Best Game Engine For Coding in Java For 2D Game Development


 2D games have come come to be popular to game developers and the game players, and as a result, the search for the best java game engines increases. For developers, the simplicity and less time in completing a 2d game is a thing that motivates especially when compared to 3D coding.

Best game engine for java
Coding 2D Games With Java Engines

When searching for the best java game engine, there are concepts that must be considered for chosing the best game engine for coding in java. They are, and not limited to:

2d Concept, Art, and Design

Single Player Mode

Multiplayer Mode

Integration Of Game

UI and UX Graphics

Story Boarding

What Is The Best Game Engine For Coding in Java?

There are lots of advantages when chosing you get to chose one best java 2d game engine for 2d game development and programming. The most realized advantages of using a good java game engine:

Easy Optimization

Affordable Price/Otimal For SME Startups

Gain Larger

Easy User Interface

Best Monetization Models

Large Audience

Before you jump into the list of the game Engines that make 2d games easy to create, you might want to see what it takes to make a free mobile game and how to monetize mobile game in order to earn money.


Best Java Game Engines


Make 2d Java games without coding knowledge
LibGDX Game Engine Logo

If you want to be successful creating a game, normally, should have at least, basic knowledge of the programming languages needed to make a game. LibGDX game engine requires you have the game programming knowledge, though the process is and arrangements are made simple within the engine. 

The advantage of using this java game engine is the fluency in multiple platforms because of it's Java platform. You can actually use this game engine with other software to make a game. The two most used softwares usually used alongside LibGDX are Clojure and Scala.

Unity 2d/3d Game Engine

How to make games for android with Unity game
Unity 2D Game Engine Logo

Unity game engine for java coding is one of the best game engine for java 2d games though it can be used for 3d game coding as well.

Unity is now a very popular gaming engine with very helpful features that makes game development much easier and fun! Unity game engine have tutorials that makes it very much easy for beginners with little or no knowledge in coding or programming to make a fully functional game. 

There are lots of tools available in store  for use for the best of game development and production. It's Drag and Drop feature will motivate you while also bringing out the game creativity in yo This is definitely what you may really need to start your game app production journey.

Game Maker Studio 2 - (GMS 2)

Develop 2d games with no coding knowledge with GameMaker studio
Game Maker Studio 2 Engine

Game Maker Studio 2 is one of the best game engine for java that has lots of cool and desired tools and features for game development. You're sure to find a Level Editor and an Animation system tools, DnD, GML, and more that will bring your 2d games live and realistic as posible.

Before this version of the Game Maker Studio, 2, Studio Maker happened to be the first java game coding engine. This version as expected is made better in some aspects than the previous.

You can Drag and Drop objects or develop with a language using GameMaker Language (GML) feature within the engine. This is definitely one of the best 2d game engine using JAVA and Python for PC and Mobile.

RPG Maker

RPG 2d Java Game Maker

This is one of the best game engine for java that has its script written in JavaScript and Ruby. The RPG Maker allows you to  make your 2d game export to several platforms including the three popular: Android, iOS, and Widows.

Like the Unity game engine, you can actually create games without coding, and there are tutorials made available and a community that supports with guide and answers for your best possible 2d game creation.


GDevelop game engine for 2d java games creation
GDEVELOP Game Engine Logo

GDevelop is another 2d java gane engine that allows easy development of 2d games for anyone who wishes to begin game development. However, you should note that the end product of an game coded with this engine won't be as fast as may be expected.

GDevelop game engine works well with rudimentary form of games, since it allows you to drag and drop objects while also creating an event it.

Construct 3

Best 2d java Game engine for game development costrut 3
Construct 3 Game Engine Logo

Construct 3 is not widely known for 2d game development, but it's actually one of the best game engine for java game creation. You can use this game engine alongside the available plugins available for to create very simple and smart games.

Construct 3 supports multiple platform export of games. You can be sure to have a whole lot of audience as it even supprts the HTML 5 web for gaming.

The design of its Interface is smooth and simple, and this allows you the convinience of making good games out of simplicity.

Solar 2d

Solar 2d game engine logo
Solar 2d Java Game Engine Logo

Solar 2d game engine is another good 2d game java creator. It was formally known as Corona. It's actually an open source application where other developers can contribute to its betterment.

Solar 2d  is known for one unique feature, the Live Test feature. The live test feature in the 2d game engine allows your edits in the game development to appear to your visibility of how the final work is instead of having to deploy it to devices.

Solar 2d game has many more features for 2d game development which is not limited to Graphics and animation, and Physics tool.


Ren'py 2d java game engine logo
Ren'py Game Engine Logo

Ren'py supports multiple platform exportation of 2d games. And have have lots of unique features similar to others I have mentioned here already.

There are obviously more of these best 2d java game engine for Android and other operating systems. The list I have created of the game engines are the ones I have studied to make 2d game creation simple, fast, and good looking for attraction and retention purpose. However, this list of 2d game engines are the ones that you can use both on mobile and pcs to make games.

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