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   In this article, you will get to learn about:

What It Takes To Make And Write A Good Blog For Earning 

Blog Traffic - Blog Keywords, Blog Backlinks + Organic Traffic And Blog Promotions

How You Can Begin, Create. or Make Your Own Blog With Little Amount Of Money

How To Check Blog Traffic And Website Traffic Stats Checkers.

They will be thoroughly explained to your understanding. I recommend you to carefully read through the article from the beginning at first before going through it the second time while you carry out the practicals step by step. Do well to bookmark this site so that you can always come back to cross check on your progress with each of the stages involved in blogging as laid out here.

What It Takes To Have A Good Accessible And Functioning Website 

Blogging requires so much, we know, but when it comes to successful blogging and earning, good and quality blog contents and ranking in search engines is a must!

First I'll layout some important steps to writing a good blog content that will rank in google search. Yes, your blog articles should rank on search engine in order for people to click and get the information you share in your blog.

blogger writing a blogspot blog
A blogger writing a blogspot blog

Making money in blogging depends mainly on how you rank on search engines, but don't get me wrong. There are other ways you can get money through blogging, and they usually through the aid of social media apps and websites.

Whether you have ranked or not, what will always matter is your content. Your blog posts must be original, informing, and well written. And if you do not want to have problem earning from ads networks like AdSense, you will avoid copying other people's content. Be original, write your own articles.

Read down to learn how to check and improve your website traffic with website traffic checker and seo tool. 

Writing A Blog That Can Rank

When writing any blog post there are things you should consider. The main things should never be neglected, because they are what makes up a good blog post. What are the main things to be considered when writing a blog that should rank?


I will explain so much and in details about KEYWORDS below on, you will definitely go through it as you read down. That's why you really have to take your time. This article article is really a long one. Yes it is because it trues to include all you beed to know and do for your blog to come to success and standard you need.

Blog Keywords are important just as you can see from the post link (if you have read). 

You will have head over to Google and key in the exact keyword term you want to write about. Search your keywords and apply them to your blog posts. 

Encourage And Challenge Yourself:

Open about 2-5 different posts in a new tab. What I mean by this is that, you should make sure you are able to write two to five different posts on your current blog niche.

There is just one difficult thing in blogging, and it is content creating or posts creation. How to write blog posts is a very challenging thing. Not just that, how to get blog posts is even more challenging because if you're not careful, you could end up paying a huge sum of money as fine, or even end up losing your blog to copyrighting. So, you will really need to encourage yourself when it comes to writing. If you can't write well, I'm sorry to say this, blogging won't cooperate with you in terms of making money from writing blog.

Fill Up Your Vocabulary:

Read as much as you can to get better in writing. This is exactly what you need to create great blog article. You need to learn and experience so much in order to be fit in your expression and grammar.

When you have gotten sufficient knowledge on what to cover for your blog, blogging may begin to seem easy. You will have to master blogging writing techniques, which I must say, "takes time".


Check and cross-check your writing to avoid plagiarism in your blog. Check for mistakes in your blog posts and make edits where necessary.

You should always ensure to cover all the points referenced in all the article you read. Back up your facts and credits.

Proofread your blog articles before you publish it.


Find out what somethings in your content that is lacking, which you can cover in your article to make it outstanding and unique. 

This can be Infographics or video that is missing in your article. Ensure to add something unique to your article.

If you've been checking, you'd realise that some bloggers lack Infographics, short video, and some other stuffs to cover in their blog post. 

If you can cover all the Semrush features; Including creating a unique infographics and videos.

You can use "Semrush" to conduct a thorough keyword research.

You can use "Jarvis AI" to craft content ideas.


To rank content for search proper keyword research and analysis has to be carried out.

Ranking for a keyword in organic search is a repeatable process. You won’t get the results you want 100% of the time, especially if you’re a new website trying to rank for a popular keyword, but if you take content marketing and SEO seriously, you can start to make things happen. Things like rankings, and traffic, and sales.

This ranking technique I'm about to share can work for you, remember there is no single approach to an SEO campaign.

Step 1 - Intension: 

Know the intent for the keyword being searched for; is it to make sales or to find more on the topic. The intent of the keyword will give you a blueprint on what to write about.

The more specific the keyword - whether long or short-tail keywords, the easier it is to gauge the searcher’s intent, and the easier it will be to serve up what those searchers are probably looking for. In search marketing, “intent” is our best guess at what the person using the search query really wants. Consider the following keywords:

Land banking investment


Land banking investment in Nigeria


Land banking investment plan

Ask yourself what type of content best serves these keywords? In this case, it will be informational content, but this might vary based on the type of industry you operate in.

Step 2 - keyword optimization:

Leverage those keywords where you can in your content, but not to the point where your blog posts become complicated. There are various  places for keywords, and I’m not talking about using white text on a white background or anything else that violates Google guidelines.

Things like image file names which users may not really focus on if they’re not looking for them, but they can increase your keyword rankings.

Before you publish, it’s a good idea to check your keyword research. It’s possible that your content has evolved during the development and creation phases, and you’ll need to make sure that there’s still alignment between keyword and content.

Step 3 - Promotion:

There are many ways to promote content, it can be through sending it via your email subscribers, running a paid ad campaign, or sharing it via social media. In this case, you might want to promote that keyword you want to rank for via the email subscribers. If you  have gathered 10K + subscribers then that is a plus to your traffic aside ranking on google.

You shouldn't expect everyone to open the email though, but the buzz for that keyword is the subscribers sharing it on their various social media platforms. When the buzz become  too much you will have to post it on social media.

There are more ways to rank a keyword in google, If missed some, I'd like to know your approach to rank a keyword in Bing or other search in the comment section

What are Keywords?

How to apply it to my blog and rank on Google? These are questions newbie bloggers ask most once they hear of it.

How to apply it to my blog and rank on Google?
Searching and Arranging Keywords

Keywords are words, important words that get people searching for them everywhere on the internet search engines.

Your website hasn't ranked on google and you wonder, why? Oh you didn't understand the word "rank" as you've just read past? Your website hasn't been appearing on the first 10 pages of the Google Search Engine, and you wonder, why? Keywords!

Is how to get organic traffic your problem? Why not try keywords that rocks on line?Organic traffic comes from it.

Keywords are just what your blog requires. After writing and posting unique contents to your blog, it feels like they ain't that important to people. Yes, it happens, especially to people who are new to blogging.

If you are new to blogging, there are actually a lot of things you should have known before even starting to blog. Oh, you started the blog and made up your mind to learn and do at the same time? It's not a problem at all, but what matters is knowing the right thing to do in blogging. Take time to read about all the things you should know as a new blogger from this long blogging article guide.  

Note: Backlinks Are Also Necessary In Blogging You can Learn Of It From This Same Article.

How Does Keywords Actually Work?

Keywords is regarded as a term used in digital marketing to describe a word or a group of words an Internet user uses to perform a search in a search engine or search bar. 

In Search Engine Optimization, SEO keywords are very important and should be the core of any copy written for the web. Keywords should be present in the blog contents, titles, and SEO elements.

An example is you trying to search for something and you saw words or phrases, clauses or sentences pop up or drop down. Those words are keywords from blogs. They are the Search Engine focus on, and they're what people search frequently on the internet.

How To Apply And Work With Keywords On Your Blog.

Applying keywords to your posts requires certain formats which you should be careful about, but first of all learn how to get keywords.

A pro blogger once suggested to me to do the following thing I'll be putting down after this, as it is what most creators have been using.

The blogger suggested searching Google and typing "keywords everywhere", download the extension to the Google Chrome browser you want to use to do the keywords research. It is a very good, and also a free tool for keywords research. This is for people who use laptop to blog. It's only in laptops and other capable tablets that you could download and use an extension in the browser, Chrome.

With this tool, you can easily Know what people search most, how many times the words that make up keywords have been searched for, the particular keywords that are being searched, and how people had arranged their sentences while making the searches.

It was also recommended to YouTubers, because it can easily tell you the keywords your competitors are using to rank their video. In fact, It exposes all the search tags your competitor had used on a video. 

After download the extension to your chrome, get your pen or paper or notepad or sticky note or Microsoft word document if you wish to do it the hard copy style, and go back to your Google search, type what your article is all about, once the results come, the keywords everywhere extension would reveal by the right side how people had made different searches on what you tried to search for. 

Pick about five and copy to your notebook or notepad, preferably three-word keywords or four-word. Going keywords that have has low keywords search volumes. If you see those that are with the impressions of 10,000 and above, skip them because they are for the pro bloggers and go for the ones whose volume is 1000 and below so that you can be able to rank on those keywords.

Step By Step Ways Of Adding Keywords To Your Blog Posts Are:

There are various ways I could add keywords in your article to make it rank.

First, you start by editing your article at the backend and start inviting or adding those keywords. How do you do that?


Start with your title, find a way to fit in any of those keywords as they are in your title.

First Paragraph

Another place is the first paragraph, find a way and also fit in another keyword just as you pasted them to your notepad.

Last Paragraph

Another place is the last paragraph, you can also do that in the middle of your article but you try as much as you can not to put in your posts too many keywords, you may end up degrading your blog unknowingly.

Mistakes Bloggers Make While Chasing Keywords And What's Good To Do


People do copy other people's blog posts so as to rank on google which is actually not worth it. Even if you want to copy someone else work, you should try your possible best to edit every line in that article just to be free from plagiarism. 

Just imagine searching for something on Google, then you click on the first results to copy their contents word for word because a friend suggested you work with keywords. You copied the work completely from the blog inorder to invite the same keywords to your website. You expect Google to rank yours before or after the blog you copied.

What you don't when you do this is that Google algorithm will always recognize duplicates and hide one except your website has received some level of white hat SEO from the Lord of SEO. Why it happens that way is because Google algorithm wouldn't count it as duplicate.

Unrelated Article Parts

Note that when choosing keywords to use, ensure that those keywords are related to your content else, you stand the chances of increase your blogsite bounce rate as people wouldn't spend enough time on the post since it's providing unrelated messages to them. And this will affect your ranking as well.

Other Tools You Could Use For Keyword Research


Google keyword Planner




Ubersuggest etc

Final Words Of Advice On Keywords

For those who write from scratch but never see traffics, try and make sure that what you write is really what people want and do search for and not what you want. Attach keywords research to your hobby except you've got an active social media page where you can promote your blog posts. 

SEO is that one innocent thing that can change your life and future generation, and keywords are part of it. Infact the major part for organic traffic. Do it right and you would smile. If you can't do it, learn it. And if you can't learn it, then hire an SEO specialist. Persistence, is necessary in this hobby.

How To Create A Profitable Website For Yourself With Little Startup Capital 

How to create a website/blog and start a profitable niche blog in Nigeria and set up a full website of just 14,500 with 2 addon domains with access to Cpanel. I know many people have asked how to create a blog or Do you know that you can create a fully functional website and make money online with your smartphone or laptop? How to set up a working website with only $31 (14500). How can this be done? 

I know that as a Nigerian blogger you might feel frustrated trying to get into the blogging industry, because you don't know how to go about it. In this article I have written below how to access and make a successful creation alongside other helping link pages. I know it will take you more time to read, but for your own good and benefit, imagine doing it all without hiring a website developer while hosting your blog or website.

You may be wondering which of the Blogging platform this article is particularly about. Is it WordPress or Blogger? This article deals particularly on building a website or blog with WordPress, but from Namecheap. Follow it up to see how you can start a blog with less amount of money.

Though this article has them all covered, I must let you know the basic needs required to start a profitable blog profession before the actual steps to start a blog:
  • You should be a good writer, and careful in the application of optimized contents in your writings, because there are some mistakes, especially in keywords you should avoid.
  • You will need a good smart phone with access to the internet.
  • You will need money, because blogging is somewhat a kind of business you have to invest into.
  • See more things you should know about blogging and earning
  • You might want to start by writing for a blog, before starting your blog with total understanding, speed, and success in making money and also passing useful information to the people in need .
  • You should also be able to control your Blog's contents display in the search engine. You should be able to take down previously published contents which you don't want it to keep staying in the google search page.
  • You will want to know how get website traffic and visitors to your website or blog using means that are also in relation to your article optimization as mentioned on the top of this list.
  • You should be able to monitor your Blog's performance from time to time to know how much you miss and gain.
  • Finally, you will have to know how to get your blog monetized with the popular monetization company, Google Adsense. Or, you could monetize your blog with other Adsense Alternatives.

Full Featured Website/Blog 

You can create your own website or blog for as little as $31 (#14500) including hosting and domain with full Cpanel access and the ability to build two domains and  more. 

You can also add to your cpanel and install wp on all three domains in your cpanel. Yes, you heard that right, with up to 14500 ($31) you can get access to create a website with Namecheap Stellar Hosting that comes with the benefits of shared hosting including Unlimited bandwidth, Free website builder, Domain name and privacy protection, Free automatic SSL installation, Free Supersonic CDNFree website migration within 24 hours. 

This excellent hosting from Namecheap gives you access to the following... Domain Name, 3 websites (possibility to host 2 or more websites) 20 GB of storage space Free.

It's hard to make purchase of domain names and hosting in Nigeria, but you could do that with CashEx.

Cheapest Hosting Company To Buy Domain And Hosting 

Like I said before, there are no other places I buy domains or hosting except Namecheap. I have bought more than 200 domains from them for the services they offer to people. For example Namecheap sells domains as low as 4500 while for example Domainking and other platforms from Nigeria sell domains at cost price of 7000 per domain and even with that their hosting is no way for the common man so why not go for namecheap and get a domain and hosting with everything for $31? (14500). I know it sounds a bit pricey but this gives you access to your panel and all for a total of 1 year. 

You can't afford Contabo vps hosting while for those looking for niche blogs I would recommend namecheap, they are reliable and quick on customer service.But recently they had problems with customer representatives who responded too late because most of their employees were Ukrainians.

How To Install Wordpress Blog Softaculous

How to start a blog with WordPress
WordPress Blogging App

Once you have paid for a hosting and a domain, every single hosting company will immediately send your cpanel logs to your email from where you can do it. So how can you install the Softcaulous WordPress blog? This is one of the easiest homework you can do so far, you can read ABC in your elementary schools...

How do I install the wp softaculous installer now? No big deal, the first thing you need to do is login to the cpanel control panel, scroll down the page and you will find the WordPress app installer. From there you will see WordPress and others click on it and you will see an option to install quick or custom WordPress.

How To Submit Your Website To The Search Console After Wordpress Installation

Once you have a good theme installed, navigate to Plugins and install these Insert Headers and Footers plugins as you may not have any programming skills. Then go to the Google search console. If you don't have the URL, search Google for the search console. Once you are in the search console area and logged in with your Gmail account, you will see an option to verify your site using the root domain. Instead select the prefix options and add your website using these https options you will now see a
page asking you to select the method to use. 

To verify your domain, select the HTML tag as you can't program, copy the code and go back to your blog and paste it in (insert header and footer) that I already told you about here told. Then go back to the Search Console and click on “Check with HTML tag”.

How To Index Your Website Fast

There is no faster way although many people have their methods of quick indexing in Google but the first thing you need to do is allow Google to index your content. This takes 12 weeks to fully index your site after using the Search Console to submit your site. You can learn more about using of site maps to index your articles, and how you can also remove articles you don't want to appear in Google page from a link which i jave pasted above.

How To Get Adsense Approval/monetization

Sometimes getting approved for AdSense is every blogger's dream, but AdSense isn't the bus stop.There are other well paying advertising networks in the world like Propeller Ads, Adsterra, Ezoic, Jubna, Media Net, HBagency and the others.
But why do people keep coming back for Google AdSense? That's because it's one of the easiest ad networks that can make you rich quick and make you drink garri for days and equally sends you back to your village after you've invested anything and everything into your blog. 

So how can you get approved for AdSense? There are many ways to do this. By using discarded content the chances of getting approved are slim, it's another thing to write unique content, have proper pages like Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimer, DMCA, About Us. 

While looking for Adsense approval, look for educational niches, tech niches like howto and sign up, another is religion, they get approved quicker. If you don't know how to write unique content, there are platforms like Quillbot, you can use the premium version to rewrite your content, edit heavy statements and the rest manually and also make sure your content is more than 1500 Words total or 2000. 

With more than 35 articles, you have a great chance of getting approved. A Blogger has once confirmed of having 15 AdSense approvals, including one with a branded domain. He concluded that he is still getting approvals as he would want. You can get quick approval by requesting Always Easy US ads once Google has sent your payment via bank transfer. So why pay people when it's what you can do yourself.

How Many Clicks On Your Blog Can Earn You $100 In AdSense?

 A lot of newbie bloggers who have heard and know of AdSense have been displaying series of curiosity. They want to know how much they could earn by creating useful contents to readers. They ask questions like:

How much can a beginner make from a blog? Can a blogger earn a good living from blogging. How many blog clicks can earn a blogger $100?

Adsense Earnings Dashboard
Earnings Dashboard

A blogger can make so much money from his blog. It doesn't matter if you are new to blogging or not. A blogger can earn a living a good living through blogging, but it's always dependent upon who does it, and how he or she does it.

Someone once asked a professional blogger that question and ended up being shocked by the pro blogger's reply. He was even in doubt as he knew how Clicks Per Impression, CPM works. In CPM, bloggers require at least 1000 impression to earn a dollar or $2. What did the pro blogger tell him? The pro blogger told him that 150 clicks alone could give him up to $100. The pro blogger even had to snap his earnings dashboard to prove it. Below are the pictures the blogger provided.

Earning money from Adsense
85 clicks gives $82

How many ads clicks gives $100
909 clicks gives $620

Making money in blogging
333 clicks gives $224

What You Should Know Concerning Making Money From Blogging.

Asking how many clicks could give him $100 daily on adsense, wasn't a bad question at all, but one thing you should note in blogging is that you could achieve or earn as much as you want provided you have the blogging skill, blogging, and patience.

Actually, blogging isn't just about having an entertainment, news, and gossips websites. It's not even about your monetization tool or ad network. Understanding, writing skill, and passion is what blogging requires. You need to understand blogging inside out or have at least 60% understanding as to how blogging works, including monetization.

The amount of money you could make through blogging can be limitless.

What Are Those Things A Blogger Can Do To Keep His Or Her Blog In Good Earning Condition?

There are two main things to consider when it comes to making your blog earn you so much money. They're Niche and Investment.

Niches - Create a website and follow a particular niche you wish to, but make sure the niche is valuable and with quality content. When you are  building a website, you should have a niche in your mind which you have to  build your website to fit. Creating a website to fit with your niche requires creativity. 

It's not about searching "how to build a website" that matters. What matters is how easily accessible it is, and how structured it is to meet your visitors' taste. Monetize your blog  after you have finished setting this things to meet the <ads network> standard.

You should also consider "keywords" alongside your kind of nich. Keywords are words that make your entire contents valuable to readers. If you need more explanation on blog keywords, click and read the following link in blue. It will explain everything blogger needs to know about keywords.

Investments - Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could. If you wish to gain from blogging, you have to invest in it. Earning from blogging without spending money or great time can never be possible. If you want to earn from blogging, you have to treat it as a business. Putting in all the resources which definitely includes capital and labour, you can consider blogging as a business investment.

People ask if one can do blogging as a part time job

Of course, blogging can be a partime job to people who are capable of handling. When you are handling blogging as a side hustle, make you should make sure you handle it like you would handle any other offline business you do, because blogging had turned out to be a an online business. 

Why you won't make big money from blogging is that you don't treat blogging as business, you see it as just some side hustle which you could do haphazardly and expect profits. That's why you can't earn much money from it. If you are blogging mainly for money, you should always look for what or where brings the most money to your blog and hit that point with all amount of seriousness.

Areas In Blogging You Should Invest In.

There are people in this country  that collect up to $50,000 monthly from Google Adsense. Yes! Monthly. What do they do to get such amount of money? They invest! They treat their blogs as pure business and they invest heavily into it, because a good businessman does what is  necessary to grow his business not what is convenient or easy. Richest bloggers around the world have that business or entrepreneurship characteristics.

So, successful bloggers don't do or do these:

  • They don't wait for free advice up and down, they put money into research and even hire researchers. Yes, browsing, reading, and watching video tutorials.
  • They are not waiting for free seo tools only
  • They use paid tools too.
  • They’re not waiting for free blog designs, 
  • Free hosting or Nigerian hosts, 
  • Free theme and free templates,
  • Free backlinks or free traffic
  • They’re certainly not looking for free mentorship from one inbox to another.
  • They identify areas that they need to improve on to make all the difference in their blogging business and they work on it with diligence.

Cardinal Lessons You Should Learn 

There things that seem impossible in blogging, but actually possible.

Start small, keep growing, research well and never believe anything is impossible in blogging.

So, if your blog has capacity to give you up to 20 million Naira monthly, why are you playing with it?

Examine what you are doing today with your blog, ask yourself if it's truly how to treat a business.

If you don't take your business seriously, it can never deliver good results.

I wish you as much success as you're willing to work for it.

Blogging monetization
Adsense Earnings

How To Get Website Traffic Or Blog Traffic From Social Platforms

    Bloggers who earn from their blog wouldn't be doing so if not for traffic to their website.

See how to start a profitable blog on wordpress if you don't won a blog already.

What Is Traffic In Blogging?

Website traffic are the numbers of visitors who visit and keep visiting your website or blog. In other words, traffic are internet or web users who are searching for some answers to their questions or realizing the truth to their curiosity. 

These internet users who are responsible for the internet traffic could stumble on the answer you have in your blog link which appears somewhere in a position in the search engine such as, Google Search Page. 

The visit by the web and  blog visitors usually comes in bulk. Over 200 or more visitors could click and read from your blog link per day; That's actually what traffic is like, and is usually read with a console such as the Google search console.

How to check and improve your website Traffic statistics matters a lot, and I hope you are carefully following it up. 

How To get much traffic visitors to your blog
Check website Traffic

Ways Bloggers Use To Drive Traffic To Their Blogs. 

How do you bring traffic to your blog? How to get readers for my blog is one of the questions usually asked by bloggers who haven't been actually having authentic and sufficient blog readers. Internet traffic to websites or blogs could come from different spaces, and like I said earlier, there are ways to get readers in traffic form, and you will find them as down as you keeping reading. 

Means You Could Use To Get Website Visitors.  

Interview Posts: 

You may want to talk, record, and write down things you want to learn from an expert blogger. The recorded video and article you could make from what the expert blogger had said and explained. This method is usually called guest post as you will be writing about a pro blogger and the blog he manages. 

After you're done conducting the interviews with experts in your niche. You can ask them to share it with their audience after you have posted or published it on your. There, you can attract new and relevant audiences to your niche. It is also known as guest post.  It's also a way to get Backlinks to your blog.

Guest blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website. 

In this website traffic driving strategy, you will have to create and publish a blog post on websites or blogs that are similar to yours in terms of of Niche and contents. You will benefit by tapping into the traffic of the host blog which you published your post on. That's why you have to choose the website you make guest post on for their traffic. 

The amount of traffic they have determines the amount of web traffic that will hit your blog. If they have less traffic, definitely i say unto thee, thine traffic will be less as chaff.

Network With Other Bloggers 

Depending on your blog niche, you should work with other blogs in the same blogging niche as you. You will be write guest posts, Leaving blog comment,get in touch with them on social media, Email and have meaningful conversations regularly. Networking with other bloggers is the one of the best way to draw more traffic to your blogs.

Ads Investments:

Blogging as explained above is like a business. If you want to gain profitably from blogging, you will have to invest. You need capital to succeed in blogging business. Now, you will have to get people to know your blog through various social media special information spreading function. This social media platform will bring visitors to your blog. 

How Do You Bring Visitors To Your Blog Through Social Media? 

Invest in Facebook/Instagram ads. If you want quick results and looking to build your blog audience faster, you should invest in Facebook ads, Google ads and other ads sites and advertising companies available. You will have to pay for the advert through the payment medium available. 

Apart from paying for ads you can also share your blog posts in facebook groups to get traffic. Find and be active in Facebook groups. If you’re new to blogging and looking to build an audience from scratch, you should try Facebook groups. No matter what niche you are in, you can find a ton of groups to engage with audiences.

Traffic From Quora:

Qurora is also a social media platform like Facebook and Instagram where you could get blog readers, but quora has a little difference from facebook and other social media apps.  Quora is a website that was built to specifically answer questions. To generate more views to your blog, you will have to reply questions asked by people with the articles or post or videos you had written or made already to answer the same or similar question.

Create Good Blog Posts: 

People get to visit your website when you have what to offer them. Your blog contents should be important to people who are in need of it. Yes, your contents must be relevant to readers. Relevant contents are known to push blogs up higher than other SEO strategies. But how do you create relevant content for your blog?

There are few techniques to writing relevant blog post to increase your website traffic. They are:

  1. Have your  audience in mind: Before you begin a website or begin bloggin, there are some groups of people you wish to target with the contents you will have to be creating. You will need to check on the things that are relevant to them, and then try to give them those things when you create your blog contents. You will have to gather a lot of information concerning what to write abiut in your blog. How do you get contents for your blog audiences? Observe your audiences! Your blog information should be better than what is available already.
  2. Searchers' wants: Apart from the queries users make, you should find out what actually a user wants in the content you provide in your website.
  3. Analyze your competitors' work: Your competitors might be help you figure some things that you should do and shouldn't do in your blog in order to drive traffic to your blog. Analysis of your competitors work could push your blog to success. Your contents should be an in-depth content. And try to make your blog contents timely and valuable to your audiences.
  4. Keyword research: Conduct blog keywords research to find most used queries by users in the search engine. You would want to use low to medium competitive keywords. Keywords will allow way for traffic into your blog. Your blogging success is most likely dependent upon it.

Here is how to do it:

So let's take for example, you saw a question on quora and it says "How to create a blog" How would you answer it? You will reply the question with a hintful answer and at the end of your answer you will add your blog link. If you do it that way you will not get enough views on your blog. The link to your blog is where people who are interested in your answers will click to visit your blog to read and know more. That's why your articles must be original.

Skills You Can Use To Drive So Much Traffic To Your Blog From Quora

  1. Answer questions using photos. Photos attract people's attention than just writing the answers down on quora. This method of driving visitors to your blog from quora is a very effective one. 
  2. Adding your blog link directly on quora won't generate you any clicks. Before you add photos to your question, you should add some words like "continue reading or view more" after some hintful texts. The link to your blog should highlighted for attraction. If a visitor clicks on continue reading it's going to redirect the blog visitor to your blog.
  3. Avoid Getting Your Post Deleted. people do complain about quora deleting their answer. The reason your post on quora gets deleted is that, when you answer questions on quora space, the admin of that quora space can edit or delete your answer. So you should not answer questions on quora space. If still want to answer with suggestions, don't add your blog link.

Another reason your post may get deleted is when you answer questions with photos that is not related to the question. You should make sure the answer you write on quora is related to the question if not the admins of quora company will delete it.

What Is The Major Country That Quora Traffic Comes From ? 

There are so many countries you could get readers from, only if your content matches their needs or wants.

Google analytics
Viewing Blog Visitors

Organic Traffic

Organic searches to your blog has never been easy to achieve as they depend solely on what is trending.

Read And Apply What You Learn From How To Get Quick Organic Traffic.

Backlinking For Organic Traffic 

 You may have heard from somewhere, especially if you follow a blogging group in any social media app about what backlink could do for your website or blog, but not understand it all. This article will carefully talk about the important things you need to know about backlinks in order to make effective use of them for better performance of your website, especially, Business website. You will also get the definition of backlink as well as knowing how to build back links. You will know of the kind of backlinks that exists.

Wait, do you have a website already? If you don't, I hope you now know how to, because the steps have been listed here. 

From this article, you will be recommended the good places where you could generate quality backlink for your blog or website, best backlink practice for your website high ranking, and you will also be recommended good backlink checker for your website, but before then, what is backlink?

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are website's and webpages' links attached to a particular website or web page that allows room for visits to pages the links are are generated from. Backlinks are highly regarded by search engines for better performance of a site and on the search engine.

With Backlinks, your business can sale faster as your website will be ranked up for more visits and purchase.

You may still not get what I mean, let me explain deeper. 

What is a backlink?

Your friend has a website, and you have a post or an article in your website which you need the people who view your friend's website to see it too, you now copy that your post link and with your friend's permission, he or she puts the link in his or her blog. That your website link or blog link in your friends website is a backlink to you. I'm sure you now understand what a back link is.

What Do Backlinks Do For Your Website?

Have you heard of Search Engine Optimization before? I mean, SEO? Backlinks is one of the things that optimizes a website's performance for more visibility and accessibility by users or visitors. It is one of the strategies in SEO that is used for better website traffic performance. 

Why Are Backlinks Important?

The following questions and answers will let you know why backlinks are important to your site.

What do I have to do to make my site rank for more web traffic?

Backlinks! Backclinks!

What should I do for search console to index my blog post fast?

Backlinks! You may not have known that, but actually back link can make your blog post and articles to be indexed quickly by search consoles.

How can I increase my URL Rating and Domain Authority?

Through backlinks of course! Backlinks does most of the work here.

How Do You Build Backlink?

There are many ways to building backlinks. The most effective ways of backlink building are:

  • Auto - Backlinks
  • Backlink Exchange
  • Backlink Buying
  • Guest Posting

Auto Backlinks

Auto back links, sometimes known as natural backlinks are backlinks to your website that does not require exchange or purchase. It occurs when other websites find contents in your website that is valuable and similar to their niche. These websites now put up your website link to their site, and it becomes a backlink to you!

Backlinks Exchange

As I used above in the explanation of backlink, you can build backlinks to your site by exchanging links with friends who blog as well. Your friend will add your link to his website, and you will do the same. Your links in your friend's blog will point to your blog directly, yours will do same. 

The process being an 'exchange' doesn't really make it necessary. You friend might not want backlink from your website, but could still generate back link for you on other terms and agreement.

Backlinks Purchase

There are a lot of stores that sell backlinks to website owners. If you need a back link to your site, you will have to pay for it or them depending on how much you need. Some SEOstores sell them like backlinko. In this stores, backlinks will be generated for your website, linking them to various sites which your budget meets up with.

Like an online store, where there are similar products but with different pieces is a store that carry out sales of backlinks. You will have to consider backlink quality and backlinks quantity for your website for better and desires functionality.

Guest Posting

Building backlink through this method is similar to backlink exchange, but still different because the host of the blog or website you want to put your blog link has to put up an article to link your blog article and it's link for quick readership and visitors for your blog. 

Backlink Types

Backlinks have two main types, and they will also determine how far your blog ranks in SERPS. The two main types of backlinks are:

  • Do-Follow Backlinks
  • No-Follow Backlinks

What Are Do Follow Backlink?

Do follow backlinks are links that opens directly from the website it is attached to without putting you through a refer screen before getting to the destinated link page. A backlink that is do follow, is added to a host website will use the do-follow link attribute to direct users to your website.

Dofollow backlinks are considered very to be very effective when it comes to ranking your website on the search engine. It is recommended by Google to bloggers and their blogs for appropriate pagerank.

What Are No-Follow Backlinks?

No follow backlinks are the opposite of dofollow backlinks. No follow backlink requires a refer screen before a user can get to the destinated site, in this case, your site that has a pink on a friend's website, or other backlink commercial website.

No-follow backlink are still very effective as well when it comes to pageranking and getting website traffic to your blog, but they are not as effective as the do follow.

Where Can I Buy Backlink or Where Can I Generate Backlink?

Like I said earlier, backcklinks could be generated and bought with website experts.I will recommend you to some seo stores and backlink special stores where you can buy ànd generate good quality backlinks. You will be able to buy dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks for your blogs or websites. Here are two:


Buy Backlinks

This seo site is website that is totally concerned with backlink, content writing for your blog, website traffic for your blog, and Domain Authority and Domain Rating increase for your blog. The price for their service ranges from $0.01 to approximately $300. The higher the price for a program the higher the chances of getting what you need.

This small seo store do appreciate it's users by giving them bonuses for more backlinks and to very high authority websites that could bring tons of traffic to your website. I'm talking about websites like BBC and Fox news site. Big!

What Are The Best Backlink Practices To Follow?


When buying or generating Backlinks for your website, you should consider the quantity. Sites that have achieved high alexa rank are ones with high quantity of Backlinks. So, you should consider building your website .

How many backlinks does your website require to rank on search?

Your site could appear and rank on the top 10 of search engine with some quantities of Backlinks which should be  from 5 up, depending on the quality. How far your url rating go up is dependent upon your ability to gather backlink for your blog or website.


Backlinks have qualities. There are high and low qualities. Having one backlink from a high quality rated website on  SERPs can be more effective than 500 low quality back links.

When buying backlink for your website, you should also be sure that the website are considered safe and is similar to your website in terms of contents as it may also affect how your blog performs.

Which Is The Best Website Backlink Checker?

There are lots of tools to check your Backlinks, and most of them are not free. There are very few free backlink checker. As you should know by now, not all free things can give you exactly what you need, or serve you to your satisfaction, but there are some few free backlinks checker you could use till you could pay for the advanced once.

Ahrefs backlink checker can help you discover some of your Backlinks from the site explorer tab. It's partly a free backlinks checker. 

You will need to sign up in order to check  backlinks on ahrefs site tool. You could sign up with your email address in order not to forget your password. 

Ahrefs also offer 7days for $7 free trial to use the the premium version of the app to achieve more for your website.

Sitechecker also offer free backlink check for a week, and also requires signing in. 

You will learn more from the next subheading that follows.

Website Traffic, and Website Traffic Checkers

There are a lot of web tools that can help you check your website traffic. This web traffic analyzer allows you to check your website traffic statistics in regards to your traffic and their channels. I will mention very few website traffic checker that is the best, and is well known; they are Similar Web, Ahrefs, and Google Analytics.

Which of this blog traffic analyzer is free, and which requires subscription?

Ahrefs is partly a free tool, ut requires subscription to use some tools in it that are relevant to your websites wellbeing. You can definitely check your website traffic channels whether from referring, organic sites, or social media sites.

Websites that are commercial are nothing without web traffic, and because of this, lots of companies have come up with internet traffic tools to help website owners or blog owners to increase web traffic to their sites. Most of this internet traffic tracker require immense knowledge about any of them a website owner decides to use.

Web traffic data
Website Traffic impression Statistics Chart

In this article, I will let you know some critical things about one of the best internet traffic tracker that can change your website traffic from poor to rich website traffic. You should be patient enough to read through if you need that rich traffic in some days time after getting to know website traffic analyics tool I will be talking about.

Bear it in mind that this post autoatically covers the following questions in the bulleting that follows:

  • How Do I Analyze A Niche? Analyzing a blog niche or a website niche will definitely lead to analyzing your competitor's works. Luckily for you, in the competitors section f this tool which you will learn about as you keep reading is completely free tool you can use to get key information on your competitors, their promotion methods, the geographic location of your audience, channels to attract more visits, competitors’ domains, as well as learning about other methods that exist, and you coild use to attract additional visits.
  • How And Where Do I Check My Website Traffic? Obviously, there are many tools and ways to checkyour web traffic, but I recommend using this Website Traffic Checker I'm talking about, or Google Analytics tool to check website traffic and get data.

I'll include the link to the Website Traffic Checker Tool in the next paragraph, but I advice you know everything about it before proceeding to the web tool.

Website Traffic Checker is a data checking tool at sitecheckecker With it, you can get and analyze your web traffic . You can also optimize your website or blog to your taste with this tool.

This article will reveal to you so many things you need to know about increasing your website traffic with Website Traffic Checker Tool which is a paid tool. You subscribe to make use of it, but you could use it as free for one week before buying the sub. It's not totally a free website traffic checker tool for analyzing your website’s visit sources, audience, and competitors, but will give you the very best for your blog or website. You can use it to promote your site even more effectively in search engines and attract even more users.

With this sitechecker website, you can get all the most important website traffic metrics that are important for your website evaluation and optimization. You could also check and generate your Backlink and DR - Domain Rating website status. This is an in fact, complete tool for giving you enough website traffic and website rankings. The best SEO services for your website is a plus with just little subscription fee.

How Can Sitechecker Web Traffic Checker Improve Your Website's Performance?

Sitechecker tool for website traffic checking is a well organized tool for your website tracking and knowledge. Your business improve. Website Traffic Checker can help you improve your online business and by tracking and measuring out the metrics, and in return, allows you to manage your resources well. How does that happen?

With web traffic analysis and monitoring, the data in your website which is part of what promotes your website, as well as increasing your search traffic, will provide you with the website traffic statistics.

The website statistics will tell which part of your website is mostly viewed by your website visitors, and the website pages that does not have views.

It will let you know the free web traffic which your blog or website has been able to get in days, months and year.

Checking your website traffic, as a site owner allows you the room to adjust your development and marketing plans and activities and better understand the audiences for the product or service promotion.

With the website traffic checker tool, you will be put out to your realization what results you’re achieving, and, the resuts you’re missing out on every impression or visits and users every day.

The Site Traffic Checker Tool Sections And What They Do To Help You

The sections in sitechecker pro tool may not be like that the webtraffic checker in Google analytics. In sitechecker, you will be able to monitor website traffic analysis and the audience’s sources and as well as using the information you have been able to decode to better improve your website.

 Each section will give you important information about the performance of your website or blog contents so that you can continue to optimize and develop it in the right direction.

In sitechecker website traffic checker tool, you have the Overview section, Keyword section, referal section, Competitors section, and the Social section, all analyzing your your web traffic and giving you the desired website traffic statistics. And with it, how to check a websites traffic can never be that stressful to you like it would be in some website traffic checker tools.


In this site traffic checker tool, you will find the Overview section that displays critical sections that analyzes traffic data in regards to your website's performance. You can dive in automatically into any of those sections to start learning, promoting online, and increasing your website search traffic along side successful sales.

You will get the neccessary information about your website visitors, your closest competitors, and free hints or assist on what you need to do to fix and optimize your websie resources. The website traffic report in the overview section allows you to take a closer look at the key features of a website traffic estimator and how they will allow you to analyze your blog or website useful materials.

Still in this section, you can lookup website traffic overview of recent traffic changes. in regards to your website page visits per month, the average time your users spend on the website. With other useful website traffic metrics, you could tell the visitors who uses just one page of your website without another look at another webpage.

The keywords Section

Like was seen in one of the previous article avout blog traffic, keywords are one of the most important seo tool in search engine ranking.So, n this section, data concerning your oganic keywords are provided. You can see which of the keywords that users use to find you on the web. You will be able to find out which of the keyword queries users are trying to find you on the Internet.

How to increase internet traffic is dependent on this section, and the information this section will provide you will help you optimize your web site’s content for better views in search engines. That way you, can get more traffic to your website. You will get free web traffic, importantly, organic traffic after optimizing your website to meet the standard. You won't have to buy website traffic to ncrease your website worth after carefully using this web checker tool as it will help you promote your blog for relevant queries. Your web site traffic stats will definitely improve immensely.

Referral Section

In this section, you see overview and details of referral traffic that reports visits that came to your site from other sources rather than he search engine your site indexes to. Wherever, apart from your default search engine where your blog page links are, the site checker tool tracks and records the clicks you receive from outside our search engine as a referral visit.

Social Section

This section collects website traffic statistics on which social networks you get traffic from. The data in this web tarffic check tool allows you to analyze website traffic from which social networks that have given you the most or worthy link clicks. Socia media can be very very supportive when you are in need of ways to increase website traffic to your site. See how.

Competitor Section

In the competitor’s section, you can view and work on the data you find about a competiting website with yours. This tool estimates similar website traffic on the domains of sites that are similar to yours. Here you can find out who makes contents that are similar with yours, and who gets visits from the same traffic sources as you do.

When thinking of how to promote your site, you need to consider how your competitors promote and get a website traffic report. 

With the website statistics you get from this section, you can improve your website in the search engines. You could update your blog with missing contents from that of your competitor.

The competitor website traffic analysis in the tool opens you to various traffic opportunities. Using the Website Traffic Checker for Competitor Analysis will give you the data you need to get additional users for your site. 

What Are The Main Attrbutes This Website Tracker Tool For Traffic Contain That Gives You More Traffic Insight?

When you know what your site is lacking, you will have to fix it in order to keep it up to the standard you want. The sitechecker tool will provide you with the statistics of the critically neccessary things you need to know and then improve - from the total number of users of your site and web site visits, down to the actions that visitors perform while on your site.

In this tool, you will find important website traffic statistics and engagement metrics to analyze:

Sessions: This attribute tells you the number of visits to your webpage during a selected period. It also displays how long a session lasts.

Pages And It's Session: In this attribute, how many pages users navigate to per session are displayed to your knowledge. With this, you could tell which webpage in your website has what visitors need, and then enhance and optimize for traffic.

The average duration of a session - This attibute marks and displays the normal time most website visitors spend when in your site. Also, the longer the time users spend on your site, the higher search engines will rank your website for more internet traffic.

Users: This showcases the numbers of unique visitors per period, how long or short they stay - Bounce rate. With this, you should know if its time to add more to your website.

Channels – In this attribute, you can view and learn how far is your traffic from other sources other than your default search engine.

CTR: This displays the ratio of impressions of which your website has and the pages leadingor almost leading to clicks and usage.

Clicks: This attribute showcases how many visitors open and use the different sections of your site.

Finally, you should have this fact about website traffic checker tool in mind that ths web tool provides data about website visits in all, and is not like the Google Analytics that provide real-time traffic checks.

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