How To Play Xbox Games on Android, iOS Phones And on Windows PC


 In this article you will learn how to play Xbox games on phone and also, how to play Xbox games on PC. First, I'll start with how to play xbox games on android phones. Before then, what's Xbox?

What Is Xbox?

According to, Xbox is a game console that was released in 2001. Xbox was created by the popular company called Microsoft, and was in direct competition with other gaming consoles that had existed already. I'm talking about, the Nintendo Gamescube and the PlayStation Console.

How To Xbox Games On Android iphones and windows pc
How To Play Xbox Games On Smartphones

Can Xbox Games Be Played On Phones?

How to plax xbox on phone is possible. And to answer the question directly, yes! You can play xbox games on phones that supports the Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming app. You can play xbox games with the aid of the Xbox console(Remote Play), and also without it(Xbox Cloud Gaming).

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription Link
Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription Page

How To Play Xbox Games On Phone Without Xbox Console

To play xbox on smartphones without a console is considered the simplest means to play xbox games on either an Android or iOS device, and even possibly, PC.

If you're not planning to know how much is Xbox, then this method of playing xbox games on your android or iPhone smartphone is the best.

In this article, I'll let you know how to play xbox games on your phone. Check the next paragraph to know the precise step by step guide on how to play xbox on your phone iOS or Android OS.

Before I get to the requirements and steps to take to play Xbox games on your Android phone or iOS phone, I'd like you to note that the Xbox Cloud Gaming requires a subscription inorder to play the xbox games. The subscription is popularly known as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription.

Requirements To Play Xbox Games On Your Smart Phone:

  • You'll need a smartphone with an operating system(OS) that supports the Xbox Cloud Gaming app. The two popular OS known to support the Xbox cloud gaming are the Android
  • You'll need a good internet connection. I suggest you use a good WiFi, a 4G and 5G Network Connection for a much smother gaming experience.
  • An Xbox Account
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription
  • An Xbox Game Pad

Steps on How To Play Xbox Games on Your Phone With Xbox Cloud Gaming App:

  • Get Your Xbox Game Pass Subscription Ready - Use your Microsoft account email address to register for an Xbox game account. You can use the this Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription Link for the registration and subscription
  • Subscribe for the Xbox Cloud Gaming Game Pass 
  • Download the Xbox Game Pass App from your phone's app store or google playstore
  • Launch the Xbox Game Pass App and  Sign In with your Microsoft Xbox account details
  • Locate to the Xbox Cloud Gaming Button and click on it to start playing Xbox games on your phone
  • Select a game you wish to play from the list of games you'll find
  • Connect A Game  Controller or A Game Pad - There's usually a virtual game pad for cloud gaming apps, and also the option for you to connect a physical xbox game pad or another.
  • Enjoy!

How To Play Xbox Games on Your Phone Remotely With Aid Of The Xbox Console considers this method of playing xbox games on android or iOS phones as the easiest and quickest. If you're an android or iphone owner, you can play xbox game on your smartphone without an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription, but you will definitely need the xbox console for gaming process to work out. Now, you'll have to start thinking of how much is xbox. Lol.. This method of playing xbox games on your phone is called Remote Play.

Requirements on How To Do Xbox Remote Play:

  • An Xbox Gaming Console
  • Internet Connection
  • Xbox Account
  • Xbox App
  • An Android Or iOS Smartphone Device

Steps On How To Play Xbox Game Remote Play:

  • Connect your Xbox Game Console to the internet.
  • Put your Xbox Game Console in the Instant On mode.
  • Install and launch the Xbox app in your android or ios iphone device.
  • Sign In to the Xbox app in your phone
  • Connect the Xbox app to the Xbox console by clicking on the "+" symbol you will find on the menu usually located at the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Pair your phone to the xbox console from the screen instructions that will come up after taking the previous step here. A code might be needed in the xbox app in order for a successful pairing to happen.
  • Your smartphone device will now serve as a remote which you can use to start Xbox Remote Play.
  • Locate and then click the Remote Play button remotely from your phone, select the xbox game tou wish to play, and then, enjoy!

How To Open An Xbox Account

You can open an Xbox account from your Xbox Game Console or from the Web with a Mobile Device. Follow the following steps as also for any the methods you wish to use for the account creation.

Steps on how to open an xbox game account with xbox game Console:

  • If you’re not signed in already, from the home screen of the console, select the "Add new".
  • If you’re signed in, press the Xbox button to open the guide, select Profile & system > Add or switch > Add new.
  • Enter the email address of your Microsoft account and follow the on-screen instructions. If it hasn’t already been done, you’ll be asked to select a gamertag for the account.

Steps on how to open an xbox game  account with a web browser or smart phone:

  • Launch a web browser you wish to use
  • Visit
  • Sign in with your email address.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup of your Xbox account, and then return to your Xbox console to sign in.

You can find more details on opening and xbox account from the page

How To Play Xbox Games On PC

Is it true that you can play Xbox games on PC? Yes, it is. You can follow the simple steps to below on how to play xbox games on PC.

  • On your Windows device, launch the Xbox app for Windows.
  • Select Search on the taskbar, type Xbox, and then select it from the list. If the app isn’t installed, you can get it for free from the Microsoft Store.
  • You can get the app from
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • In the sidebar menu on the left, select Cloud Gaming, and then start gaming.

How To Play Xbox Games on PC With Your Browser.

From your browser in your windows PC, visit

Sign In with your Microsoft Xbox gaming account.

Requirements To Play Xbox Games On Windows PC

  • Windows 10
  • Internet connection with a connection speed of 20 Mbps or higher
  • Connection type should preferably be a wired connection (i.e., Ethernet). This is the best option for network quality as recommend by the Xbox support. Another recommended network connection from the Xbox support is a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network. If you have a dual-band router (5 GHz and 2.4 GHz), you may need to enable or separate the 5 GHz signal, then make sure your cloud gaming devices are all connected to this same signal. If you’re not sure how to do this, check your device manufacturer’s support site or contact your ISP.
  • A 4.0 Bluetooth version or higher.
  • A USB or Bluetooth connectable game pad.

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