Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Website And Blog Monetization


   Advertisers are searching more and more for relevant traffic, and thus the rates of CPC (cost per click) have been going up exponentially. This means that it is becoming difficult for bloggers to monetize their blogs through traditional Google AdSense ads.

Incase you might still need to use Adsense with other ads, but your blog hasn't been approved yet: 

You might be thinking that if you cannot monetize your blog through Google Adsense then how will you make money?

Well, there are many of such alternatives that can provide bloggers with additional revenue. Here we bring to you some of the best AdSense alternatives for bloggers so that they can earn more income.

One of the Largest Ad Networks happen to be the Google Adsense. So many new bloggers will always want to get it first because it's an ad network company that jas instilled some high level of trust into publishers.

Over the past seven years, it's believed that adsense has been able to pay over $70 billion dollars to bloggers or content publishers

Adsense has lots of ads formats you can choose and customize from. There are "vignette ads" that displays as a pop up when a user is about accessing another blog page. "Auto ads format allows bloggers or website owners to place a code into their blogs while the company's technology places  "native" and "anchor ads" in the right places. "Matched ads" is part too.

AdSense ad formats are usually responsive - they could change sizes and colors to match your blog style.

Placing adsense ads on your websites is an easy task, thanks to google that seeks to make things easy and available to everyone.

Whether you're using the blogger or wordpress platform to blog, it's easy to insert ads into your WordPress blog. With just the adsense plugin in the WordPress site builder, you could insert and start earning while also controlling your earnings with it.

Same with blogger blogging platform, you could insert the adsense code anywhere you wish the adverts to appear, or you could choose the auto ad feature for automatic ads placings.

Google Adsense Requirements

Adsense do have some desired requirements that must be met by any blogger or publisher that wants to work alongside with it. 

Adsense requires quality contents and some level of blog impressions.

Before you sign up for adsense, your website should comply to the company's policies.

Read along to know to maximize your earnings with adsense alongside another ad network.

Google Ad sense Alternatives And Their Requirements For Approval  To Choose From :

1) Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser ads network for publishers
Bidvertiser ads network for publishers

Bidvertiser is an ad network based in the United States and is one of the most popular advertising networks among bloggers.

If you are new to Bidvertiser, then your account will start with $100 free credit so that you can check out their services. Here advertisers place bids on ads for various search terms which direct traffic to their site. Once you are satisfied with the services, then you need to deposit any amount into your Bidvertiser account. Individuals will then be charged a fee of 12% on all transactions made through their account.

The best part about Bidvertiser is its ad formats as it allows many different types of ads including text, mobile, product catalogs, etc. So bloggers have a lot of options if they decide to join Bidvertiser for their monetization requirements.  

2) Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon ads Network For Publishers
Amazon ads Network For Publishers

Amazon has been known for its affiliate marketing programs over the past decade and now they have entered the AdSense market as well. The best part about Amazon ads is that bloggers can earn up to 10% commission on all sales which are generated via their blogs or websites.

To post adverts on your website, you must first register an account. You need to paste the HTML code which you get after this process on your blog or website's content in order to display ads there.

The main drawback of Amazon ads is that they are performance-based, which means that bloggers only earn money if someone actually makes a purchase through their link. So it might be difficult for beginner bloggers to generate revenue using this ad platform.

3) MediaVine

Mediavine ads For Publishers
Mediavine ads For Publishers

Mediavine was established with an aim to bridge the gap between marketers and publishers, but lately, it has turned into one of the premier AdSense alternatives as well for bloggers. They allow advertisers to bid on different types of ads including banners, popups, etc. As soon as their campaign starts generating traffic, then you will start receiving money through your account.

The main drawback of Mediavine is that you will have to create a new account in order to monetize it, but if you already have an AdSense account then this process becomes pretty simple for you. Apart from this, when it comes to its revenue model, Mediavine follows the traditional method of paying publishers on a CPM basis i.e. paying them every time they generate 100 views for advertisers' content. But one thing which makes Mediavine different from other networks is that it gives 60% commission in the form of CPC ads and 50% in the case of revenue sharing or hybrid ads.

4) Infolinks

Info Links Ads For Content Writers
Info Links Ads For Content Writers

Infolinks is a unique type of advertising network which focuses mainly on providing in-text ads for publishers. These ads are displayed inside the content you create which means that whatever ad appears on your website, readers will have to click on it to be redirected to the advertiser's site.

The good thing about Infolinks is that they pay you up to $0.30 for every 1000 impressions even if visitors don't click on their ads. So what this actually does is that it encourages bloggers to place AdSense ads that might not convert but still generate money due to high traffic volume. However keep one thing in mind that Infolinks does take away 30% commission from the total earnings of publishers, so people who rely solely on this platform for monetization purposes will face trouble with revenue generation at the end of the day.

5) Kontera

Kontera is yet another advertising platform that specializes in providing in-text ads for publishers and advertisers on blogs, web directories, etc. They work more or less on the same lines as Infolinks but here they take away

Kontera Ads For Bloggers
Kontera Ads For Bloggers

only 10% commission from your total earnings. The rates are calculated according to the CPC method so if you can generate a lot of traffic on your website then you will be able to increase your earnings even more.

Apart from this, there is no direct contact with advertisers when it comes to Kontera because they publish their banners via third-party websites and don't sell them directly for you. Some people might say that it results in lower revenue generation but since Kontera does provide you with a chance to earn even if your ads don't get clicked, it is better than other networks which take away big chunks of money just because your visitors didn't click on the ad.

6) Adversal

Adversal Ads site login display
Adversal Ads site login display

Adversal happens to be another website that specializes in both contextual and performance-based advertising solutions for publishers. They have tie-ups with more than 2000 advertisers so it can be said that they are pretty big when compared to most ad networks. Since their focus is mainly on quality over quantity, Adversal doesn't allow too many publishers to join at once so the competition is low as well. But if you manage to create an account with them then you will find out that they pay higher than other ad networks because they offer their publishers 100% of the revenue generated through ads.

It is always better to research about any company before selling your website's space for advertisements because it might seem like a very easy way to generate money, but there are also chances that you will end up losing more than what you can earn if things don't go in your favor. So when opting for AdSense alternatives instead of Google AdSense, make sure that whatever network you choose fulfills all your requirements and offers reliable solutions when monetizing blogs.

7) Skimlinks

Skimlinks is another good alternative to Google AdSense
Skimlinks Ads Network

Skimlinks is another good alternative to Google AdSense which not only pays you for your content but also converts all kinds of affiliate links on your website into direct ads. So if you have any kind of promotional campaigns running regarding the products and services that other companies offer then Skimlinks can be a great source of money because it will automatically convert all your affiliate links into ads whenever they are included in the content. They also have a program where you can earn extra money by simply adding some easily customizable code snippets of code on your website which will help them find products being mentioned on your site.

Once again it is good to know that Skimlinks takes away only 13% commission from your earnings, it is flexible enough to allow you to manually choose which affiliate links you want to include in your content and they also have a massive pool of advertisers. Even if you are not generating much traffic through your website, Skimlinks will ensure that you are still earning money by placing adverts on your website thanks to their extensive network of partners.

8) Monumetric

Monumetric happens to be one of the top-notch ad network
Monumetric Ads Network

Monumetric happens to be one of the top-notch ad networks which have been in business for a while now and have got nothing but positive reviews from all their publishers. Of course, you can expect to earn a lot more through this network because they offer high-paying ads, a reliable tracking platform, and a separate section where you can choose from the best-performing ads.

When it comes to using Monumetric, you can expect a fantastic support team that will guide you throughout the whole process and assist you in creating a publisher account. It is also good to see that they have not limited the number of websites that you can add to your account, unlike other ad networks which have specific limits in place.

It is always better to do thorough research before joining any ad network because it directly affects your earnings and you wouldn't want to end up getting less than what you deserve. So make sure that Monumetric is the right choice for your website

9) Evadav ad Network

Evadav is another reputed ad network
Eva dav Ads Login Page Feel

Evadav is another reputed ad network that specializes in monetizing blogs and other websites through contextual ads. They have tie-ups with more than 50 advertisers so it can be said that they are pretty big when compared to most ad networks. However, it is good to see that Evadav doesn't pay only on the basis of CPM but they also take into account how many people click on their advertisements as well. Since they specialize in monetizing information-based websites, you will be able to earn a lot more money if your content articles include reviews or comparisons because all those words will count towards increasing the CTR for each advertisement served on your site.

As far as publishers are concerned, Evadav offers higher rates compared to most ad networks so if you are planning to increase your earnings then Evadav is definitely worth considering. They also have some of the best support staff who will guide you throughout the whole process and help you in creating an account with them.

However it is true that Evadav only accepts websites that generate high-quality content but once you get accepted, expect to make at least $30 per 1000 views on average.

10) PopCash

PopCash happens to be one of the newer ad networks
PoP Cash Ads

PopCash happens to be one of the newer ad networks when compared to others because they were founded back in 2013. However, since their inception, they have managed to amass over 200 thousand publishers thanks to their wide-ranging offerings and a powerful monetization platform.

Although PopCash doesn't offer the best rates in the business, they have a massive pool of advertisers which gives you more options to choose from. You can also expect their support staff to be friendly since most of them are not only well-versed with all the rules but also willing to answer any questions that you may have regarding your earnings.

One thing that stands out about PopCash is how easy it is to apply for their program because you can become a publisher within minutes if your website meets the requirements mentioned on their terms and conditions page. That's why I recommend this ad network whenever people ask me about an alternative source of income because it pays better than other ad networks like Chitika or Infolinks while being just as easy to sign up.

11) PopAds

PopAds is the best option for you
Pop Ads Network

If you reside in Canada and want to monetize your website or blog, then PopAds is the best option for you because it has been specifically designed for publishers who are based in North America. This ad network also happens to be one of the safest options available if you don't want to get scammed by shady online businesses so it is best to use PopAds for both content websites which generates revenue through ads as well as businesses.

However, it is important to note that PopAds doesn't pay on a CPM basis because they have their own unique system in place where you can earn money depending upon your country, website category, and traffic volume. However, the rates are pretty decent because even if you don't generate much traffic, you can still expect at least $5 per 1000 impressions.

12) ContextWeb

Context Web Ads Network
Context Web Ads Network

ContextWeb is one of the most popular ad networks because it offers both display ads as well as rich media advertising options to its clients. The good thing about this ad network is that they also have a strong foothold in the mobile advertising market which is dominated by players like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Since ContextWeb offers both texts as well as image ads, it can be said that they are one of the best ad networks to place ads on your website or blog because if you use affiliate marketing then there is a high possibility that they will send you plenty of advertisers which you can promote for extra money.

Although most ad networks pay publishers on a CPM basis, there are some like PopAds who offer both CPM and CPC models of payment which means that you get to choose how much you want to earn per 1000 impressions. However, if you don't like the idea then I would still recommend you to go with a CPM ad network because there is no risk involved and you can easily monetize your website.

13) Ezoic

Ezoic ads vs Google Adsense
Ezoic Ads Network

Ezoic is the first native ad network that I have come across because they are the only company in the industry that offers not one but four types of ad placements. These are the standard ad, native ad, search engine marketing ads, and video pre-rolls so you can earn money from all types of websites.

Although Ezoic doesn't have a decentralized system in place which ensures that you earn more, their CPM rates are pretty good. The minimum payment threshold is just $50 which makes it one of the easiest ad networks to earn money from if you have a small blog or website.

However, the only problem that you might face is that it takes a while for your account to get approved because they have a strict policy in place so if you are thinking of using this ad network, then I would recommend you to have patience because it takes time for them to assess each application.

Ezoic And It's Approval Requirements

Ezoic Ads is one strict ad network company. Publishers must be able to meet up with ezoic standard policies which is similar to google adsense, and their tests.

It is better you meet up with ezoic monetization before you apply for it, because after applying the first time you might not be approved by ezoic ads which might happen to be tough before you could apply again. If you are fortunately approved by ezoic ads, you need to pass the monetization tests they'll send accross you. Failure to pass the test, luckily, you may be offered chances to take the test again, maybe once after every three (3) or four (4) months.

How good is Ezoic Ads?

A friend of mine tried comparing ezoic to adsense in terms of earnings. He gave an update regarding ezoic after he was approved to monetize using ezoic on 8th June 2021 alongside adsense which the month happened to end on 8th July 2021.

The 1st week of ezoic he got averaged on EPMV of $2-3 per day i.e per 1000 visits. He said it was far more better than adsense which had $1 per 1000 visits.

Ezoic optimization will keep you up with blog earnings as their optimizations start low at the beginning and gradually rises as their systems figure out the workings of a site in terms of ad placements for revenue optimization.

Guess what? My friend confirmed this as over the next few weeks, his EPMV changed to $6-9 per 1000 visits which has seen me earn as much as $11 per day.

Can You Use Ezoic With Adsense?

You may ask questions like like "what if I'm approved for adsense, can I still go for ezoic"? 

If I apply for ezoic and get approved before adsense, is it possible for adsense to still approve my blog with ezoic?

The answer is Yes! Yes!! You have a greater chance of being approved by ezoic if you are already approved for adsense, unless you have any Adsense violations, ezoic will not approve.

Ezoic is a google certified company, and their policies also follows that of Google Adsense.

As a blogger, you can use ezoic ads alongside adsense in your blog, and won't have to worry about things like ads limit which will reduce how much you could earn from your blog in adsense. For real - That's how adlimits affects blogs.

If you use the bidding system for display of ads in a site you use both google adsense ads and ezoic, adsense earnings will be seen as mediation. That is, Adsense ads will only be shown if they win a bid to pay more than ezoic ads on your site. 

Word ads is an ad network which wordpress site works with. According to a survey, a blog owner, after running wordads ads and ezoic ads monetization on his blog said

that 'ezoic has been a life changer from the previous ad network he was using which was Wordads'. He said that after he spotted a big difference in his blog. He received was a payout of $75 which was an entire payment for around 6months on Wordads, but with ezoic ads, he had earned $220 for running ads for 1 month.

That's what you should know about ezoic, as it's currently considered one of the best paying ad network.

14) Adsterra

Best google adsense Alternatives
Ads terra ads logo

Adsterra is the top alternative to Google Adsense because they have all the things that you would normally find in a popular ad network. It is one of the oldest players in the game because it has been around for more than 10 years now and during that time, they have managed to sign up more than 1 million publishers who all vouch for the authenticity of this ad network.

One thing that I really like about Adsterra is the fact that they don't operate like other ad networks where publishers need to wait for months before they can withdraw their earnings. I have been using Adsterra for more than 3 years now and whenever I request a payment, they usually add the money to my account within 24 hours.

However, you should keep in mind that Adsterra works on a revenue-sharing model which means that you only get to make money if your website is capable of generating a high volume of traffic.


Adthrive Adsense Alternatives ads company
Adthrive Ads Logo

Ad thrive is another reliable ads network bloggers can trust. Adthrive is trusted for their ad optimization and management for Bloggers.

In adthrive, you can get get the highest possible income for every page view you have in your blog. To support that fact; Adthirive puts publishers and their businesses first, delivering the highest RPMs. Your views can never be wasted as far your visitors ain't blocking those relevant contents sent by the ad network. You know what I mean. If you don't, keep studying blogging and monetization here.

Publishers do create content, monetize them, but aren't paid due to one circumstance or the other, but in

AdThrive, your payments are guaranteed. Even this company made it clear that, even if an advertiser doesn’t pay them, they'll still pay you, the blogger for running those ads up your blog. 

Did you know? Adthrive pays you, the publisher, 67% of your ad revenue, and takes 33% for management and repairs? You know what that means? It means you earn the highest ad revenue. Yeah.. that proves the fact that ad thrive is committed to serving publishers no matter the situation.

If You Want To Be Reassured Of How Good Adtheive Is

You might want to know that Adthrive is hiring, investing, and building at the same time, they:

  • Manage everything for your ads in order for you to focus on creating attractive content.
  • Have a classic technology which is used in rendering the best services, advertisment of sales, optimizations, and partnerships to advance publishers with ad performances.
  • Are built for the long term. An ad company that will stay forever without collapsing.
  • Have the highest display and video monetization.
  • Are Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP)
  • Have innovative partnerships that keeps and support them.
  • Have quality ads for every publisher and even advertisers.
  • Offer traffic opportunities and growth.
  • According to testimonies by Adthrive users
  • Ad thrive increased ad revenue by 300% for 

AdThrive is the best thing that has ever happened to my blog. I had heard from other bloggers about the massive increase in ad revenue they all had within a month or so of joining, but I was doubtful if I would see the same results. I didn’t. My results were even more mind-blowing. My ad revenue increased ten times over on roughly the same amount of pageviews!

Content Ads

Other best alternatives to Adsense Network

Content ads is an ads network that has simple, yet great native  ad formats. With Content Ads, you could promote links to sponsored programs of which some comes handy, and others  can be created by you, the publisher.

The native ad format in content ad is a fast loading one. Fast loading native ads is always a plus when it comes to monetization as it often has much clicks because it's always quick to display the programs promoted on it, giving users the option of clicking as seen, or coming back to click on it after blog content go-through.

Content Ads Requirements

If you're unable to be approved by other ads networks with strict policies, you might want to try content ads for a quick approval and earning. There's no minimum requirements with this blog, but you should know that there will always be one thing that matters in blogging which is, quality content!

To join content ad, head their website at and start the registration process as a publisher or an advertiser, if you wish.

Conversant Ads

Conversant ads supports banners, standard ads, and  video ads. It has been up and doing when it comes to distribution and promotion of contents from over 6000 advertisers now. From reports, I gathered that,  Conversant is not that mobile friendly, but there is always room for optimization. There are ads that are made specifically for the mobile end users including tablet devices.

Is conversant ads reliable?

This ad company has lots of companies and industries it promotes ads for just like any other ads networks mention here. High quality ads are provided and spreaded around just like the payments keep coming.

Comversant Requirements

Applying for conversant ads is easy just like any other verified and authentic ad companies.

Conversant requires a minimum page views of 100 and above, and quality content for approval.

18) Affiliate Marketing

This method is something that I recommend to all the new bloggers and website owners because if you can't create a website that earns money, then you should "create one that brings income to others".

Although many people might not be aware of this method, it is actually an easy way to make money because it doesn't require any technical knowledge or coding skills. However, I would still recommend you to try out other methods before jumping into affiliate marketing because they are the most difficult to get started with.

But if you have made up your mind and want to try it out, then I would recommend you to start by finding a suitable affiliate program to partner with, like Amazon Associate, Bluehost, ClickBank, Jvzoo, etc.


We’ve made a list of over 15 best Google AdSense alternatives to consider for bloggers in 2021. You can always check back for more updates on the new adsense alternative ads network. 

The mentioned list includes ad networks that offer monetization opportunities outside of the traditional display advertising model, as well as those which are more affordable and user-friendly than Google Ads. If you're looking for new ways to make money with your blog or website this year, check out these options.

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