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  Easilocks is a unique hair augmentation technology that uses no glue, heat, stitching, or braiding to connect organic, reusable human hair. 

The Easilocks hair extension technique, which is favoured by celebrities, allows for abundant hair without causing harm and is exceptionally easy to manage, comfortable to wear, and looks and feels as natural as your hair. Hair extensions are available in a variety of sizes, textures, and colours to add length and depth to your natural tones.

Easilocks Hair trade extension

Easilocks Hair Extensions - Tips & Tricks for Aftercare

With the aid of the Easilocks team, I have compiled a list of crucial Do's and Don'ts to guarantee your Easilocks hair extensions stay gorgeous and last a long time. To maintain your new hair healthily, please follow these procedures after your in-salon Easilocks service.
Do’s To keep knots at bay, brush your hair extensions before showering! When detangling your hair, keep one hand on it to avoid putting pressure or stress on the extension's root.
It is advised that you treat your extensions once a week to maintain them in good shape.

Easilocks Product, Tip, And Styling 

It's critical to use the correct products, and I recommend the following from the Easilocks line.
Products: To avoid tangles, apply Easilocks Silicone-Free Shampoo vertically to the hair (not horizontally or in a circular motion). Apply Easilocks Silicone-Free Conditioner or Easilocks Leave-In Conditioner to the ends of the hair for nourished and healthy hair, avoiding root contact (apply from the ponytail part of the hair down). Rinse carefully after 3-5 minutes, brushing over your hair extensions.

Tip: Conditioning your hair the day of your Easilocks application helps strengthen the bond between your natural hair and the Easilocks system.

Styling: Use Easilocks Rose Gold Oil on your hair before using hot electrical equipment. Before style, comb this product into your hair to ensure that it is well covered and protected. When hair with Easilocks tape extensions becomes wet, make sure to dry the roots thoroughly to keep the tape intact and as effective as possible. When using hot hair equipment, wait until the hair and roots are completely dry before applying pressure.
Tip: Brush your scalp at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, to keep your extension connection region clean.

DON'T Leave your hair damp for an extended period or go to bed with it wet. The hair will become damaged and matted as a result of this.
Shampooing hair upside down in the bath or sink can be difficult to untangle and can harm the Easilocks roots.
Remove or modify any hair extensions yourself, and if you have any problems, go to your hairdresser.
Allow no coloured cosmetics, such as bronzer, fake tan, or facial or body lotions, to come into touch with your hair, since this may alter the colour.

Easilocks Trade hair extension

Additional Points

Hair may shed naturally over time, which may alter the strands of your hair extensions. Any strands that do fall out can be redone; ask your in-salon professional for further information.
Consultations are available in all Rush Hair salons before the application of hair extensions; each need may change based on hair length and desired final result. If you'll be in the sunshine for a long period, cover your hair to avoid sun damage.
Remember, you may swim in an infinity pool, work out in your gorgeous trainers, or detox in a hot sauna. Continue to experiment with your hairstyles and, most importantly, look gorgeous at all times!

Easilocks Hair Extension trade

Products For Sale In Stores

These hair care items will improve aftercare and ensure you get the most out of your new locks. Easilocks offers a selection of homecare retail goods to be used with the in-salon treatment created and supplied by Easilocks. Their in-salon professionals can help you choose the items that are perfect for you. Only available for purchase in a few Rush Hair salons.

Availability And Prices


Easilocks services are priced differently depending on the volume of hair you require and the length you pick; tips and tapes services are priced accordingly. For further information, please contact our in-salon staff.
Only the salons listed below provide Easilocks treatments and retail items; click through for more information and to schedule a consultation. Only available at the Rush Hair establishments listed below. To talk with a member of our skilled staff and schedule a consultation, call your local salon. Before the entire service, a consultation must be scheduled.

How Do I Join Easilocks Trade And Login?

Go to https://easilockstrade.com/ and log in.
Sign up by clicking the sign up button.
Complete the form and submit it.

Trade Contacts For Easilocks

Please contact Easilocks using the details below:

Contact Address: 44 Orion Business Centre, Northwest Business Park, Ballycoolin, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Ireland.

Eircode: D15 X373

Telephone: UK +44 (0)8447 459555, Ireland +353 (0)1 899 1202

Dublin Office Opening Hours: Monday -Thursday: 9.30am - 5.30pm, Friday: 9.30am - 4pm

Returns: returns@easilocks.com

General Inquiries: info@easilocks.com

Training: training@easilocks.com

Collaborations: amyosullivan@easilocks.com
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