Sports Betting: Things You Should Know Before You Start Placing Bets


 Are you thinking of trying your luck with sports betting and gambling for the fun and rewards it offers for the first time? It is wise of you to seek out knowledge of what it means to stake money on sports odds to win certain amounts of money worth the game and your staked amount, and casino gambling itself.

Whether casino or sports betting, they're both forms of gambling. In this article, I will answer the following questions which I'm sure you will definitely need answers to, before I go more specific on the things to consider before starting sports betting.

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What is gambling?

What is the advantages of gambling?

What are the disadvantages of gambling?

What can I do to protect myself from gambling and going broke because of it?

Meaning Of Gambling

Gambling is an action that involves wagering of money into any form of game with an uncertainty of winning or losing. People who like gambling are known as gamblers. Gambling is a risky activity. Yes, it can send you back to the village after much progress in life.

Online Betting site tips for safe winning
Save Yourself The Risk 

Gambling, usually involves two people who have sides to chose(guess) in a game between opponents who must either win or lose for a certain amount to be carried by the person whose guess comes true. Both gamblers will have to guess on any of the game character or object for wining or losing. Example: the two gamblers here are identified as Gambler A and Gambler B.

These two gamblers are in a stadium watching a football match of Chelsea football club and Liverpool football club, and the match has just begun. Gambler A says, "Chelsea will win", and Gambler B says, "no, Liverpool is winning". To avoid much arguments, A brings out $5 to offer to B if actually Liverpool wins the match like he said, and B brings out same amount or even more to offer A if Chelsea wins as A said.

It then happens that Liverpool wins Chelsea, now A happens to lose the $5 to B for Chelsea not winning as he guessed. That is how gambling works. It may not be in football format like the one explained here alone, but in other formats as well.

This explanation should also let you know one important thing about gambling you should always keep at the back of your mind; gambling requires only guess work. You can never be sure of an outcome of gambling games (except through illegal means) as chances of winning and losing is always 50/50. See best sports betting sites for Nigerians and few other African countries you might want to try your luck with.

Things To Know About Sports Betting

Sports betting is a form of gambling usually and mostly done online, and also done in betting company shops who are agents of the company. Before you start placing bets on an online sports betting site, there are terms conditions you should agree to for the sake of maintaining the bet company, and your withdrawal sake. As you know, the terms and conditions of some sites and apps are usually lengthy. In this article, I will let you know the most important things sports betting companies are usually after to take note of.

Must Be Of Age

The age that is acceptable for users to be part of any sports betting website is 18+. You have to be 18 years old and above to access any sports bookmaker website to place bets. It is to ensure that you are old enough to accept your losses without doing anything funny. At age 18 you are responsible for any amount you wish to risk out. You must have the patience where required as in the case of Bet9ja and some withdrawal issues often faced.

Account Creation/Login

You must create an account with the betting site you wish to patronize. Creation of an account in betting sites requires you filling a form requesting your personal details and submitting it with a password you create for login and security purposes. Every single details you provide should be true, because it can turn out to be a factor affecting your withdrawal of winnings.

Betting sites also requires that you register just one account with them. They are against users with two accounts, and can disable your account permanently and your winnings forfeited.

Must Have Visa, Masters, And Verve Debit Cards And Credit Cards

These are very important things that allows you to deposit and withdraw into and from your sports betting account dashboard in that respective. It is necessary to have all three kinds of cards and other deposit and withdrawal capable options like acceptable e-wallets, bank accounts, and Blockchain wallets.

Must follow the guidelines set by the betting site:

  • Not have more than one account
  • Must not give wrong information
  • Must use the same name as the one that appears in your bank account
  • Know terms and conditions for each promo and bonuses offered by a sports betting site

Make reports to the customer service

You should try as much as you can to be always calm when you face issues with a betting site. That's is the reason betting sites are meant for adult, and adolescents who are almost reaching the adulthood stage.

If you happen to face some problems like, withdrawal problems, and deposit problems, the next thing to do is not spoil the site's name to people on social media platforms. The best thing to do is. To contact the Customer Care Service over the problem. They should help you solve the problem, and also let you know where the problem cane from.

Make Sure You Are In The Correct Betting Site

You have to be sure of the online sports betting website url or address which you want to access. There are betting sites that are scam, and could drink off your pockets. Cross check the Site's name while searching on Google or any other search engine. Find out from trusted people or trusted sites like this site, and other review sites like trust pilot.

Keep Your Details Safe

Your login details should be very safe from people and online attackers. Write your login details of each betting site you registered with down in a book, if possible, put it in to two of your most important or favorite books which you frequently have contact with. Write them down at the back or front. Wherever you eyes will find it quick, put it there!

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