Enphase University And What You Should Know Of The Ensemble Training


  Enphase University offers solar and storage professionals and Enphase system owners a mix of online and in-person educational options. Installers may complete training modules, manage training plans, track progress online, and earn NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for qualifying courses using Enphase University's integrated web-based Learning Management System (LMS).

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Enphase University training will be offered using the company's new learning management system (LMS), as well as two van-based mobile classrooms, 11 third-party regional training centres, and two regional training centres at Enphase's Fremont and Meridian sites. Enphase University's first comprehensive curriculum will train installers to design, construct, and commission solar and storage systems using Enphase Ensemble technology.

Enphase University
Enphase University Training

Enphase University review

The Ensemble Installation Certification programme consists of eight self-paced online courses that take around seven hours to complete. Through a mix of training, design review, and functional test verification activities, successful completion encourages high-quality installations and allows qualified participants to earn NABCEP CEUs. "The Enphase University coursework goes much beyond the standard, high-level 'vendor training' we are often left within this field," remarked Bryan McGurn, owner of Lighthouse Solar. "I was requested to offer critical input about any flaws I encountered as one of the initial beta testers of the LMS and reviewers of the curriculum, and it's been amazing to see Enphase taking tangible action for continuing development." It's fantastic to see Enphase's commitment to technical depth and excellent quality extend to solar installer training." The in-person elements of the Ensemble Installation Certification will resume once COVID-19 mitigation measures subside, allowing installers to engage in hands-on training.

Enphase Energy: A Renewable Energy Company.

Enphase, which was founded in 2006, revolutionised the solar industry with its groundbreaking microinverter technology, which converts sunlight into a safe, dependable, resilient, and scalable source of energy to power our lives. Our clever microinverters now operate with nearly every solar panel on the market, and when combined with our award-winning smart battery technology, we build one of the best-performing clean energy systems in the business.

What You Should Know About Enphase University

Enphase Staffs

People may create, consume, store, sell, and own their electricity using the Enphase Energy system. This includes our industry-leading app, which puts unparalleled data and power in your hands. For the first time in the history of our centuries-old system, individuals may be compensated for the clean energy they generate and distribute to their communities, assisting in the development of a new energy future based on the sun. This free, plentiful, and pure form of energy has the potential to power our lives and eventually replace fossil fuels.

If you see a house with solar panels on it today, chances are it's an Enphase house. We've installed over 45 million microinverters in over 2.0 million households in over 135 countries, providing clean, cheap, and dependable energy to millions of people while also generating decent employment and a more carbon-free future for everyone. People and their power are at the heart of Enphase's shared energy future.

Enphase Principles

The firm values will be reflected in how we collaborate, perform, and are compensated.

Customer-first: Enphase exists to serve its clients. They pay attention to their clients' comments and use them to gauge their progress. They take steps to provide the best possible client experience.

Integrity: Enphase always tells the truth and never makes excuses. They act in the best interests of the firm. They assume responsibility for our actions and outcomes.

Innovation: Enphase respects innovation and understands that it is essential to our survival. To identify answers, they advocate taking risks and challenging the status quo. They aggressively encourage innovation by encouraging curiosity and lifelong learning.

Teamwork: Different behavioural types and opinions are valued and respected by Enpase. They work together internationally to accomplish more than we could alone. They strive hard to tear down barriers.

Quality: Enphase prioritises quality and safety above anything else. They track everything important and strive for ongoing development. They manufacture high-quality goods.

Ensemble Enphase Training

Since May 2019, Enphase's Ensemble home energy management system with grid-forming technology has been available. COVID-19 put the country under lockdown shortly after in-person training for the system began in Q1 of 2020. The ensemble is a residential battery backup system for the entire or partial home. A microinverter, battery, switch, combiner box, and software are among the five components that make up a system. Installing the additional elements that allow the unique grid-forming process requires extensive expertise. 

Enphase University setbacks

When the lockdowns began, Enphase was unable to provide the two-day in-person training sessions, so it focused its efforts on establishing its learning management system (LMS). Fortunately, even before the outbreak, the organisation had intended to extend its online Ensemble training. Enphase recognized that installers wanted to be able to study at their speed and a distance. COVID, according to Ranhoff, sped up the LMS buildout by around three months. The eight online training courses that will be available to the public in the coming weeks will bring the whole training experience to the homes and workplaces of installers. We'll show them how to size the system, install it, configure it, and finally on board it. Demos, quizzes, and examinations are included in the courses to ensure that installers understand the information.

Les Mood, a co-founder of Energy Independence Group (EIG) in Bakersfield, California, was one of the contractors chosen to beta-test the Ensemble training, together with his master electrician and some apprentices. "The training was simple to comprehend for our employees. Although the technology is sophisticated, Enphase appears to have carefully considered the procedures and how they would be implemented. "I like online training because it gives us consistent access to material and people," Mood said. "The logistics of transporting employees to a plant are restricted, and when you consider the rest of the country, East Coast and Midwest corporations will have an easier time attending." I'm thrilled to see how the beta 'University' programme will make Enphase Ensemble technology broadly available to the rest of the country as an Enphase Ensemble fan." In 2020, the firm aimed to train 4,000 installers. Ranhoff of Enphase believes it is still possible with mostly online learning.

Even though installers may become completely Ensemble-certified online, Enphase nevertheless believes in in-person training for individuals who desire more hands-on experience. Enphase is prepared to build 13 training centres around the country, co-located with distribution partners and some of the company's own offices, as lockdown requirements relax. Enphase has bought two commercial vans in the style of Amazon Prime that can provide mobile, on-site training to installer headquarters.

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