Google Snake Game Online: How To Play And Other Games Like Itself


 Google Snake Game, also known as "Google Snake," is a browser-based game inspired by the classic video game "Snake." It was developed by Google as an Easter egg or hidden feature, which can be accessed by searching for "snake" or "play snake" in the Google search engine.

In the game, players are to control a snake that grows longer as it consumes food items which are of various kinds e.g apple, and onion. The objective is to guide the snake around the screen. You must also avoid  the snake's mouth from getting in contact with its own tail or the walls. As the game progresses, the snake becomes longer and more challenging to navigate.

Alternative snake games
Google Snake Game And It's Alternatives

You will learn about Google snake game, how to play it, how to set the game modes, and other simple alternative snake games like itself - though all are not played in the same platform Google Snake is as you keep reading.

How To Play Google Snake Game

To play google snake game is very simple as far as you have the little requirements to play it. Google snake game requires a computer: phone or pc that has acces to the internet: data subscription or wifi, and a browser, Chrome especially.

If you have those little requirements handy, you can find Google Snake Game from the link<<. It will take you to the games window where you'll find the Snake game's picture and three buttons beneath it as seen in the picture below.

Google Snake Game Online
Google Snake Browser Game

The game's three buttons are 'Play', 'Share', and 'Settings'.

Click on the 'Play' button to start playing the game with Google's default settings.

You can also share the game to friends by clicking on the 'share' button to copy a link to the game, and then send it to friends who might like to play the game too.

Should you want to try different game modes and graphics in the game, do not hesitate to click the 'Settings' button.

There are some settings within the google snake game that allows you to customize the game graphics and object structures. There are also settings that changes the snake game mode to the one you desire, and these settings can only be applied by you using the settings button in the game. In the next paragraph, I'll let you know about the kinds of settings that are available, and the changes it creates in the snake game.

Google Snake Game Settings

How to do Google game settings
Google Snake Game Settings Page Guide

When you click on the settings button, you'll see a next screen with objects arranged from left to right and top to bottom of the screen in rows and columns. There are eight (8) rows, and each row has a specific setting it applies to the snake game. Here are the settings each row carries:

Row 1 - Fruit Selection: This row in Google Snake Game Settings is available for you to make choice of fruit or vegetable you want the snake to swallow during gameplay. You can find banana and other fruits by swiping left on the row to view them.

Row 2 - Game Mode: This Setting is available in Google Snake Game for you to chose the kind of game mode you wish to use. There are modes that can bring up obstacles, stuns to snake, duplicate snake, snake teleport, etc. Do well to experiment with them.

Row 3 - Numbers of Fruit Objects: In this Google Snake Game setting, you can choose on the available numbers of fruit object that will appear for the snake to consume during gameplay. The dice symbol is a shuffle of the numbers on a dice that can appear at once for the snake to consume. The other numbers are made visible and understood with their symbols.

Row 4 - Snake Speed: This setting in Google Snake Game allows you to chose how fast or slow you want the snake to move during gameplay. The first symbol which is 'snake' gives you a fast experience while the last symbol which is 'tortoise' represent a slow movement. Guess what speed the middle symbol will do.

Row 5 - Background Size: This Google Snake Game setting allows you to either increase or reduce the background space using the available options.

Row 6 - Snake Color: This setting allows you to chose the color you want the snake in.

Row 7 - Weather Or Background Color: This setting allows you to change the color of the background. The symbols which represents seasons will change the color background of the Google Snake Game to represent the seasons.

Row 8 - Smooth or Rough: This setting allows you the options to choose either a smooth and round snake skin and body or a rough and square snake skin and body.

As you gotten well aquatinted with the Google Snake Game, you might want to know games similar to it.

Google Snake Game Alternatives

If you're looking for alternative snake games to play, there are numerous options available. Here are a few popular alternatives:

Slither snake game alternative to google snake Snake Game is a multiplayer Android online game where players control a snake to become longest snake in the arena. It's a competitive edge, and with real-time multiplayer gameplay. game alternative to Google Snake game Google Snake Game Alternative is a multiplayer online game that follows the snake Google game's concept. Players compete against each other to grow their snakes and survive in a constantly evolving environment.

Snake Rewind

Snake Rewind is a modern take on the classic snake game, featuring enhanced graphics and new gameplay elements. In Snake Rewind game, the original game characterestic is there, but  power-ups are added to spice up the experience.

Nokia Snake

First Nokia Snake Game
Nokia Snake Game as Seen in Nokia 3310 Old Phone l

Colored nokia snake game alternative to google snake
Nokia colored Snake Game from 2007 Nokia Phones

Nokia Snake is seen as a nostalgic option that replicates the classic Snake game found on old Nokia mobile phones. If you can make purchases of this old Nokia phones which is still being recycled, you will still enjoy the same old nokia snake game as in the past. Now, there are emulations of it which you can find in your apps store. These other snake games emulates the retro gameplay, allowing players to relive the simplicity and addictive nature of the original.

Snake Pass

Snake Pass Alternative For Google Snake Game
Snake Pass Game

Snake Pass is a unique puzzle-platform game which is only available for PS4, windows, Nintendo switch and Xbox. In Snake Pass game, players control a snake named Noodle. The focus is on realistic snake-like movement and physics-based puzzles, providing a fresh twist odn the traditional snake concept.

These are just a few Google Snake Game alternatives. There are many more snake games available across various platforms and devices. What you should know is that, each of these snake games have their own uniqueness.

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