Kucoin Exchange Review And Overview: Why You Should Invest In KCS


 Kucoin Shares, KCS, is the native token of the popular kucoin exchnage. Established in 2017 on the Ethereum Blockchain and has since been an exclusive token to reckon with.

KCS has been the one of the fastest growing tokens in the world. In fact, the demand in the increased user of kucoin exchange has been of massive help to their native token. 

Kucoin Exchange Review
Kucoin KCS investment

However, a few facts are questionable about kucoin and KCS. Leaving many people dumfounded about investing in the token or not. We will touch each of those facts as we progress.

In as much as you were able to complete the reading of this post, you will be able to decide whether Kucoin token is worth your money or not.

Let's delve in

Overview of Kucoin Token? 

Kucoin was cemented as an exchange in 2017. A Seychelles company that has been very fundamental in managing secured and safe cryptocurrency transaction.

Kucoin offers one of the lowest or even negligible fees for any cryptocurrency transaction on the platform.

Less than a year after their establishment, KCS was brought into the open space of the Blockchain world. It is an Etherum Blockchain token.

The extremely cheap fees of each kucoin transaction is nothing beyond the scope of KCS.

That means all the fees which should have been deducted during transactions are returned back to the Kucoin platform as utility for KCS. Hence, fees on transaction are neutralised.

Meanwhile, this token might not have been a trend like the native token of Binance, Crypto.com and so on, the use case is outrightly over the radar. 

Kucoin Token Contract Address

The contract address of this Ethereum based token is below:


Use Case of KCS 

Kucoin token has grown more than 50000% over the last 3 years. Certainly, it is being used for some exclusive motives. 

In fact, a lot of Kucoin users are taking part in the run of the token every now and then, whether consciously or unconsciously. This due to the versatility of the token.

Here are the steps to use case of KCS:

1. Transaction Fees: Kucoin token is a saviour of transaction fees. 90% of all fees that should be tagged with any transaction on kucoin is returned back as liquidity on KCS. If you are able to hold a certain amount of KCS as a kucoin users, you can eliminate most of the transaction fees.

2. Make purchases: Kucoin spreads into other multipurpose company that use KCS as their medium of payment. Also, firms that partner with Kucoin make use of KCS as a medium of exchange.

3. Staking: Kucoin users stake their assets for profits. Staking is another way to earn from your cojns. After staking their assets, the profits would be paid back in the native coin of Kucoin. 

4. Commission: Affiliates, Referers and some other activities on Kucoin platform are rewarded in for of KCS. 

5. Bonus and incentives: Overtime, Kucoin challenges have taken over the exchnage. Users who are fortunate to win any of the challenge would be rewarded via Kucoin. In fact, participating in certain drop can earn you KCS worth thousands of dollars if you win.

Where To Buy KCS

KCS is a token just like every other token and it listed on several major exchnage. Most top exchnages features KCS on their platform. You can buy these token from any of the platform below:






Kraken and a lot more.

Is Kucoin Token A Good Investment?

A big question indeed! Cryptocurrencies are unpredictable and volatile. Investing in any can be born on a deep thought of risk. Neithe the history or the future prediction of a token can guarantee its genuity and survival.

However, if judging by the history of coins can make the future prediction feasible, then Kucoin token is a good investment. 

Kucoin shares has been in the limelight for the last 3 years. The team behind it has been very diligent looking at how far it has gone. 

Besides, this is the native token of one of the biggest cryptocurrency or web 3.0 brand in the whole world. A viable effort is being put in increasing its utility and providing liquidity on the token. 

Alternatively, as kucoin grow, KCS follows suit. All things equal, Kucoin exchange is not going down anytime soon. 

Tokenomics of Kucoin Token

Kucoin shares behaves just like any other token. Hence, we can refer to its tokenomics on CMC as at April 18, 2022:

Kucoin Token Price ----- $19.79

Trading Volume -------- $8,029,709.20

Market Cap ---------- $1,585,770,809.95

Market Dominance --------- 0.09%

Market Rank -------- #59

Future Prediction of KCS

Considering the price prediction of experts in the market,Kucoin might have a long way to go but a bright future:

According to Digital Coin Price Analysis, KCS price will increase to about $33 by the end of the year and probably $45 over the next 3 years.

The analysis of Wallet Investor is for Kucoin to close at about $34.104 at the end of the year and 3 X in the next 3 years.

Gov Capital and analyst have a wide prediction too. $82.34 by April 21 next year and 634.99 prediction in the next 5 years.

All of this simply shows that since Kucoin has been moving in an uptrend in the last one year, then the same regards should be put in the coming years. 

Can You Make Money Trading Kcs?

Yes, KCS is a token that can be traded too. Looking at how it has been moving in a year, buying on a red day selling on a green Day might be a nice approach to making money from the time .

Meanwhile, you can buy KCS on Kucoin and use the token to reserve most of your transaction fees. At least, that's another startegy to make money from the token. 

Wrapping Up

KCS belong to one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the whole world, Kucoin. 

I'm delighted to have taken you through this particular token. 

What's your thoughts about the feasibility of investment in Kucoin?

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