See Where To Buy Zynga Poker Chips Cheap And Where You Should Not


 Do you wish to buy cheap Zynga poker chips to join or continue your money making fun on the online social game, Zynga Poker? You're welcome! In here, all that matters to us is giving you the best reply and solution to your question and problems, and giving you a list of few places you can buy cheap Zynga chips, and warning you of places or sites you should not buy poker chips from can't be a problem to us. 

Before you get to know of these places online where you can buy cheap Zynga poker chips, I'd like to let you know little things about the social game which you want to buy its chips.

Zynga Poker Game

Zynga Poker is an online poker game which is developed as an application for the social networking website, Facebook. The Zynga Poker game is also available and accessible for the various computer operating systems like the Android, Windows, and iOS. It's also available for other social networking websites like Myspace. 

Zynga Poker game was developed by the Zynga company. The game was released in July 2007, and according to Wikipedia, at 2011, it became the largest poker site in the world with 38 million players. Facebook Zynga poker game is an online social networking game that simulates the Hold'em Poker. 

Players can meet and play the game virtually in the game app. They can compete in different tables which they choose. There are casual tables, tables for tournaments, and VIP table. Competitors get have a place in the leaderboard where their chip rankings are compared. Lords Mobile Apk Game and it's alternatives are other android games you can play multiplayer too from your phone.

What Is A Poker Game?

A poker game is any of the various card games in which, after one or more rounds of dealing or showing cards, the player successively makes tactical bets or folds, with the bets forming a group to be taken by the sole remaining player, or finally rounds and bets were made by the remaining players who have a superior hand according to a standard hand ranking. 

It is a card game, and in the case Zynga Poker, it is an online or virtual card game for Facebook where players meet to play the game in Multiplayer mode.

Zynga Poker Chips

Where To Buy Cheap Zynga Poker Chips
Facebook Zynga Poker

Zynga poker chips is a virtual currency which you purchase from sellers or dealers of this chips. When you buy Facebook zynga poker chips whether cheap or not, it will be credited to your game's dashboard and will be available for you to make use of it in the game, as it is the fuel for the game. That's is one of the reasons being lucky to find where to buy zynga poker chips cheap is necessary. It will help cut off much spending on the chips.

Where To Buy Cheap Zynga Poker Chips

There are few places online where you can buy Facebook zynga poker chips cheap, but you should be well aware of the consequences of buying the chips from other places.

Zynga App

Zynga app is the most safest place you can buy zynga poker chips, though it might not be cheap. Zynga has made it clear that buying of the Zynga poker chips from other sites is a violation to the their Terms of Services. You could get your important information stolen, and Zynga can never be held responsible for any loss or uncomfortable situations you may encounter during or after purchase of Zynga poker chips from other sites.

Where To Not Buy Zynga Poker Chips

Two of the sites that seem to be real dealers on Zynga poker chips yet not customer satisfying is:


Abacigame is a website that has some conditions that should be kept in mind when purchasing Zynga poker chips. There are no returns or guarantees after purchase of the poker chips which is very risky. The chips they listed seemed very cheap. You could buy 1 billion zynga poker chips for $0.34. There are buttons to increase the amount of chips incase you would want to order 2B chips for $0.68 .

After running a quick research on Abacigame, the comments people made concerning it didn't approve the site for safe purchase Zynga poker chips. In a review site I ran across, people revealed of buying zynga poker chips from this site, and wasn't delivered. They made payments, but the site didn't send the chips to the designated zynga accounts that the buyers used for the purchase.

Though Abacigame made it clear that it can take long for purchased zynga poker chips to arrive customers' Zynga poker game dashboard, it took longer and still no affirmation from the buyers of receiving the chips they were debited. A lot of others said it's scam. 

I didn't manage to find positive comments about the website, but the rating given to it was 30/100. 100 would have been an okay, green light, proceed, very safe, but 30 shows that the site has long way to go before it can be trusted for purchase of zynga poker chips whether for cheap prices or not.


Momschips sell in large quantities, Zynga poker chips which is a little bit cheaper than the Zynga app. Momschips happens to have good rating. After running a quick study on the site, I learnt from very few comments from people who prove to have had a successful trade for Facebook Zynga poker chips that the trading was successful. After Payments for the Facebook Zynga poker chips at momschips , the customer confirmed credit of poker chips to her Facebook Zynga account.

Scamadvisor rates the website 74/100, but scamvoid rates it high for not being blacklisted, and then rates it so very low for WOT. WOT is the feed back gotten from web visitors regarding the trustworthiness of a website. It rates it 2/100. This means it is not close to being safe. So it's better you avoid going into a deal over there.

The thing you should note about buying zynga poker chips from momschips is that their payment platform does not support lots of countries. Americans can definitely make successful purchase of Facebook Zynga poker chips from the site, but might not be the same case for countries in Africa.

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