How To Be Successful In School, Academics, And Education As A Whole


  After you are done writing your SSCE examination, whether WAEC, NECO, OR NABTEB, and UTME/JAMB, you should be wondering what it means to attend a certain tertiary school institution whether a university, college of education, or polytechnic. Already knowing that attending a tertiary school institution is for the sole purpose of learning on desired course for your career sake, you should know about the academic and other activities that occurs in there and therefore make a good plan that will lead to your success.

How to be successful in school and studies
Successful Students During Graduation

While still planning for the above mentioned exams, it might not occur to some students to pay a visit to some tertiary school institutions they would prefer to attend after the secondary school level, but it is a smart thing to do. Even if everything will not be realized the first day, some questions from you to a higher level student could give you the information you will need to make a good and successful academic plan.

You might want to know of these universities:

In your plan to achieve greatness from the education that will be provided by the school authorities to you the receiver, you should have characteristics and attitudes that will push or move you to be doing the right things at the right time and defend you from forces or pressures that try to pull you down. Focus More On Studies Than The Setbacks. You Need To Focus More On Studies Than The Setbacks

Best Characteristics And Attitudes You Should Posses To Be Successful In School 

Some of the attitudes and characteristics a student requires before he or she begins tertiary school institution are:


At all times, you should expect the bright part of things even if there are chances of things not working well. Having a positive mindset brings about self confidence.


Punctuality is all about keeping time an being prompt to events. You should at all times keep to event time. Assignments should submitted at time. You should be to class on time to receive lectures. Not just being on time to events, you should do all that is required of you.


Endurance is all about taking in pains without letting it get in your way or weigh you down or even stop you from making achievement s. If you read on one the articles on this blog with the title 'School as Scam or not', you will understand that school processes is stressing at times. You will definitely want to endure all the stress and tough moments that exist in the process.


Prudence is all about being careful in what you do, how you react to situations, and how to handle situations in a wise way. School is a place where people of different backgrounds attend together. There, sometimes, misunderstanding happens a lot, so you will have to be careful in your judgements and your actions. Don't be the one to make things go wrong, and also, do not support the people responsible for things happening the wrong way.


Responsibility is the ability to take action for the your mistakes and making sure you fix the mistake which ever possible way you can.

Self Control

This is how you discipline yourself to do what's right. Self control is necessary especially in an institution such as school where lots of diverse behaviors are displayed by people studying and working there. You should be able to control yourself not to follow or copy the ill habits and behaviors you find people exhibit.

Help You Stay Focused With Your Conserved Knowledge

Quiet Places Can Help You Stay Focused With Your Conserved Knowledge.


This is the ability to approach situations with heart full of determination to solve existing problem. You need boldness in order to stand for what is right and to reject what is wrong - the things Bible and the Christian preachers warns against.

Those key points matter the most should you want to succeed in the college without becoming a school dropout. Apart from those points listed above. There's another one you should be very wise while following it.  Can you guess what the point is? Uhh! Let me help. Its Socialization.


You'll learn to communicate with people in such a way that they'll reciprocate. Communication is knowledge. The education we receive comes through communication which is why education is called power! So socialization will help you gain knowledge which then becomes the power you have to do things for survival.

Get to know people you can feel good energies around. Since you have to be social, it doesn't mean you should go roll with people who will fill you with the negatives and the opposite of the points listed above.

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