Best Horror PSP Games For Ppsspp Emulator To Download To Phone


 I once gathered a list of popular psp games which so many people around the world have played and still playing for a long time with their android phones, iOS phones, and PC - thanks to the ppsspp emulator made available, but this time, I'm specifying the horror ppsspp game roms with good actions, thrills, and awesome graphics and looks.

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In the popular ppsspp game article which i mentioned above, I didn't include links to where you could download those games, but I will add links to where you could download ppsspp games you can find on the list. 

If you have been looking for that opportunity to get links to make ppsspp games download, it's finally here in this article and others articles like this that will come later.

The ppsspp download for pc, and the ppsspp games for android download will be possible from here as you will be redirected with the image or text link to where you could download the ppsspp games you find and choose here.

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Why Play Horror Games?

Horror games are terrifying, and challenging. A pssp game that is challenging, and  with good graphics and game actions will get you addicted within days. The horror aspect of any game will make you reason what you would do should incase you experience such situations in real life.

Ppsspp Horror Games

I will be selecting the best of the ppsspp iso and cso psp games that contains horror actions in one mission or the other, or totally. Before then, I'm sure you know that you require the ppsspp app - the psp emulator in your phone, or pc which you want to play these with. If you have little children around you who are fund of games, you could get these games for them.

Hysteria Project 2

Psp emulator psp horror game

The game is played from a first-person perspective and has lots of motion video scenes to tell the game story.

The game begins when an unidentified man awakes in shed, where he has been tied up for reasons unknown. After managing to free himself, he begins to run through the woods surrounding the shed. Trying to find his way out of the woods, it came to his notice that the same man who is hooded, and had kept him under the shed which he had find himself is chasing him with an axe.

The running man seemed to have been in a comma as he found some tattoos on his arm still on his race off the woods, and he soon encountered what seemed like a black smoke crossing his path. He finds a land mine, throws it at the hooded man chasing him. The hooded man disappeared  after that.

It turned out that the man with a tattoo H, was involved with some scientific experiments in a lab with a mouse and nano machines.
From the little you have read about the game, you could tell how horrifying the game is. It sounds very interesting.
Download game ppsspp cso from the link image to get to safe sites to download the psp game directly.

Silent Hills Origin

Silent hills origins is a survival game, and it is horror. It was released worldwide in 2007 for playstation pprtable - PSP. 

The gameplay requires puzzle solution in oeder to unlock paths and information required needed by the game main character, Travis to achieve his aim of finding out about a a girl he saved from fire. The game is alos an action ppsspp game. It also requires combat and fights in order to survive the monsters that are in the town. This game is an open world game, you could explore the whole map.

Download game ppsspp cso from the link image to get to safe sites to download the psp game.

Resident Evil 4

Resident evol ppsspp game is a survival hprror hame, which you could even tell by the name.
In tue game, you fight to survivie and save people you're sent to. As the main game character which os Leon, you will be controlled bu an agency to rescue and calm situations. You will have access to guns and other deadly weapons to fight tye monsters that come your way for survival sake.
Download game ppsspp cso from the link image to get to safe sites to download the psp game.

3rd Birthday

3rd birthday was released in in 2010. 3rd birthday ppsspp game follows a Japanese Novel as told by wikipedia. 

The protagonist of the video psp game is, Aya. Aya happened to wake up unconscious, and was told to have amnesia. After that, Aya became part of a team that investigated the creatures that emerged from beneath Manhattan City. The creatures were all under the name, Twisted.

Aya happened to have some powers that made the thought of going back to past events inorder solve the Twisted problem that befell her city an achievable one. Another aim was to get her old memories and self back before the invasion of the creatures.
Aya will have to fight the monsters whichever way possible to achieve all her aims.

To download this game head to this site ucweb, and then scroll down to where you can see the purple highlights as seen in the immediate image below.

download this game head to this site ucweb,
It will download through your es file explorer

Shadow Of Destiny

This psp game is kind of old like others listed here, but has good storyline. It's about young man who died, and was resurrected by the same person who gave him a time traveling item. The young man dove into time to find out who his killers were, and why they had to kill him.

This game is also called Shadow Of Memories in some locations released to.

Download game ppsspp cso from the link image to get to safe sites to download the psp game.

Obscure The Aftermath

Obscure 2 psp game is a part of a horror game Obscure that was on ground in 2004. It os an after twp years continuation of the leafmore Incident where some students had to battle infected students and people monsters.
The infection came from a drug that was produced out of a strange flower. It began spreading out the game city map.

As the game characters, you will battle infected people who turned into monsters and zombies mutated. The story goes on and on as the only option isto stop a gamma organization responsible for more infection of the living.

Download game ppsspp cso from the link image to get to safe sites to download the psp game.

Dead To Rights - Reckoning

Dead to rights reckoning pssp game was released om 2005. It jas another part known a, Dead to rights Reckoning II.  It's an action thriller game that involves fights, shootings, and missions.
Download game ppsspp cso from the link image to get to safe sites to download the psp game.

Days Gone

Download Days Gone ppsspp rom for Android
Download ppsspp game Days Gone

Days gone psp game which you can download and play like any other psp game with the aid of  the psp emulator app is a horror thriller game. As the main character, you will use series of weapons and skills to fight and rescue people from hostile humans and monsters creatures.

In this game you can make use of vehicles as a medium for transportation around the game's map. As Deacon - the main game character, you will drive around with a motorcycle to achieve aims and accomplish missions.

Unfortunately, this game is not yet in iso format for use on ppsspp app emulators. Check back incase it's out. You could try Dead to Rights ppsspp game in it's place for now if you haven't before.

Urban Reign

Urban game is a multiplayer ppsspp game you could download. It is also a psp action game where you fight with opponents using different control functions for grapples, punches, magical power attacks, and more.
Download game ppsspp cso from the link image to get to safe sites to download the psp game.

Siphon Filter - Dark Mirror

If you like secret agents movies, this ppsspp game is for you. Logan and Xin who happen to be the main characters of the game. This game has pre versions which it continues. This psp game has an Ad hoc mode which means it could be played multiplayer. This ppspp game game could support up to 8 players in a single game. 

There are various modes of game play to choose to play. As long as you have your psp emulator app, ppspp iso file of the game, and the right settings for multiplayer, you are good to go.

The game size is: 3GB. Download game ppsspp cso from the link image to get to safe sites to download the psp game.

Manhunt 2

This is one of the games by the Rockstar Company. The sane company that produces Grand Theft Auto Games - GTA For android, xbox, and playstation. This game is a thriller ppsspp game to download. It's actions and missions are mostly performed at night. It involves fights, stealths, and gun battles. It also has some big time level of puzzle in it that allows you to progress with missions if solved. There are hostile agents and humans to battle with for survival sake. 

The game missions are always tough and challenges.

The gameplay begins in an asylum where people that seemed to have been normal woke up unconscious. Few of them, including the main game character tries and manages to escape from the place. They begin to find out what must have gotten them to that place while also fight and destroying the people that cross them.

The game size is: 1.6GB. Download game ppsspp cso from the link image to get to safe sites to download the psp game.

Conflict Global Terror

If you have played dessert storm game, or even tom clancy's ghost recon predator game, it might interest you to know that this psp game is similar to them. Army team of four are sent on missions, and each of them can be swapped and used for their special techniques and skills. 

The game size: 1.6GB. 

Download game ppsspp cso from the link image to get to safe sites to download the psp game.


This game requires battling with zombies, and saving the ones that are free of infections. As the game characters in this psp game, you will fight to defeat and clear the streets.
The game size is: 550MB

God Of War Ghost Of Sparta

Download God Of War Ghost of sparta ppsspp game
God Of War Ghost Of Sparta

This is a very well known for the beasts, monsters, and evil gods. The game contains magic of various kinds. God of war game itself is a horror game. As Kratos, the main game character, from the very beginning of the game, you are faced with ruthless beast and creatures, and have to fight to survive and achieve your goals.

Assassin's Creed Bloodlines

Download Assassin's Creed Bloodlines Ppsspp Game
Assassin's Creed Bloodlines Ppsspp Game

It may surprise you to hear that the assassin's Creed Bloodlines Ppsspp Game you know is a Horror Ppsspp Game. How come? Assassin's Creed Bloodlines PSP Game has lots of missions which the protagonist has to pass through Bosses servants to the Bosses themselves. 

I can assure you that the Bosses the protagonist, Altair fights are mostly monsters! Though the game is an action adventure game, it has lots of horror parts. An Example is the part where Altair had to fight a witch who would disappear and reappear to attack Altair. 

The witch has demonic looking claws which it uses to attack. It also summons it's evil servant to attack as well. Apart from the witch, there are other monster bosses the main game character lr the protagonist will jave to fight and conquer to get to the last of them all who happens to be, Armand Bouchart.

Beowulf PSP Horror Game

Download best psp game Beowulf
Download Beowulf PSP Game

Beowulf is an action ppsspp game where the main game character, or the protagonist, Beowulf is out to fight demons and monsters both in land and in water. It is one of psp killing games you will enjoy the story and actions as well.

If you have watched the Beowulf movie before, you could get a hint of about what to expect in this ppsspp action game.

To download Beowulf, The link will direct you straight to the page where you get to buy and download the psp Beowulf game is up there where you have the game's image and a blue link right beneath it. Download and enjoy. You could still download the game from emulatorgames if the link doesn't work.

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