Bet9ja Withdrawal Time And Bet9ja Pending Withdrawal Issue Solution


   Bet9ja is a betting company in Nigeria that is well known for payment of winings to winners. But sometimes, customers or bet stakers are hooked at some point of withdrawal. Probably the reason you are here.  

This article is just a quick answer to the questions, is Bet9ja weekend withdrawal possible? Will withdrawing winning from bet9ja on weekend affect the time my bank account gets credited? Is it okay to withdraw bet9ja winning on a weekend? Why is my withdrawal pending?

I have touched this question lightly before, but this article will let you know what you need to in regards to this topic and the queries.

Bet9ja Nigeria as we know is a sports betting and gambling company. This online bookmaking company was founded by Nigerians, Ayo Ojuroye alongside Kunle Soname. This company do have agent's that operates the bet9ja business in different locations accross Nigeria, and other nationalities that have investments with the company. 

After getting stalked somewhere in the withdrawal stage, you may want to know when it's actually the right time to for withdraw in bet9ja? What is the minimum withdrawal in bet9ja. What is the maximum withdrawal on Bet9ja? How to check pending withdrawal on bet9ja? How long does bet9ja withdrawal take? How to make withdrawal on bet9ja? etc...

Bet9ja Withdrawal Time

What Is The Best Time To Withdraw Your Bet9ja Winning?

In bet9ja, anytime is a good time to withdraw your winning. Bet9ja has been in the business of paying quick, settled and withdrawn bets by customers for a long time now since it's establishment. Whether you're using the old bet9ja shop view online or the new bet9ja shop, when you have the acceptable minimum withdrawal, and do not pass the maximum amount for withdrawal on bet9ja, your winning will be sent to you in a short time which shouldn't pass three days .

There are other guidelines and rules you should follow in order to receive your winnings. Keep reading this article to learn excessively, more about bet9ja withdrawal issues, and how you can fix it. Especially, when the problem is from your bank account.

Wait, how long has it taken since you made a withdrawal, and haven't been credited? If you experienced that, then there must be an error somewhere from you or the bet9ja full site.

It doesn't take more than three days for customers to get credited after withdrawing their winnings online from the bet9ja website. If it happens that it os beyond 3 days and you have not received your bet9ja withdrawal credit to your account, then your withdrawal is pending.

What Does It Mean For Your Bet9ja Withdrawal To Pend?

When a bet9ja Withdrawal is pending, it means that the withdrawal of the winning you have made is processed but not successful. And the status of that withdrawal will be displayed as PENDING.

How Do You Check For Pending Withdrawal On Bet9ja?

How to check for pending withdrawal on bet9ja is a simple thing to do. You will have to contact the customer care services through the messaging feature in the Bet9ja site. First you will be welcomed by the bet9ja bot, and next asked what you need help with. Select withdrawal if you're given options with it, or type and send, "check my withdrawal status".

If your withdrawal was successful processed, the status will show, PROCESSED. If the bet9ja withdrawal wasn't successful, it will display, PENDING as status. If you cancelled the withdrawal before, it will display CANCELLED as status.

Before you can check your pending withdrawal on bet9ja, you have to put in your bet9ja login details to be able to access full features of the bet9ja website, let unless you placed the bet on a bet9ja agent shop in the street.

Login to you bet9ja profile with your username and password to access the messaging feature in order to check your bet9ja withdrawal status. And like I said earlier, it doesn't matter if your 

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Do you have a any issue with transactions during deposit, or withdrawal, how do you rectify the error?
Bet9ja Withdrawal Payment Issues Fix
Bet9ja Withdrawal Payment Issues Fix

All the questions asked above, concerning bet9ja will be answered here. You will see what you need to know about bet9ja and the withdrawal issues often associated with them. Feel free to use the comments box if you wish to share your experiences or add to the topic and conversations.

I have taken time to observe these things as I do normally. There are things that occur in the bet9ja betting online platform that annoys it's users or bookmakers. The two main things of this nature I'm talking about is the Withdrawal and the Deposit errors that occurs while customers are expecting an accurate transaction.

When it comes to money, especially in Nigeria, people could feel very bad if the money is gone or if the money is delayed.

Like I said already, depositing and withdrawing are the two main issues that are often faced in the the bet9ja website.

Experiencing deposit errors, seldom happens than withdrawal errors. This has been observed by many. Some people think that Bet9ja deliberately hold people's winning from getting a successful withdrawal, while others announce how fast they receive their withdrawals.

A lot of people have complained of bet9ja pending their withdrawals as these people believe that, bet9ja holds their winning from getting moved into their bank account so that customers could  cancel the withdrawal and still use it to play the game, and maybe probably loss the winning all back to them.

Bet9ja Withdrawal Positive And Negative Complains Made By People From 2017 to 2021:

Below are few negative and positive complains in regards to Bet9ja withdrawal:

As was seen in Nairaland, Obago001, 21 April, 2017:

Obago said that he has been bookmaking on bet9ja. Whenever he wins, he said "it takes forever to transfer my winnings". He continued by expressing his disappointment in regards to the withdrawal processing time which he said was stated by Bet9ja to be 24hours, but extends to four or five banking days. 

He concluded that the act is to make winners who made a withdrawal to cancel the pending withdrawal and probably stake it back to loss.

As was seen in Nairaland, Horlaidex complained on 21 April, 2017:

Horlaidex felt frustrated as he mentioned Surebet247, another bookmaking betting website. He said, "Surebet247  pay instantly too", before he went ahead to tell his withdrawal issue with Bet9ja.

He said, "I won some money on bet9ja and they haven't credit my acct till now, had to call there customer care yesterday to know what's going on, and they said they gonna credit my acc today".

He continued, saying 'he didn't receive any money in his account. Instead he was told by the customer service to use the money to fund his account so as to use the money in playing games. He concluded by saying he is tired of them, Bet9ja.

Positive Complain According to Senbonzakura, April 26, 2018 as seen on Nairaland:

Senbonzakura said he made a withdrawal yesterday night which should be 25th, at about 7pm and got paid at 10:30am the next day, 26th without calling them.  He made it known to people making withdrawal from bet9ja to ensure that their names on bet9ja is same as the account name you're withdrawing to.

Another Complain From A Friend, 2021:

On 13th of October 2021, a friend reported of winning #310,820.98 and had made the withdrawal that particular day to his first bank account. Divine said 'he waited for three days for the withdrawal to reflect in his bank account, but to no avail was that'. He later contact the customer service in regards of the withdrawal issue, and was told by the Bet9ja customer service to get bank account statement and send it to them for possible help.

It took Divine three days to finally get the account statement from First Bank as there was an unforeseen circumstance from the bank's end, and some updates to be made. 

He was able to send the customer service the statement, but the customer service never replied to his chat any longer. As of 25th October, 2021, he hasn't seen the money.

His bet9ja registration name matches his bank account, but still. This actually proof how faulty bet9ja withdrawal system is.

However, after much pastering and chats with the customer services, and promises of them to fix the withdrawal issues, on October 31st, 2021, they returned the 300,000 back to Divine's bet9ja wallet. Actually, after over 2 weeks of waiting for the money, it wasn't successful.

Putting the complaints aside, let's see and reason somethings that may help people solve the withdrawal issue. 

From my observation, I have noticed that even the customer service do not know what causes the error after withdrawal, and especially, if your bank account name matches your bet9ja names.

The good part happens to be that Divine was finally paid the money after many set backs on the 2nd of October 2021. He tried another bank account.

That answers the question, Does bet9ja really pay? Yes! Bet9ja actually pays winners their winnings upon their withdrawal. It takes less than 24 hours sometimes. All that matters is following the set rules as set by the bet company.

Let's see the possible reasons as you read down.

Why Does It Take Long To Get Withdraw A Bet9ja Winning Into Bank Account?

It doesn't take too much time to make deposits and stakes on a bet, whether on bet9ja mobile site or the bet9ja  desktop site, but why does it take that long to make a withdrawal?

That's what a lot of bookmakers in bet9ja online platform who deposit money and play sports bet in the bet9ja website try to understand.

Here's what you should know about pending withdrawals in bet9ja.

There are conditions that bet9ja gives to customers who wishes to withdraw their winnings, and if the conditions are not met, it can end the customers in the state of reading how to get earnings that is lost in bet9ja. Note, this conditions can also be referred to as withdrawal rules from bet9ja.

Some Of The Conditions Bet9ja Has State Out Are:

  • Minimum Withdrawal: Bet9ja gives you the freedom to withdraw winnings that are one thousand naira - #1000 and above, but should not exceed the maximum withdrawal as set by them. Your minimum withdrawal amount of winning is #1000. It used to be #5000 before, but was reduced.
  • Maximum Withdrawal: The maximum withdrawal amount of  any winning in bet9ja school not exceed Nine million, Nine Hundred Thousand, Nine Hundred, And Ninety Nine Naira - 9,999,999.
  • Names Correspondence: When you register on bet9ja for the first time, you will be asked to fill in your names, phone number, and date of birth. You should make sure that your names are real, and they should correspond to the name your bank account is registered with. Failure to do this, you might loss your winning of any amount of money.
  • Submit Required Documents: You may be asked by the bet9ja operators or customer help service in bet9ja for some credentials to help process your withdrawal. You may be asked for Voter's Card, National ID, Driver's License, Bank Account Statement, etc. These will help the customer care process your withdrawal after withdrawal authorization.
  • Ask Customer Service To Add Your Details Themselves: You might experience an error when you add your bank account as bet9ja system might not be able to gather and correspond your bank account information. In this case, you might want to contact the customer service, and let them know you want to update your bank account information. This might save you from errors that could pend your withdrawal. You could also change your names to match your bank account names by doing the same thing. It's only the customer service that can make changes to your information.

How Long Does Bet9ja Withdrawal Take?

The bet9ja bot service automatically tells you that the Bet9ja withdrawal time usually takes one business day (24 business hours).

If you haven't experienced the withdrawal hold up before, you might want to know that the withdrawal could take longer than one week or even more without getting to you.

You should also note that withdrawals can only be processed during banking days, and not on weekends or holidays.

You should follow the bet9ja withdrawal rules as you can see in the conditions listed above.

What To Do If Your Bet9ja Withdrawal Takes More Than 24hours And Still Not Gotten To You

The best thing to do if your bet9ja withdrawal, after authorization, doesn't get to you is to contact the customer care through the bet9ja website. They will assist you, alongside letting you know what to expect from your request.

How To Contact The Bet9ja Customer Care Service

  • Login to your bet9ja account dashboard.
  • Click on 'account' or it's Icon that has the shape of a human, as in a passport photo. It is usually placed at the top right corner of the website.
  • You will see your money amount that is withdrawable or not, and a drop down of tabs with options like Cashier, Bet9ja Rewards, Messages, etc. Click on Messages.
  • An inbox with a message reflector that tells whether you have new messages or not will be at the top, and the bet9ja bot or robot will display a message greeting and welcoming your questions. Below the bot's message is a space and a send button to type and send your message.
  • Type "Withdrawal" if you have withdrawal issues.
  • Type "pending withdrawal" to see which of your withdrawals has not been transferred to you.
  • Type "talk", an then click on "write to CS" in the options that will pop below. You will be speaking to a bet9ja customer service next, and not the bet9ja bot. They'll respond to you.

How Fast Do Bet9ja Customer Service Respond To Messages?

You can't be too sure of when the CS will respond to your message. They could respond immediately, or hours later, and sometimes, not at all. You might have to start another conversation if your previous messages were not answered.

How to Withdraw From Bet9ja?

  • Here are the step by step guide on how to withdraw money from bet9ja.
  • After winning a bet9ja game, and having up #1000 naira in your bet9ja wallet, click on your account button and head to the drop down options where you have the Cashier option and click on it.
  • In the next screen, click on "withdrawal", and in the next option, click on "withdraw"
  • In the next screen, in put the amount you wish to with draw at the top space box meant for it.
  • Select the bank account you want to withdraw the money into.
  • Input your bank details if you haven't registered any bank account for the receival of funds before.
  • Make sure the details you put are all correct, and follows the rules and conditions of the bet9ja site.
  • At the bottom read on the bet9ja disclaimer to further understand what bet9ja is responsible and not responsible for should you make a mistake.
  • After that, click on "Make Withdrawal"
  • You will be asked where to receive an otp code for authorization of the withdrawal. Choose sms or email, and you will be sent a secure otp code in any of which you registered with.
  • The withdrawal will process after that, then wait for at least 24hrs before hitting the customer service should you not see the money reflect in your bank account.

That's how the withdrawal process goes as of 2021. You could apply the same learning to old version of the bet9ja site.

Consequences Of Not Following Bet9ja Withdrawal Rules

Failure to comply with rules, conditions, regulations of bet9ja, you may not be attended to, and you can't hold them responsible should you make a warned about mistake. E.g inputing a wrong bank account number. 

Rules For Bonus Winning And It's Withdrawal

A Bet9ja withdrawal of the welcome bonus or any other bonuses that bet9ja may send your way is possible,  you will have to meet the qualifying criteria. You will have to be eligible for the sign-up deal which usually requires that you must deposit at least N100 on a first ever  deposit.

Some of the bet9ja bonuses requires that you stake the full worth of your deposit on single or multiple bets on any sports market. Just ensure that it comes with odds of at least 2 to 3.00 odds.

So, according to the Bet9ja bonus  withdrawal rules, you should wager the bonus sum 10 times or more within 30 days of receiving it. You will be able to withdraw your bonus if you can do it.

You Might Want To Share Any Other Problem With Bet9ja Withdrawal: What Should I Do?

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Remember to gamble responsibly, and avoid betting sites that takes seconds to make deposit and place a bet, but takes over one week to process your withdrawal.

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