for the two phones to be connected for multiplaying. 

After successfully setting up the room, choose your preferred teams and enjoy the multiplayer mode.

If you'd like to play Tekken 6 psp game multiplayer on ppsspp, this site has a guide for it down the article which is similar to this one. Also, check this long list of Ppsspp Multiplayer Games you can play two players with a friend.

How To Fix PPSSPP Multiplayer Connection Issues

There are usually some delays in the connection. In some cases, while trying to connect the ppsspp multiplayer mode with your friend, you might experience some connection issues like the 'unable to find host' or 'host unable to create room'. The issue sometimes could be from your end or may not.

  • To confirm the problem isn’t from your end, simply recheck the ppsspp emulator multiplayer settings used above just in case you may have made a mistake with the settings.
  • If everything’s ok with the settings, but the issue still persists, do this to fix the ppsspp multiplayer connection issue.
  • Though the connection do take time in some cases where the phone network connection is not strong, to fix it, simply exit the ppsspp emulator app alongside your friend. 
  • Turn off your hotspot, and  friend's wi-fi.
  • After that, turn on your hotspot and ask your friend to turn on his or her wi-fi and connect.
  • After creating the connection, open the ppsspp emulator app and start the game.
  • Go to Match and to where you find the Exhibition, other options, and the Adhoc option as seen in the image above. 
  • Create or make a room and the other player should Search For Match Room.
  • Once connected, proceed to team select and enjoy your ppsspp multiplayer game.
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