Real Money Earning Online Games That Pays Real Money In Nigeria


 Have you been looking for how to earn real money by playing games? No worries! Quickly, let me lead you by the hands to get that money as a game lover which you are.  If you love to play games, then there are opportunities for you to make money with the same efforts you make for the virtual pleasure.

How to earn money playing games
Make Money Playing Games Online

In Nigeria, I have had little experience with games that pay people real money.  The first game I tried that you could definitely get paid to your bank account was a gambling sort of game. Anyways, I  will list it as I list others, and I will list it first.

Meanwhile, I will like you to understand that there are three modes that determines your earnings accumulation: It could be through gambling; where you will have stake money to make money: It could be through competition; where you will be paid by the game developers should you win tournaments and available competition: It could be task completing games where you'll have to complete tasks you're given in order to earn money.

How to earn real money playing games is really simple. All you need to do is achieve the missions required of you within the game.

If you need games to catch fun with, you might want to check on this links:

Are The Games Real Money Earning Games?

Yeah, the games I'll be listing are ones I have confirmed to be paying people. With that, you can tell that you can play game and earn real money. There are actually lots of games to play to earn real money, but the ones I'll list here have a high rating from players in Nigeria.

Actually, the games I'll be listing are games that pay real money in Nigeria. As a Nigerian, from the list of the games you'll find as you read down, these are the online games that pay real money. And they are mostly android games to earn real money with. Apart from gaming, you can also try this company that pays for any possible services you can render

List Of  Of Games That Pay Real Money In Nigeria


Chopbarh Online Game That Pays Real Money

Chop barh is one of the android games to earn real money with. It is a game that can possibly pay you should you meet the threshold for withdrawal in your gambling and referal activities within the game. The game app has Four different games within for gambling with real life opponents. The games are: Ludo, Snooker, Dice, and Whot.

You'll have to deposit money in order to gamble with players in Nigeria like you. When you have won the in games and have enough you'll have to withdraw the money into your bank account. 

You can also earn real money by using the Affiliate and the Partnership Program in the company's game app.

Chopbarh is one of the real  making money apps that pay you real money in Nigeria. You can use to play game and earn real money.

Wealth Words

Wealth Words Android game that pays real money in Nigeria
Wealth Words online game that pays real money in Nigeria

This gaming app contains games that you can play and make money. The available games are: Crosswords and Puzzles.

Wealth Words is actually an android game you earn real money with, and get paid in Nigeria.


Real money earning games
Carry1st Trivia Real Money Earning Games That Pay People in Nigeria

This is a Quiz and Question and Answer Nigerian game that you can make money from.

You get to answer questions in regards to some important sectors like Movies - Nollywood and other day to day moving sectors in the country.

The game available for download online from the game apps store.

For withdrawals, after requesting one, your request will be reviewed and then processed according to the policies, terms, and conditions of the game developers and publishers.


Games that pay real money in Nigeria
Blits Money Making Game

Blitz is a game that pay real money in Nigeria, and is similar Chopbarh online Naija game in terms of game type - gambling.

You will get to make money by playing games like Solitaire, Helix Jump, Bingo, Ball Blast, Slots, and Blackjack. Just as the nature of gambling requires, you must stake to take or lose, you will need to make some deposit into your Blitz game wallet. 

To earn money in Blitz game, you will have to compete and win head-to-head tournaments with other players like you too. The game is actually a multiplayer game.

Blitz game app is available for iOS and Android. Download, install, fund your account, and start making  up to $50,000. You can withdraw your money with Paypal or Credit cards.

Gamee Prizes

Game that pay real money in Nigeria
Gamee Prize Cash Out and Payment option, Paypal

Gamee Prizes is one of the real money earning games that pay real money to your bank account after withdrawal. In this F2P game, you get to play daily lottery, scrathers, and the games within.

Inorder for you to make money in this game app, you will have to complete missions and tasks for a weekly give away. You can also earn tokens from the game you play which will be converted to real money. One of the task you have to complete is wheel spinning of.

When you reach the minimum threshold of $10, you can request a withdrawal.

Spades Cash

Game apps that pay money
Spades Cash Game

Here is another of the games to play to earn real money. Spades Cash is a game which is available for Android phones. It is produced by the company called Skillz. According to, the game company came into existence in the year 2012, and was founded by Andrew Paradise and Casey Chafkin in Boston.

Spades cash is a real money making game app that can pay real money to Nigerians. The game gives you free accessibility without interuptions with adverts on the game screen. Yeah, the game is ad-free.

In this game, you get to win cash and miscellaneous prizes just by playing games alongside other players like you around the world. Yeah, it's a multiplayer game just like the Chopbarh game and others in this list. You have to win in the Game's competitions and tournaments in order to win cash prizes which you withdraw to your bank account after reaching sufficient amount for withdrawal.

There's are options to withdraw to paypal to debit or credit cards, and that makes it a game that pay real money in Nigeria as Nigerians have these means to receive the payout.

Match to Win

Match to win money earning game
Match to Win Money Earning Game 

Match to Win is another of the gaming apps that pay real money for playing games that are available in the app. In this money making app, you can play games like Match 3 and Puzzles and earn money.

Match to Win: Real Money Games is one of the available android games to earn real money with. If you're looking out for a sure-to cashout gaming app, this is one of the online games that pay real money which you can count on.

It supports Paypal for withdrawal of earnings when the threshold is met, and that makes it a game that pay real money in Nigeria.


Toloka money making game app
Toloka Tasks Screen

Still on real money earning games, Toloka happens to be an app where you can complete tasks like making downloads, completing surveys, and playing games.

It's necessary to note that In Toloka, unlike some games I have mentioned here already, you may have few opportunities to play games as they don't constantly stay.

Depending on the opportunities you've had to play the games, your earni6will accumulate till when sufficient enough for you to cash out or withdraw. For withdrawal, you will have to redeem the earnings for gift cards which then you'll sell to get the amount value.

Money Bingo

Money Bingo Earning App
Bingo Money Earning Game

Money bingo is another online game that pay real money in Nigeria. From the knowledge I have gotten about this game, it seems to be one of the best online games that pay real money.

According to, you can win other rewards apart from cash. You can win free paypal money, laptops and phones just by playing this bingo game. There's also a reward of 50$ after sign up from Paypal.

Money Bingo is actually an interesting game you should try out.


Real money making app Swagbucks
Swagbucks Money Earning App

Sign Up on Swagbucks. Swagbucks app where you can find real money earning games to play and then withdraw after meeting the threshold. How to earn real money by playing games is very simple. From the available offers in the Swagbucks platform which is accessible with help of the internet data subscription, you can chose on the games you'd like to play and then receive the amount paid for your service.

Swagbucks is just a money making app where you can make real money by completing the taks and rendering your services to the companies in need of it. Playing of games often add much more to your money balance. 

Just by watching videos, completing surveys on Swagbucks, you can earn so much money within a week. I mean, #2000 naira upwards can be made in a day. 

You can trust Swagbucks as one of the game apps that pay you real money in Nigeria as it has been around for a long time, and for users worldwide.

It is important that you note that Nigeria is not considered to partake in most tasks in Swagbucks, but if you do have a means to participate(verifying your phone number as a +1), you can earn more money especially in games. But you can still be paid if you manage to earn money through surveys and referals in Swagbucks.

Mode Earn App

Real money Mode Game
Mode Earn App That Pays Real Money In Nigeria

Just like Swagbucks, this another of the making money money apps that pay real money in Nigeria. is a very popular reward app that pays you to play games in Nigeria.

The Mode Earn App has the game mode where you can find online games that pay real money.

Apart from playing games, Mode money making app has a lot of reward offers that you can benefit from  just by watching videos, listening to music, and taking  surveys.

Big Time Cash

Big Time real money earning game
Big Time Real Money Earning Game Logo

Actually, I don't know true it is that Big Time Cash game app pays winners as they use daily draws to determine winners. I have tried competing in the game and never really reached the point where I won or was rewarded as I couldn't concentrate back then in 2019 or so, but people have testified towards withdrawing from the app, and that's the reason I still put it up for you to try.

Big Time Cash game app is one of the android games to earn real money, and simply requires to download the game app from the Playstore, play game and earn real money.


Play games to earn real money
Free Cash Payment Otion Support Screen

Free Cash is similar to the money making apps that pay real money like the Swagbucks and Mode apps I have listed here already.

In this money earning app, Free Cash,  there are games to play to earn real money alongside other tasks like filling of surveys, testing of apps and websites.

Free Cash is believed to pay it's users millions of dollars by playing games and carrying out other available tasks within the website.

You can also earn $10 to $20 a day depending on your capability to complete tasks and play games.

According to Nairarush, Free Cash supports lots of payment options to payout its users after meeting the minimum threshold of $0.10. They payment options available currently are: PayPal, Bitcoin, Doge Litecoin,Ethereum - Cryptocurrencies, Amazon, Xbox, Spotify, Google play, Netflix, Steam, Playstation, and more - Gift Cards.

Which these games that pay real money in Nigeria are you going to try? Which of them have you tried before? Use the comment box. 

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