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This website may collect your data for content and service improvement for you, the visitor. This is explained better in the "Cookies" subheading below. If we happen to be with any visitor's data apart from the one the cookies provide, we will not share visitors information out to third parties or organization that are not trusted. 

Google as a trusted company may have access to such data.

We will alert you or take permission from you the visitor or user of this blog or website if any of your data apart from the one gotten from cookies is to be shared.


Never share your data or important information such as home address, pins, and passwords in the comment section. Doing so is strictly on your own terms and this blog is not and will never be responsible for any issues that may arise negatively as a result.


This blog may contain links to other websites, and it's solely upon your choice and will to view and use them. 

This blog will never be held accountable by anyone accessing or using it if any issue arises.


This site may require cookies in order to give visitors contents that are relevant to them. Cookie is a stored information on visitors browsers that allows the website to recognize you, and further provide you, the visitor with relevant contents as ads. 

You can opt out whenever you feel like by taking the site off your browser list of stored cookies. Avoidably, you should not be accessing or visiting this site should you not want us to work with cookies related to you. 


Last Updated: 7/02/2023

If there's any changes made to this blog to affect the privacy policy, this privacy policy will be updated to cover it.

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