Step-By-Guide On How To Get Quick Approval From Google Adsense


 Have you been wondering how to get your website approved for adsense?

How can you get your blog approved within few days after adsense application?

Or, What can you do to get quick AdSense by Google approval?

I'll be sharing the secret of getting adsense approval fast, quick, and easy for your website traffic. It will be a kind of quick guide, and with a beautiful story of getting your 7 days old blog approve soon by adsense.

Adsense Fast Approval Simple Guide
Adsense Fast Approval Simple Guide

Getting approved by google adsense has not been an easy task for some bloggers who are new to blogging, but the bloggers who have enough web traffic to their blog can tell the magic within.

Google AdSense provides a way for publishers to earn money from their online content. AdSense works by matching ads to your site based on your content and visitors. Google ads displayed on your blog or website is what matters. The google ads is where the sales and earnings meet their balance.

Usually, when many websites get rejected by Adsense, it's not about racism as some people do think. Adsense is a Google company that have follow strict rules to keep the company the best as it has always been, and ever struggling to be more of it. Website ranking matters a lot to adsense. That's why you have to work very well on your web traffic.

Googleadsense have staffs that reviews your blog after you apply for adsense. These staffs make sure that your blog complies to their AdSense monetization policies, and also that you're aware of the conditions and terms of using the ad network on your website or blog.

Before talking about adsense approving your blog in order to monetize your website traffic, you must own a google adsense account.

You will have to do the google adsense sign in, and then adsense login to access your google ad sense account dashboard.

Your dashboard may not have enough or complete items when it's not approved to a website.

I'll share you the trick of getting approved quick by adsense, and also with the experience often gained.

This trick is nothing new as Adsense do state it out clearly in the Google adsense monetization policies, but the usual problem most bloggers who want to be approved by google adsense face is the "long policies and terms and conditions written down by the company".

Here in Guidesandloads, I'll let you know just the crucial part that is required to get your blog adsense approved.

Note: It is still necessary you read the adsense policy and terms of conditions even after you have been approved, and if you still want to keep AdSense earning you money on your site.

Here Are The Things To Do To Get Your Websites Approved.

The things to do to get your blog approved are:

1. Publish A Good Amount of Quality Content.

Your contents have to be 90 percent unique, and free of plagiarism. If you got a point from a website, make sure to add that website's name and the post topic to your blog post as well. And try getting Backlinks. You can learn about it from the link there which explains most important things you should know in blogging.

2. Website Must be User-Friendly and Mobile Friendly.

You should be able to maintain the speed Of your Website. The website must work well with user's patience, you know, at least it should be manageable..

3. Avoid Copyright.

Never you copy contents directly from a blog to your blog. Unless you're Tom And Jerry with Adsense and DMCA

4. Remove Other Ads While Applying.

Do not apply when you have other ads network codes in your blog e.g Adsterra ads and Proppeller ads script codes, though it doesn't really affect if you have more than enough web traffic, but to avoid stories, you can add them later after being approved by adsense.

5. Check if Your Website is Against Adsense Policy.

If your niche could get leave you unfortunate in getting adsense it'll be better you switch or you find other ad networks like adsterra, proppellerads, etc to monetize your blog.

Here Are Some Of The Niches To Avoid To Get Your Adsense Approved:

Online Gambling

Guns & Weapons Info

Info about drugs or pharmacies

Pornography/ Sexual Content

Hacking or promoting it

Selling of some animal parts or animals

Avoid putting too many tags and keywords on your blog

Other illegal stuff.

Those are the main things that should come into your mind.

6. Make Sure To Add Important Pages To Your Blog.

Important pages like:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy

7. Traffic Requirements For Adsense

Must Have At Least 500+ Traffic in Blogs or Websites Per Day.

Adsense is not really bad when it comes to website traffic requirements. You can get your blog approved with just some few web traffic and impressions on the search engine where your blog post queries fall in, even though it doesn't appear first on the search engine.

100-200 impressions of your blog in the google search engine everyday can get your blog approved in 12 days or so.

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8. Submit A Sitemap

The sitemap of the site should be and submitted to Webmaster Tools such as the Google Search Console.

9. Old Domain

Previously used domain names Name is usually a plus and a speed gear to get adsense approval quick for blog monetization.

Those are very simple steps to start your earning journey with adsense. This guide has been proven to be authentic if you can follow it as it is. 

Here Is Story Of How Someone Got His Seven (7) Days Old Blogg Approved By Adsense After Application:

The new blogger who was mentored by an advanced blogger, narrated how he got his 7 - seven days old blog approved soon after application.

He said he applied for adsense when his blog had just 30 articles. 

As at the time he shared this experience, his site was currently 2 weeks 4 days. I was curious. So I wanted to know how he did it. Here's what he said he did.

 He said he:

  •  Created four pages: the contact page, about us page, privacy-policy page, and disclaimer page. He included Google cookie message on both the privacy-policy and disclaimer pages.
  • Created a privacy cookie consent notification bar which usually pop up on people site and say, things like "this site uses cookies, blablabla, accept or cancel", you know...
  •  Applied with 30 articles but didn't stop posting. He published everyday till three days after his application submission when 8t was approved.
  • He said, to avoid copyright, he'd take his images from pixabay where he won't be held for copyright images. Copyright issues could bring blog down, avoid it.
  •  All articles he made were 500 plus words.
  •  The niche doesn't matter, and you could implement the following on any niche and pray they approve you. Lol... 
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This particular article is for the new bloggers, the people new to blogging, people who want to get adsense for their blogs, bloggers that want their websites approved for adsense. Infact it's totally concerned with blogging and monetization, blog earning with adsense, adsense policy cut short, terms and conditions of adsense cut short for easy understanding.

Apart from ad sense by google, there are other adsense alternatives like Ezoic ads which you can use to monetize.

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