Anti-deppresive Drugs: Uses And Purchase of Tianeptine Nootropic


 In this article, you will learn about Tianeptine and where you can safely buy them. It doesn't matter if you want then delivered. What will matter most is your own little contribution that will help you get this drug with no complains. All you should do is meet medical professionals to run you some scans and prescribe you the drugs. 

I'm only making it simple for you to locate online sites where you can buy Tianeptine, and also let you know what I have gathered of the drug Tianeptine. Do well to be vigilant of the site you wish to buy the drug from. Your choice of  place to make the purchase is solely upon your own decision and so make use of a simple and easy accessible site for the purchase. You might also want to know of Stealth Detox though it's not in relationship to this.

What Is Tianeptine?

According to the knowledge I have gained in my research work, Tianeptine is a prescription drug that affects the brain  chemicals, and as a  result, affects the mood of the taker. Tianeptine is a nootropic drug known to be used for depression in some European countries and Asian countries and Latin American countries.

Where to buy Tianeptine

According to Wikipedia, Tianeptine was discovered by the French Society of Medical Research in the year 1960. Tianeptine is currently approved in France for use legally. It is marketed by some European countries by the trade name Coaxil, Tatinol and Sabnol for Asian  and Latin American countries. 

So, whenever or wherever you hear of the names Coaxil, Tatinol, and Stabnol, that is Tianeptine, the antidepressant drug. The drug is not approved by countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, 

Uses Of Tianeptine

  • Anti-deppresive disorder
  • Treatment of Parkinson's Disease
  • Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Treatment of ADHD - Attentive Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Tianeptine is also used for asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, and anxiety, but it is mainly an atypical antidepressant for depression treatment. Another function of Tianeptine is it's anti-convulsant and analgesic effects.

Tianeptine, when taken in some certain amount of doze or dozes have different effects to the drug taker. Hopefully, this drug can be of help to people who search the web on How To Kill Yourself.

How To Know A Real Tianeptine or How Is Tianeptine Like?

This will let you know few physical attributes of Tianeptine, which will help you know a real or legit Tianeptine drug. According to Getzonedup, Tianeptine Sodium is a soft or fluffy, white powder that tastes bitter with an unpleasant plastic aftertaste. 

Another Thing you use to tell a real Tianeptine is that is very hygroscopic. This means that Tianeptine can absorb moisture from the air very easily. It requires Pharmaceutical desiccant packets  to be added to a its jar to preserve its shelf life. The silica gel contained in the desiccant is even more so hygroscopic, and as a result, will draw moisture from tianeptine and the container faster than Tianeptine does. If the desiccant is not present where the Tianeptines are, it possibly can turn into a paste as learnt from Zonedup dot com. 

Apart from moisture, Tianeptine can all so degrade when close to contact with light and heat, as a result, Tianeptine is referred to as a sensitive salt by Getzonedup. For a proper keeping of the drug Tianeptine, it should be stored in a cool dark room with no air.

Does Tianeptine Have Side Effects?

The side effects of Tianeptine are so very minimal. It appears that Tianeptine uses are more than critical effects which are not totally concluded to be so by the experiments carried out by some institutions. Mainly, Tianeptine has anxiolytic effect, and the following are the other side effects:

Hepatotoxicity - Liver Damage

Withdrawal Symptoms after prolonged use


Where some drugs with euphoria effects - psychoactive substances like the Cardiovascular, Sedative, and anticholinergic  side effects, Tianeptine hasn't been recorded to have such effects.

Where To Buy Tianeptine

Where should you buy Tianeptine is a very important thing to consider since you're dealing with an ingestible substance. You could end up purchasing the wrong drug, or even purchase fake Tianeptine. There are so many spots on the internet or websites where you can purchase Tianeptine, but here I'm going to list few online spots which I believe are safe and trustable when it comes to originality of the drug and the delivery to your location. The list:

Buy Nootropics from new mind
Newmind Nootropics Dealers

New mind is a another online site which is possible to make purchases of Tianeptine, but it specializes most in selling of fine chemicals in which some of them can be used to manufacture the Tianeptine drug. Tianeptine sulphate, Tianeptine ethyl ester sulphate, Tianeptine sodium salt are the results I had after searching for the drug. Actually, before this site was listed here, it was among the list of sites that are similar to the other sites specializing in the sales of the Tianeptine drug.

Buy Tianeptine at
Nootropics Site For Purchase Of Tianeptine

By accessing this site, you can feel the realness when it comes to availability of Tianeptine and other similar drugs under the Nootropics. The site's homepage lists out some Nootropics which is available for purchase. assures you of premium Nootropics, cognitive enhancers, and  smart supplements. They also assure you of quality chemicals used in the production of the drug, for your health sake.

For purchases and delivery, assures all US buyers of free delivery after purchase of orders, $70 from their online store to their various locations. It also charges up to $200 for international purchases and delivery of Tianeptine.

Purchase tianeptine online
Nootropics And Anti-deppresive Drug Dealers also like seem to be authentic dealers on Nootropics and anti depressant drugs. As of 10th April 2022, the site is up and in good condition, and has a homepage that displays some drugs ready for purchase. boast about their customer service as one of the best in the around. It also assures buyers of quality testing of the drug by a Professional Lab. It also has fast shipment processes for orders.

Buy supplements online
Nootropicsdepot Dealers On Anti-depressant and Supplements

This is a promising site where you can buy nootropics and supplements. It assures it's buyers of drug or products safety as they have been tested. It has a free 2 day shipping to orders made of $50 and above made in and for the US, and free standard mail for international orders of $200 and above.

Online sites to buy tianeptine and supplements
Nootropics Noophound Website For Purchase Of Tianeptine

Noophound is another place you can buy Tianeptine, and other Nootropics. It also has other kinds of drugs listed for sale. The site seems to be easy and simple when it comes to its arrangements.

Safe Website to buy tianeptine from
Peaknootropics Online Dealers On Anti-depressants and Other Drugs can be used to purchase nootropic drugs like the Tianeptine. It also has other products available for sales.

Tianeptine manufacturing
Bionootropics Tianeptine Powder Manufacturers

Bionoltropics is also available for purchaces of Nootropics. They make a clear display of the powder form of the products they sell. You can possibly buy Tianeptine from there 

Other Online Website With Possible Information To Tianeptine

As of, April 10th, 2022, this store which has been known for sales of the Tianeptine drug, is said to be expired. This means you can't make purchase of the drug from the Tianeptine online store because their domain name has been expired. As seen, the site is also listed for sale, and has the characters in Russian language.

Uses of Tianeptine wholisticresearch
Nootropics Research Site

This site is bent of research work over the drug, Tianeptine. At it's homepage, you can find articles in relation to Nootropics.

What is Tianeptine
Wise powder tianeptine research

Wise powder manufacture drugs and supplements. They deal with Nootropics, Anti-aging products, Alzheimer's Disease, and supplements basically. In their website, it is more of a guide on the various products they deal with than a buy and sell website.

This site talks about the Tianeptine drugs. 

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