How To Start A Successful Business: Required And Very Relevant Steps


  So as not to be confuse with the terms 'business' and 'entrepreneurship', they'll be explained up. What is a business? Business is anything anyone requires a structure, capital or goods and services, and efforts to use as investment, and in return will receive income or profit as rewarded. While entrepreneurship, is the main skill or profession with which businesses thrives up to the point where it expands in employment of people and investments. Business is any activity that seeks profit by providing goods and services. It can be performed by any individual or group of persons with the entrepreneurship skills or characteristics and resources.

How to be successful in business
A hair salon business environment
In order to give your business a good foundation to thrive with success from start, you'll have to consider the operating environment. This environment include; The Economy; this determines the guidelines and taxes business owners need to follow-up with, The Technique; this determines the skills and equipment you'll use to provide satisfying products into the market, and Culture; you should make investment or products considering what's trending, and what's accepted. You'll have to understand that starting a business is not the same as planning or organizing one even as it is another aspect in business establishment.

Starting a business begins from the entrepreneur's mind then proceeds to his understanding of the necessary things required in the business profession. The determined entrepreneur:

Search for opportunities and recognition of gaps: This is where you ask yourself questions like; do I believe in the product or services i want to provide?, Will it connect to me personally?, What are the potential customers i should expect?, Will i enjoy the tasks that comes with the business?, Will i enjoy the people who will work with me in the enterprise?, What costs will i be dealing with?, How much profit will be made, and will it be okay for me?

Developing the business concept: This is where you get and build up awareness, ideas, and understanding on existing gaps. At this stage, you'll have to have focus groups; provide structured information: brainstorming groups; stimulates creative ideas: reversed brainstorming; critism allowed: problem inventory analysis; solving problems, especially ones experienced by customers: big dream approach; you think big: Matrix Charting; searching new opportunities by listing important elements for the product area, at this point questions regarding this like; what can it be used for?, Where can it be used?, Who can use it?, And how can it be used?

Forms Of Companies

Giving affirmative answers to all the questions above will determine the form of company you'll decide to build up, and it'll have to fall under the following:

Lifestyle Firm - small venture that supports the owner, and has no opportunity to grow or expand.

High-Potential Venture - has growth potential and do receive great investors interest.

Gazelle - very high growth ventures

You could have been considering launching a business in Nigeria but didn't know where to start. If that's the case, you're right at the solution. In this article, you'll go through what makes a strong business plan, as well as registration and legal formalities, so you can get started right away.

Whether you are looking forward on how to run a small business or any successful business the things you will find as you keep reading are the things that matters in any business that seeks too standout. The business tips as laid down below will always be the latest business tips that will ever be. They are what brings about business improvements to any business that began with them. Your business is better when it follows these tips.

Top Tips To Start Your Business With

Register Your Business

This should be the first step for any business owner who wants to be successful. Businesses in Nigeria frequently neglect this essential because they do not want to pay tax or believe it is an unnecessary step. Failure to register your business is a criminal offense that can result in government penalties and fines. Businesses in Nigeria that wish to be successful must register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to be able to operate legally. This is also dependent on whether you're forming a sole proprietorship, a public limited liability company, or a private limited liability corporation.

Develop a Business plan

Regardless matter the type of business you intend to start, you should constantly conduct research and do your homework. A well-written business plan can help you map out your company's future and ensure that you stay on track by making the required preparations. Before you can build a business strategy that works for you, you'll need to do a lot of studies. You should research the type of product or business you wish to start, as well as your rivals and other pertinent facts. According to Nigerian research, almost 85% of businesses in the country operate without a business plan. Banks and investors may be hesitant to lend to enterprises that do not have a business plan.

Secure a Good Location

This is also a critical component of a successful business in Nigeria. Different parts of a country's states favor different products or businesses. Conducting business in an atmosphere that does not support your company's growth will result in obstacles, and it may even lead to your company's closure and debt. As a business owner, you must understand the type of climate in which your company will thrive. Will you secure your location in an industrial zone or your neighborhood? This is a question that is determined by the type of business you wish to start.

Learn From Other Entrepreneurs

We always say "Experience is the best teacher," Rather than going into a business with little or no knowledge of it and making costly blunders that could result in investment losses. It is preferable to seek assistance by meeting with entrepreneurs who are in your industry and asking them the required questions about how they established their company and the mistakes they made along the way. The truthful ones will undoubtedly assist you and provide you with the ideal business techniques to follow. Attending conferences or reading articles from prominent business journals and newspapers are two ways to meet other like-minded businesses.

Get Techie

Will technology has evolved in the modern world. There isn't much you can't do if you use technology. Technology simplifies many tasks and saves a significant amount of time. People can use technology to grow their businesses by employing various computer applications to keep track of merchandise, do office activities, keep important information, and do a variety of other jobs. Doing things the old-fashioned way may not be beneficial for the company because it delays work that could be completed in minutes or even seconds if technology were used.

Ascertain That You Are Disseminating High-Quality Goods And Services

The majority of firms in Nigeria provide inferior goods and services to their clients because they believe their customers will not notice. Businesses in Nigeria have a history of sacrificing the quality of their goods and services. Delivering good products and services to your clients can help you build a solid reputation in the market, which will help you grow your business in Nigeria. Delivering great products and services is one method clients and consumers can have complete faith in a company.

Hire Right

Employees will be required for a company to expand and prosper in the market. Employees with the correct mindset and talents will be needed by a company. This can lead to the business's making or breaking point, as the individuals you hire can either help or hurt your company. Businesses must also guarantee that their employees are treated properly, that they are engaged, and that they are working in an atmosphere that allows them to grow.

Make Timely Payments On Your Invoices And Taxes

To prevent further fines and penalties from the government, a firm that wants to be successful must make sure that all applicable invoices and taxes are paid on time. It's also critical for firms to pay their debts on time. If a company fails to make these payments, it will have a negative image and will find it difficult to cultivate and maintain business ties in the future. Businesses should transmit all of their employees' taxes to the appropriate tax authority in their state or country, including Value Added Tax (VAT), Company Income Tax (CIT), and Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax.

Obtain All Essential Documentation And Permit.

Several documents must be obtained before starting a business in Nigeria. In Nigeria, almost every business is governed by an organization. You can learn from others in your industry or engage a consultant to assist you in obtaining these permits. When establishing a transportation firm in Nigeria, for example, the proprietor must join the state's National Union of Road Transport Workers and obtain an inter-state authorization. Failure to abide by this will result in penalties.

Constantly Network

One of the ways businesses grow in Nigeria is to have a strong business and social network. Businesses must ensure that they develop strong relationships with their consumers, clients, and workers. This is a critical growth driver for Nigerian firms. Constant networking also puts your company in the spotlight.

Have Someone To Guide you

According to research, around 89 percent of business owners without mentors regret not having one. Having good mentorship will help you steer your business in the right direction and help you achieve your objectives. An excellent mentor should be approachable and have achieved the level of success that your company aspires to.

Recognize Your Market

Another factor that contributes to a successful business in Nigeria is the ability of the owner to comprehend the type of business he is starting, as well as the competitors, customers, and other factors. This will enable the company to operate smoothly and prosper in the country.

Spending Should Be Controlled or Minimized

A Nigerian business owner must exhibit financial restraint by not overspending. If you don't keep track of your finances, your company can end up in debt. Only things that are extremely important or will provide instant value to the company. Excessive spending is only permitted if the firm is expected to succeed.

"Customers are always right, they are never wrong," says one customer. This phrase is valid because a firm cannot operate without clients. Businesses must ensure that the result of all their dealings is to please their customers. Your business will fail if your consumers are unhappy since there would be no one to patronize them. Businesses must make certain that their clients' demands are addressed.

Develop Your Company's Brand

Branding is the process of giving your company a distinct identity. For example, a company that sells clothing and accessories can send a text message or a little gift card to say "thank you for shopping with us."

Promote And Market Your Company

Advertising is a method of implanting your company's name in the minds of potential customers. More profit will be generated by marketing and advertising your company's products and services. Various marketing and advertising tactics have benefited from technological advancements. Businesses may utilize affiliate marketing to get their name out there via the internet, social media, billboards, and a variety of other platforms.

Engage The Services Of a Consultant Or An Attorney

Hiring a reputable consultant or professional attorney will aid in the growth and development of your company. A consultant will give you all of the documentation your company will require. They also advise on how the company should be run for success.

Keep Detailed And Up-To-Date Business Records

For a business to be successful in Nigeria, it must ensure that all important documents and information about the business are correctly stored. The business owner will be able to determine how financially secure the company is and develop strategies that will aid in its future growth by keeping accurate and relevant records.

Profits Should Be Reinvested

Another important aspect of running a successful business is reinvesting profits in the company and reach more customers. This key is crucial, and it should be promoted among Nigerian business owners.

Make a Research On Your Competitors

No matter the type of business you are indulging in, you will always have competitors. This should be seen as an ongoing activity that will make you understand what is lacking in your product or services to customers. Competitions should not be ignored but should be from.

Ask For Feedback

A business that wants to be successful will always ask for feedback from its cities and customers. This will help you evaluate and work better on client performance and what they have been lacking. Businesses should not be afraid of receiving negative feedbacks because having them will make the business improve drastically to ensure that they don’t get negative.

Investigate Your Competition

You will always have a rival no matter your nature of business. 

This should be viewed as a continuous process that will help you discover what your product or service to clients is lacking. Competitions should not be overlooked; instead, they should be used to learn from.

Inquire About Comments

Businesses that wish to succeed will solicit input from their clients and customers regularly. This will allow them to improve their performance and address any shortcomings. Businesses should not be afraid of obtaining bad criticism since it will force them to improve dramatically to avoid receiving unfavorable feedback in the future.

Determine Your Objectives.

Setting goals is one of the methods to having a successful business. Goals can be set on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to ensure that the company works towards them. For example, a company can decide how much money it wants to make each month and must make sure that everything is in place to ensure that the objectives are met.

There are many profitable and successful enterprises in Nigeria, and you can follow in their footsteps by going above and beyond what they have done previously. These factors are critical if you want to run a successful business in Nigeria.


To summarize, there are several misconceptions about Nigeria's friendliness to start-ups and small enterprises.

 The majority of people believe that the government does not have regulations in place to assist these types of firms, yet the federal government of Nigeria has made significant progress in making Nigeria a business-friendly environment.

 You may rest comfortably that if you have your business ideas and follow the main processes outlined above, you will be on the correct track to successfully launch your company. However, I would emphasize that adhering to these fundamental procedures guarantees success.

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