Smoking, Cigarettes, Harmless Cigarettes, And Controlling Addiction


   Smoking is the act of inhaling or taking in of drug contents that comes out in smoke form through the mouth and nose. People who smoke are called smokers. They smoke cigarettes which is usually wrapped in a thin paper roll. Cigarettes could be a thin wrap of any drug substance such as Tobacco and Marijuana. The contents in cigarettes, when taken the wrong way or excessively, leads to bad effects in the health of the smoker. This is usually known as drug abuse.

Cigarette That Is Safe For Human Health?

Is There Any Cigarette That Is Safe For Human Health?

People have been looking for emit-able drugs to take, and researches have been going on towards the development of cigarettes that are not harmful to the body. Are they any cigarettes that is not harmful to the body? Actually, no cigarettes containing tobacco, cannabis, marijuana, etc. is safe for the body, but there are few smokable substance considered to be safe and are on market.

There is one particular  cigarette which does not contain the hard drugs such as the ones mentioned above. This kind of cigarette is said by the market place which I found out from to be smokeless, inhalable and exhalable, refreshing, and satisfying. Sorry I can't mention names of such cigarettes yet, but it is considered to be harmless, and could help in reducing nicotine addiction, and it contains mints. Actually this would be a good one, but more experiences are needed in order to tell how absolutely safe it is.

Another kind of cigarette that has been been rumoured to be safe is the herbal cigarettes or organic cigarettes. Since it comes from herbs and plants, it has been portrayed to be natural and safe. Are Herbal or Organic cigarettes safe for intake?  Herbal and Organic cigarette which a company had produced and assured customers of being safe, and even aid in cold and coughs. Oops! Doctors who have been working on cancer and heart diseases considered it to still be very harmful as others. It is harmful because of the fact that smoke is harmful to the body. Medical researches have confirmed that smoking cigarettes causes harm the body as it produces black tar. So, whether a cigarette contains tobacco or other hard drugs or not, as far as it's being lit with fire, smokes, and is inhaled into the body, it's unsafe and dangerous.

Effects of cigarettes on the body

Some people do steer clear or abstain from smoking while others see smoking as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have been in a place where people smoke six to twelve packs of cigarettes a day; a pack which contains up to 20 sticks. Some even complain of heart pain yet still smoke. At times it feels like their life depends on it. One of the people in this place said that since he has been smoking a minimum of up to six packs of cigarettes a day, he felt that his body wasn't feeling well like it used to. He said he is trying to reduce the amount of cigarettes he smokes a day, and still complained that his body got used to the six packs he used to take a day, and that a pack he takes a day still affects him with chest pains.

Moreover, cigarettes has been told by medical experts to be a cause of cancer. Smoking can cause cancer to any organ of the body such as the stomach, the lung, etc.. From the way people have smoking cigarettes, I think there could be a way which smokers could prolong themselves from having cancer and other smoke-caused diseases while still a smoker.

How deal with smoking addiction

The Best Way To Take Cigarettes

How can smokers protect self from cancer? Is that even possible to protect self from smoke-caused diseases? 

Cigarettes has now been taken like food by both male and female and old and young. If smokers don't smoke a day, they don't feel good. Taking six packs of cigarettes a day for months and years, what nutritional achievement do that offer? Oh! Smokers need that nicotine; it's what they are after. But, how about the black tar? How about the other chemical substances that is smoked side by side with the nicotine? Is it really healthy taking too numerous amount of such substances in to the body? No! Everyone who smokes know this as they are messaged or warned from the cigarettes packet. So what is the way forward? What could be done to stay safe off the dangerous effects of cigarettes? The first and most effective way to get rid of the effects of cigarettes is steering clear from it and the similar substances which it contains.

Apart from staying away from smoking in order to avoid cancer, which other way can be used? well.. There is no way, but there are ways that could help a smoker to avoid smoking. If a smoker follows such ways could be free if only the smoking effect hasn't set in yet. Some of these ways are known already by smokers, but hard to keep to it. Let's see some ways on how to reduce smoking addiction. I'll mention and explain  just 2 sure ways which a smoker can avoid the effects of smoking.

Two Sure Ways Smokers Can Reduce Or Even End Their Addiction To Drug Substances


Budgeting as we all know is making favourable calculation on how much is to be spent on things, and how much is to be saved for other things the next day or in the future. How can budgeting help in solving nicotine and tobacco addiction? Anyone can solve addiction by making sure he or she spends the money spared out as pocket money (money people go out with just incase they see what they'd like to buy.

If a smoker has been spending his pocket money on cigarettes or any substance that contains hard drugs such as the one in cigarettes, that is the point where the smoker should determine if to go out with the pocket money or not. 

If you should go out with your picked money, you must be sure that you can never spend it on cigarettes. Instead, fight the urge, and if the urge seems overwhelming, buy a chocolate or Ice cream or candy with the pocket money, or maybe keep your transport fare back to home or destination. You could get addicted to chocolate which is more safer than nicotine, though you will also be careful on the intake of it because too much of everything is a disease.

If your system doesn't feel like it's in need of chocolates, pick just your transport fare - to and fro. This will help you stay disciplined as you will not want to spend your transport fare on what is harmful to your body. 


Here, this does not mean where a person works but the kind of people a smoker associates self with. If the kind of people you associate yourself with are smokers then you may remain a smoker till death do you apart from it, but it is not impossible to quit smoking amongst such company.

If you are around people who do not smoke you will definitely imagine your life as a smoker in relation to the negative health effects you took upon yourself. Smokers who stay with partners who don't smoke have been seen and recorded in some research books to reduce the amount of sticks taken a day to one or two, and some, once in a long while, and some, permanently off smoking.

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Addiction to smoking can only be controlled by you. Take the bold steps toward these sure ways, do it, and repeat it everyday. Practice makes perfect - we know that. You can do it!

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