How To Update Or Remove Your Blog Posts In or From Google Search Page


 As a blogger, you made a mistake in your blog post, and later discovered it after that your very post had been indexed on google page, and you're trying to remove the post from google search engine. Is it possible to remove a wrong blog post away from google page? Yes it is!

Mistakes usually happens in blogging especially when a beginner blogger is trying to find a way out in blogging. A newbie blogger could realize his or her mistakes after reading up monetization policies, and decides to correct his mistakes that is already indexed and visible for people to see. 

As a new blogger, you may find it hard to remove those posts from the google search page. You could remove it, but you don't know the right way to remove such posts of google search pages. In this article, I'll give you just the right step and information on how to solve the problem, read on from here.

A new person to blogging asked for help on her blog post which was already in search page. In her words,
"I edited an old post and made some corrections, but that was some 2 weeks ago. Now I tried checking the old post in Google, to my surprise the corrections dint reflect. It was still showing the old content."
She continued by wanting to know if deleting or editing the whole post content with a new images and title would be a good idea.
I'll use this incident to explain what is best to do in such situation.
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Can Editing, Deleting, And Reposting Of Post Change The Old Post In Google Search Page?

Yes it can, but it is important to know that it may not take effect immediately or even for some days. Before I explain and give out the trick, let me explain between Editing and Re-posting of blog posts.

Is Editing Or Re Posting The Best Thing To Do?

If you're editing, this means you're adding and subtracting things from your post you wish to appear as desired in the google page.

Editing is actually the best thing to do when you wish to make changes to your old blog post that is visible on google search engine. Why is it the best? It's the best because you won't have to start from the the beginning to create a new blog post which you could simply add or remove text and images from. Whether you are using Wordpress Or Blogger platform, it doesn't matter.


But if you are reposting, this simply means that you have deleted the old post, and have started afresh on the same blog topic or something similar to the previous blog title you wish changes to occur in the google search page. It will be then be counted as a new page.

Reposting won't solve that problem as soon as you want it. This new post you are creating will be indexed differently, and guess what? The old post you was trying to remove will still be there because you haven't done just the right thing yet.

Do you want to know how to remove your old post from google search engine?
There are up to two ways you can edit or take off your unwanted google indexed and visible page. The two ways are: Sitemap Submission and Removals. All these two are utilizable in the Google Search Console, GSC.

Submit A Sitemap

Submitting a sitemap to GSC is one of the means you could use to change your old post text and images in google search page to your edited and corrected same post. When you submit an xml sitemap, it will discover the url to your post and could index it by changing it after the page must have been crawled(re indexing). It can be done automatically or manually by you.
Sitemaps are used to include new or updated post articles into the google search page

How To Go About Sitemap Submission

  • To submit your sitemap to google search console, you will have to visit the web page with the address
  • Log in with your Google mail account, register or submit your website there. After you are done submitting blog url to the search console, click on the menu button at the top left corner of your screen, and you will see a list of search console tools.
  • Look for sitemap on the drop-down menu list, and apply your sitemap at the space provided for it.
How To submit sitemad to GSC
Where to find sitemap

You may have to wait for days for the sitemap to process your blog links.
After the sitemap has been processed, check for discovered or crawled - not indexed urls. Look for the link title to the post, and then request it for indexing into google.
Indexing also requires patience as it may take days before a link is indexed.

How To Remove Your Old Post From Google Search Engine?


This this tab contains three sections Temporary Removals, Outdated Content, and Safesearch Filtering. Concerning this topic, Temporary removals is where the trick is. Under Temporary Removal are these two options; Temporary Remove Url and Clear Cached Url.
How to remove your url from google
Google search console url remover

Temporary Removal Or URL Update 

This feature under Temporary Removals in google search console, gsc allows a blogger to submit url of an old page appearing on google search page for removal off the Google page off the spot. This will take off the old post entirely off google search engine. A new page can take it's place or the place could be occupied by another blog's post.

How To Go About Removing An Url Temporarily From Google Search Page

Temporary remove url from search using google webmaster tool
Temporary remove url from search using google webmaster tool

Under Sitemap in the Google search console drop-down menu, click on removals. You will be opened to a new page with options as mentioned above, and "Temporary Removals" as default option. At the right side of the dialogue box, you will find a "New Request" red button, click on it.
After that, you will find the option "Temporary Remove Url" as default option and clear cache as side option.
Since temporary remove url is the default, there, you can submit the url you wish to change on google page for temporary removal as explained already. It could take a day for changes to take place.

Clear Cache Url

This allows an admin in the GSC to renew the old post in the Google search page to the newly edited post. This is exactly what that female new blogger was looking for. This is also called clearing of cache. It will clear the old post, but still keep your site link or blog link at the same Google search page point, and wait for your blog's next crawl and indexing. After that, your desired page content will appear at that same spot with all the new editing and corrections.

How to Go About Blog Cache Clearing

Remove Blog url from google search
Remove Blog url from google search

By the side of Temporary Remove URL, you will find Clear Cache Url tab. Click on it to submit the url you want to update on google search page. Add the url to the space provided below, and wait for the update to take place.
Like Temporary Remove Url, Clear Cache Url could take up to a day for change to occur as well.
Note: It usually takes some days before desired changes occurs, and doesn't happen immediately.
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