How To Use Flickr For Business For Services Or Products Sales


 Flickr is a photo management platform built by Stewart Butterfield.  It is used for uploading, organizing, and sharing photos and videos. Flicker is not just a small photo storage service, It is also very useful for businesses to reach customers and to advertise their products and services.

You can have your Flickr account for free which allows you to upload 100MB of photos and two videos a month. You can also have a pro account with more tools but it will cost you $6.99 per month with monthly billing, $18.99 per three months, or $60 per year with annual billing.

How To Use Flickr For Business
Flickr for business

You can add Flickr to your business, it will benefit you by SEO. When your content is more liked, shared, and searched, it gets more popular and naturally, your business will get more exposure.


1. Use brand name as your Flickr account name
2. Use Flickr profile to advertise your brand
3. Upload quality photos of your products/services
4. Join groups and share your photos
5. Description for each photo
6. Take part in the Flickr community
7. Connect your Flickr account to other social media outlets.

1. Use Brand Name As Your Flickr Account Name

You should attach your screen name to every photo before uploading, and also on every message you post in a group discussion and everything you do on Flickr firstly attach your brand name. Let your screen name advertise your brand name. You tag and also give your website address which helps people to reach your website. 

2. Use Flickr Profile To Advertise Your Brand

When you log in to Flickr, it asks you to describe yourself. you should give your website name and address. You should describe your business here, but keep the sales pitch to a minimum. Instead, keep it light and informative. Making your brand logo your Flickr icon is also a good way to advertise your brand.

3. Upload Quality Photos Of Your Products/services

A car dealer, for example, might upload cars. An electronic store owner upload photos of Tv, Refrigerator, other product, etc. A caterer would upload photos of events he worked on — his staff, the food, the overall presentation, etc. A woodworker would upload photos of items he made, his workshop, etc.

4. Join Groups And Share Your Photos

like other social media platforms, there are also groups on Flickr on anything. If you run a bike shop, there are many groups about bikes. If you run a cosmetics store, there are many groups about cosmetics. These groups allow you to spread your business.

5. Description For Each Photo

You should write a unique description for every photo you upload and also use your company name. describe the photo very nicely, avoid hard-sell speak. You should add tags that are familiar to your product, photo, and business, also attach your website address in tags.

6. Take Part In The Flickr Community

Like most social media activity, the more you put into it, the more you will get exposure. If you Comment on other photos you like; it’s not entirely necessary these need to be related to your business. If you Add interesting and intriguing photos to your “Favorites” list others will be encouraged to follow you for more. you should take part in discussions in your groups (but try to avoid hard-sell tactics – users will see through this).
You should be aware of trends and groups to follow and be a part of.
If you do one of these things, your comment will show with your screen name and with your discussion posts, etc, and if your screen name is your brand name that’s free advertisement.

7. Connect Your Flickr Account To Other Social Media Outlets

When you connect your Flickr account t to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter gives exposure to your business. You can also post a blog directly from your Flickr account by just making a connection with your blogger service.

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