How To Make PUBG Mobile And Lite Play Without Lags In 1GB Or 2GB


 PUBG Mobile lite is another version of of the player unknown battlegrounds game producers and developers. Pubg Mobile lite is a game similar to Call of Duty.  The  other is also known as PUBG Mobile lite - is a lighter version of Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Mobile also known as PUBG Mobile that was made to play on lower RAM devices - 1gb Ram. 

PUBG Mobile happens to be larger in size as a result of higher and more graphics and resources than PUBG Mobile lite, and it is the reason it will require over 2gb RAM memory of any device. 

PUBG Mobile can be downloaded with 680mb of internet data, and will require a storage amount of 4gb ROM, while PUBG Mobile Lite can be downloaded with 560mb of internet data, and requires up to 2gb storage availability.  Pubg mobile download for pc is also common as users play pubg mobile on PC, but this article is more concerned with pubg apk for android.

PUBG Mobile lite, even if made for low RAM devices, still lags in performance especially if it's played on a balanced-high fps graphics on a 1gb RAM device. High graphics and fps usually reveals in total, all details in game. 

It makes it easier to see and recognize opponents from afar without being confused as part of a building or field. When things are easily recognized in games, it allows room for player to do well in game, thereby determining and accepting how good or bad his game play is. Apart from graphics causing unecessary lag in game, other things also contribute to bad performance in PUBG Mobile Lite game play in 1gb ram devices. 

better smooth graphics on pubg mobile lite game for low memory android devices.
A better smooth graphics on pubg mobile lite game for low memory android devices.

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Things That Contribute To Bad Performance In Pubg Mobile Lite Gameplay And What To Do To Get A Better Performance


PUBG Mobile lite has up to four graphics options for players to choose from: Smooth, Balanced, HD, and HDR. Unfortunately two is open for use; the smooth and the balanced. The fps, which is of three levels: Low, Medium, and High is also added next to the graphics settings to speed up and preserve the production of unique consecutive images for better view and gaming experience. 

Smooth-low fps graphics happens to be default graphics for PUBG Lite as it runs well on low ram devices, but the problem is that, the graphics are a little bit blur, and delays enemy or opponent recognition from far distance. Balanced-high fps graphics would be considered the best for low ram devices because it more easier to recognize opponents from afar than in smooth-low fps graphics, but for some devices things in games appears to be posterized - the details or properties of objects in games are not really clear. 

In this case, what you should do to get a good graphics experience amidst the ones mentioned is changing or allowing your graphics to be in SMOOTH, and the FPS should be in HIGH. This is better as it reduces lag performance, and allows room for easy recognition of objects - better than smooth-fps-low.

Smooth-fps'high vs Balanced-fps'low graphics in pubg mobile lite game.
Smooth-fps'high vs Balanced-fps'low graphics in pubg mobile lite game.

Microphones And Speakers

Microphones and speakers in the game allows room for players to communicate person to person. It's a feature that is very important, but in low memory devices, it contributes to poor performance by players. When your mic and speakers are turned on in the game, especially if there's so much conversation going on between players, low memory device finds it difficult to carry out, perfectly, the function of the mic and speakers thereby leading to lagging in in the game.

To put off the speakers and microphones off while in a match will allow room for better performance in the game. You can use them at the lobby when teaming up, but off them before matching or while in match.


PUBG Mobile Lite developers have resources they attach ti the game for better better performance. You should download the resources. Find it in downloads tab in settings, then download it. It will cost up to 192mb.

Pubg mobile lite game resources for good gaming performance.
Pubg mobile lite game resources for good gaming performance.

Background Running Apps In Device

Another thing that increases lag is the running of other apps in your device's background. Those apps will make use of part of the 1gb RAM, leaving pubg lite to struggle for some space to load resources for the game play. This therefore causes lag.

To avoid this, you can download any launcher that has freezer. Freezer is a feature that freezes or stops apps from running the RAM thereby allowing better foreground app use.

Internet Connectivity

Network connectivity also affects game performance. You should look for a good configuration settings for a good network connection. You should consider checking and making changes to your 'preferred network type' which usually, are of levels: 2g, 3g only, or 3g/2g auto etc. If you're using the default settings for 'preferred network type' which is 3g/2g auto, you should change it to 3g only or any other level of the network type that is higher. 

You should also consider trying some access points that will load the game resources more rapid than others and select it for use. 

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