JUPEB Basic Studies Program: Guides To Registration And Admission


  Some students do not know of a program that gives students another chance to get in to the university even after scoring below JAMB cut off mark, but some do, and choose not to take on that opportunity because of some conditions that are involved. I will tell you as later as we proceed to the things that are discouraging about the Basic Studies Programme, but first let me explain to you what it is.

JUPEB Basic Studies Program
JUPEB Registration and Requirements Guide

What Is This Programe Called Basic Studies, And How Do Students Go About The Registration?

Basic Studies Programme is a programme that allows JAMB candidates or UTME candidates who were not admitted due to low marks or low jamb score to gain admission into 200 level to study a degree course. If a Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, UTME candidate is not admitted by his or her first choice tertiary institution which is usually a university, most especially because of cut of mark, the candidate or student can still begin his year one through this programme.

Various universities in Nigeria do carry out this programme as well. The two Universities that do the Basic Studies Programme which I know of are University of Uyo, UNIUYO and University of Lagos, UNILAG. I will be talking more about the programme as it occurs in Uniuyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. You should know that talking about the programme processes and details in uniuyo is still the same as that of Unilag and other universities that do the programme. There will only be slight changes in some aspects, e.g the portal address or link to the basic studies programme.

How Basic Studies Programme Works

Basic Studies is a programme which the Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board, JUPEB conduct and governs. The Examination body, JUPEB gives out exams, and then certificates to the students who applied for the basic studies programme. Students who pass the basic studies examination are given certificates that automatically will grant the admission to study a degree course in the university from level 200 or year two. Yes, it's all about automatically gaining admission into Year Two in a degree awarding institution.

Going through the Basic Studies is just like beginning a degree course from year one or 100 level, but not the normal way. It's actually a stepping stone into the 200 level or year 2 in the university. Students with the JUPEB certificate will go through Jamb direct entry form into the year two. See the JUPEB Courses you can study after admission.

Things Required For Basic Studies Programme

There are various things that are required from a student who wishes or wants to apply for the basic studies programme. UTME result is not required. This things and important documents help in gathering data on a student in order to decide his or her admission status. What are these things?

They Are:

Basic Studies Registration Form - 

This requires up to #17,000 naira. The Basics Studies Programme requires a non refundable sum of #15,000, while you may have to pay for the service of a cyber cafe in the registration.

Olevel Result-

Before having access to the preliminary examination and the basic studies programme itself, your O-level ssce result(s) is or are required. You can use the West African Examination Council, WAEC or NECO results, or your GCE results with at least five credit passes, and with not more than two sittings in the following senior secondary school subjects: Mathematics, English, Literature in English, Chemistry, Government, Physics, Economics, Biology, and Geography.

I'll explain below the kind of subjects you may find questions from in the test screening.


Your thumbs and index features are necessary for identification. JUPEB uses this to prevent fraudulent activities from occuring in the programme. You may end up providing your thumbprint before having access to the screening test. 

Date of Birth- 

DOB is usually required in things like this as we all know. Surely, your Date Of Birth certificate will be needed.

Recommendation Letter- .

This is a letter written by someone in a high position in your village, family, church, etc. It's usually one of the most important document in gaining admission into university.

JAMB Slip- .

This is not necessary, but if you do have a jamb result slip which usually contains your registration number, your jamb registration number may be used to for your basic studies registration. Is it possible to apply for Jupeb without Jamb? It's possible to apply without JAMB score or jamb result. Incase you may want to rewrite JAMB, read this to know more on JAMB.

Certificate of Origin- 

Just like date of birth certificate, certificate of origin is another crucial document required in basic studies registration and screening.

First School Leaving Certificate- 

The certificate you get after your primary six in primary school, the first school leaving certificate is also important and compulsory in your registration and screening in the basic studies programme.

Passport Photo-

 A passport is always needed when in things like this. It's better if you have 8 copies each in Black and white, and in colored. Coloured passport is really necessary in the registration, but carry the two incase JUPEB had changed their policy.

Precise Steps Which You Have To Take In Order To Be Admitted And Certified In The JUPEB  Basic Studies Programme


Like I said earlier, a sum of #15000 naira is required in order to register for the programme.

How To Register Online for Basic Sttudies by JUPEB? 

Follow the steps below for a successful registration online:

Visit the school of your choice's website portal. For the University of Uyo follow this link for the accessibility of the school's website portal at https://uniuyo.edu.ng/eportals/ or uniuyo.edu.ng and then Click on e-portals link.

Select Basic Studies Link and Click on Create Account Link

Enter your details and click on Create Account Button

Click on Make Payment

Select Bank Option or Card Option

Click on Generate e-Invoice 'Bank Option' or Online Payment - Card Option.

Click on Print e-Invoice To generate Remita Retrieval Reference - RRR Number to make payment at any Bank Branch

In the card option, select the payment type and click pay. On the payment platform displayed, enter your card details and click the “Pay” button

After payment at the bank or via card, you will have to return to the portal and click on Login Form Link and enter your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Number generated, to complete your registration.

JUPEB Test- 

After the registration, you will be let known the date for the test that will determine your admission status. You have to pass the test very well in order to be admitted to study your course. I'll explain the nature of the test below.

JUPEB Screening- 

After writing the Basic Studies test, you will be alerted on when to come with series of documents to be screened and admitted. Go with all your the documents as listed above including your Basic studies payment slip which you got after registration to avoid having to go and come back the next day for screening. Students are often given numbers that aid in the process. If your number is far 1 - 80, you will wait for so long before your turn comes, but anyways, when it's your turn, it's your turn. 

Advice from this blog: Be sure to behave mature as you don't know who is observing you.

JUPEB Basic Studies Admission 

After the screening you will be admitted to study.

School Fees And Lectures- 

You can begin your lectures when it's time, and then pay for your school fees later. The amount for school fees is usually huge, which is one of the things the discourages students, but it's worth it if you have, and you are willing to pay and move to year two and meet up with your mates who had admission the normal way. Around 2016, it would cost over #200,000 for school fees in University of Uyo, UNIUYO. So, make sure you are ready and capable, as the school will let you know the amount to be paid as school fees. Make sure to pay the school fees before deadline to avoid extra charges.

In Uniuyo, you could pay for an apartment close to the school where you will have to trek down for lectures. The school is situated at Abak, Akwa Ibom State.

JUPEB Basic Studies Examination- 

After series of assignments and tests, you will finally have to write the JUPEB examination.

JUPEB Basic Studies Certification- 

After examination is certification. You will receive a certificate that you will take to the UNIUYO Town Campus, at Ikot Ekpene or Main Campus at Nwaniba to sort out your admission with a direct entry into year two.

Nature Of The Basic Studies Test

The screening test as I last experienced in 2016 was mixed up with questions from different subjects like: current affairs, biology, government, economics and mathematics. It's also mixed with objectives questions. Some answers to questions requires your writing, and some to fill the missing words. No syllabus and past question papers unless you're lucky to meet someone with access to them. You have to read broad on the subjects I have listed, most especially the current affairs.

How many questions are to be answered in basic studies screening test? The questions are usually not much, but may reach 50.

How Do One Check His Or Her JUPEB Test Result In Basic Studies Programme?

Students check their test result from where it's pasted on the wall or notice board in the school. Lists will be pasted that will show your registration number, name, and course to study if you passed the test. 

Note: you may be offered another course other than the one you registered for either for the following reasons. Your score test score was low or the course you want to study is not taught there.

Are calculators allowed? No calculators are not allowed during the test.

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