8 Best Engineering Universities In Norway Students Can Chose One From


 Norway is modeled with prestigious universities where students can study Engineering and earn the desired certificate. Luckily, the funding of most Norwegian institutions are funded by the government. So, students can pay very less for studying engineering in this country.

It is not even difficult to go through the admission process. Moreover, Norway grants a lot outside of education alone. The education system is pure just like the climate around this country. Norway has one of the best tourist friendly nature.

Why Should International Students Choose Universities In Norway?

Norway is one country with a relatively high standard of living for foreign entourages and even indigenes. This means that students in this country can live on a meager income without any difficulty until they are done with their study.

The government of Norway makes studying in Norway extremely easy and comfortable. Norway is the only country where international students can study for free. A few

payments that might be required are for basic necessities and facilities needed to

facilitate the education of the student. Most institutions are state funded and this helps

to cover the redundancy of students to study in this country due to the inability to cover

the fees.

After schooling, students with at least a bachelor degree in engineering can be granted

opportunities to take job in this country and other European countries. This is due to the implementation of a new degree system which is affecting both foreigners and citizens

of these countries.

Finally, universities in Norway are practical oriented. They work with both theory, deep

research and practicality to provide the best educational system for students.

Top Engineering Universities in Norway

1. The Arctic University of Norway

Arctic University of Norway
Norway engineering university

In the Arctic university of Norway, post graduate courses alone are offered. This is primarily in computer engineering where students are put into several practical challenges which they would solve with their team. Hence, Arctic University of Norway is not a university based on theory alone, the practical aspects are top notch giving students the chance to test their effort.

Meanwhile, this is a university where post graduates students earn their Doctorate in computer Engineering and even build their team management activity.

2. Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Norway engineering university of science
Norway engineering university

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

In Norway, you won't see any other university to study like Norwegian University of

science and technology. International students going for either undergraduate or postgraduate courses can attend this university. The admission process of this school is fast and easy.

These schools focus on the detailed teaching and studying of Civil engineering for

undergraduate courses. The only issue here is that these are only taught in Norwegian and to succeed, international students need to go for a preparatory language course.

Well, it's somehow beneficial since students will be learning another language in order to improve communication in their everyday life in Norway.

International students who are looking to go into structural engineering, building contractor, road construction etc can make the effort of joining this institution as soon as possible. They also offer post graduate courses in Engineering, even focusing on electric power engineering.

3. University of Stavanger

Stavanger Norway University
University of Stavanger

University of Stavanger is one that offers several undergraduate and postgraduate courses although only Masters degree in several engineering socialization is offered in this school. Students can earn their Masters degree from mechanical systems, renewable energy, civil engineering structures etc. The university partners with several international organizations to boost the academic sector of making a perfect study environment for foreign students.

4. The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

University of western Norway
University of western Norway

Western Norway University

If you have a bachelor's in computer engineering or computer science, then these might be the preferred university for you. International students earn their bachelor degree from these prestigious universities. These universities are also not based on theory alone. Even they allow students to collaborate with research centers in order to improve the credibility of the hypothesis or solution to several practical issues.

5. Oslo Metropolitan University

Norway Oslo Metropolitan University
Norway Oslo Metropolitan University

Oslo Metropolitan University

This is one of the best universities in Norway for engineering students. Students always have their PhD course in this school. It is also a basic research institution for international students looking to go for a PhD course. They even have an extremely solid and massive phase looking at the fact that the school has up to 3 institutions around Norway. These universities leverage collaboration with several international and national organizations in order to improve the versatility of each candidate in engineering.

6. University of South-Eastern Norway

Norway Universities  University of South Eastern
Norway Universities

After students already have their bachelors degree, issues related to lack of practical experience when looking for Jobs always occur. USN already helps to eliminate that with their practical intensive syllabus. This improves the experience of each student and also gains their masters degree during this period.

7. University of Adger

Best Norway Universities  University of Adger
Best Norway Universities

University of Adger

This university has already made the life of every international student very easy and safe. In fact, it is one of those few universities that already balanced the academic welfare and social welfare of each student. Hence improving the study conditions.

Postgraduate courses in Engineering are available in this institution. For the foreign students who are very fluent in English, there are courses in the English language available directly for them. While those who are already fluent in Norwegian can study under the program directly. There are several post graduate courses available and going for Engineering is ambitious.

8. University of Oslo

Oslo University Norway
Oslo University Norway

Oslo Engineering University Norway

University of Oslo might be the most popular on this list. That might be due to the exclusive research activity of this university. Students are allowed to bring up their questions, messages, illustrations and ideas about a particular topic and it will be carefully analyzed. 

They offer several courses for post graduates including history, psychology, medicine, religion, law, leadership etc. Also, there are several post graduates programs even offering post graduates the chance to lay their hands on a viable Masters certificate.


This post is an eye opener for students around every corner of the world aspiring into Engineering. Norway already made life simple for Engineering students. Living in a coolbnature while studying in another country and perhaps later residing after getting a job into a multimillionaire company in Norway.

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