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  Obtaining a loan for a small scale business or personal needs has become a more frictionless process; anyone with a bank account may submit a loan request at any time and receive it very instantaneously, in most situations, with a smartphone and internet connection. Some lenders will even let you use a feature phone if you dial a specific USSD code.

Beat loan apps in Nigeria
Receiving Loan
Money lending companies are booming in Nigeria, as they are in every other rising economy of any country. However, not all of these businesses offer secure and dependable services. The finest loan services should offer immediate disbursement, a reasonable interest rate, a flexible repayment schedule and options, and, most importantly, excellent customer service.

Apps Or Sites For Obtaining a Loan For A Small Scale Business

Opay Services

Here are some of the greatest rapid loan apps for democratizing credit and bridging financial inclusion, in no particular order. You can also check Top Small scale business you can start with N100,000 or less.

Carbon Loan App

Carbon, formerly known as PayLater, ranks first among the finest loan apps in Nigeria. It's a straightforward, fully online lending platform that offers short-term loans to aid with unforeseen bills or cash flow problems. You can apply for a Paylater loan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with just an Android device and minimum prerequisites, and you'll know your status in minutes.

Currently, the Carbon app offers two financing options:

Pay later (everyone can get a loan) and Pay later plus (loans for salary earners). You can also use the Pay Later site to pay for recharge cards, bills (including your NEPA bill), and other services. You don't need any kind of documentation or collateral to apply for and get approved for an instant online loan; all you need is an Android phone to download and use the app, and a form of identification. With these, you're good to go. To learn more about Carbon, you may download the app from the Google Play Store or go to their official website (PayLater).

Branch Loan App

Branch, which launched in 2017, makes getting a personal loan simple by offering an app with a straightforward onboarding procedure. Branch verifies the user's identity and creates a credit score using the user's phone data, including SMS history. It has operations in four countries: Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and India, with varied loan amounts and interest rates in each.

Loan amounts range from N1,000 ($2.43) to 200,000 ($486.03) in Nigeria, with monthly interest rates ranging from 1.6 percent to 23 percent, depending on the loan amount and repayment history. In Tanzania, loan amounts range from Tsh 5,000 ($2.16) to Tsh 700,000 ($301.87), with monthly interest rates ranging from 4% to 27%, depending on the same terms. Branch users can choose payback durations of up to 336 days across countries, but every loan amount comes with the option of repaying in a minimum of 60 days.

Fair Money App

Fair money app is the another among the best loan apps in Nigeria due to their good service. To complete a quick and simple application process, simply download the app from the Google Play Store, receive your funds (without collateral), and payback within 15 days or one month. You should be aware that there will be certain terms and restrictions associated to the loan, so make sure you read them before applying.

Aside giving loans to verified client's, Fair Money also offers airtime and data recharge/topup, and paying of bills services on their app.

Palm Credit App

The Paleligible loan app is another reliable loan-related app in Nigeria. Palm credit is an Android app that offers loans to its users. It's simple and quick to do. Individuals aged 18 and above are eligible for a Palm credit loan with a loan amount ranging from N2,000 to N100,000. You have complete control over getting the loan you want with just a few simple actions.

Simply download the Palm Credit App from the Google Play Store, put up your information (you may sign up using your phone number or your Facebook account), and complete the registration in a matter of minutes. Plamcredit also offers incentives for referring new customers to the company. Isn't that incredible?


QuickCheck, like every other loan app with money promises, assures its users that they will never go broke again. Credit scoring and rapid loan decisions are made using artificial intelligence. The loan amount varies between $1,500 ($3.6) to $500,000 ($1215.07), with interest rates ranging from 2% to 30%. Depending on the loan type, repayment can take anywhere from 30 days to six months. Customers in Nigeria can only use this loan app if they have an Android phone.

All of these lending apps began as a single-product fintech startup that just offered loans, but a couple have since evolved into digital banks. Customers of Carbon, Branch, and Fairmoney can now access banking services such as payments, savings, and investments.

Jumia Loan

This is a Jumia-created platform that allows users to get instant cash loans. Jumia loan can be accessed through the Google Play Store's JumiaPay Android app. Simply download the app, navigate to the 'financial services' section, and enter your information. You'll get your loan without having to put up any collateral once your request is granted. If you're looking for a loan, consider a Jumia loan the next time you need one.

Jumia Loan App Features

App Version: 4.5.0

On the 10th of September 2021, this app was last updated.

1,000,000+ downloads online

Size of the download: 11.81 MB

On the 8th of September, 2017, the app was released.

SokoLoan app instant money

SokoLoan is another app that should not be overlooked when it comes to the finest lending applications in Nigeria. Sokoloan is a simple to use app that can be used at any time and on any day to obtain Short Term Loans in Nigeria.

Soko Lending Company is a Microfinance institution that is aimed at improving access to financial services to the poor by providing loans to entrepreneurs, students and others.

The sooner you repay your borrowed funds, the higher your loan limitations get. For rapid loans in Nigeria, the Sokoloan money lending platform/app is constantly available.

AellaCredit Loans

The sooner you pay off your debt, the higher your borrowing limits become. The Sokoloan money lending platform/app is always available in Nigeria for quick loans.

To apply for Aellacredit loan, follow these steps:

You're ready to go after downloading the Aella Credit app from the Google Play Store, filling in your information, taking a selfie, and setting your pin. You will be eligible for a larger loan the following time you apply if you pay off your loan offer on time and in full.

Credit Ville Online Loan App

Credit Ville is an online moneylender that offers Payroll-based consumer loans to people who qualify through their work. Their monthly income is then subtracted from the amount borrowed. After satisfying the relevant parameters and documents, Credit Ville can swiftly deposit an urgent or emergency loan into your account. Credit Ville offers loan offers of up to $100,000 for up to 18 months with no collateral to help people achieve their financial demands. For more info, visit their website or download their app.

Opay Loan

This is a financing platform owned by the tech titans – Opera, and is commonly referred to as the Okash loan. They have established themselves as one of Nigeria's most reputed loan organizations. All you have to do to acquire an immediate loan is download the Okash mobile app, create an account, provide your information, and wait for approval. Within 24 hours, you will receive your loan. With just a successful Opay login, you can have access to a lot of financial options available to your aid.

Opay Loan App Features

App Version: 1.3.8

The app was last Updated on 9th June 2021

Downloads: 1,000,000+

Download Size: 11.86 MB

Powered by Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited

Developed on 28th November 2019

Quickcheck Loans Apps In Nigeria

With the QuickCheck app on your phone, you may acquire immediate loans directly into your bank account at any time and on any day. This is one of the top loan applications in Nigeria, and this is due to its excellent technique of borrowing money. You may acquire rapid cash loans with low interest rates, anywhere and at any time. This loan app for Nigerians allows them to get rapid internet loans without having to put up any collateral, and it works flawlessly.

The app is as easy to use as the other loan applications we've discussed, except that after you sign up and apply for a loan, it will run a credit score using an algorithm in a matter of seconds. The following are some of the reasons why this software is unique: 1. You have the option of paying back when you choose. You can borrow up to 200,000 dollars.

Choosing The Most Appropriate Loan For You

People today find it challenging to choose the best and most appropriate loan due to the vast number of options available. Several variables must be considered before making this selection, including the rate, tenor, and general terms and conditions. To make things easier, ensure you read reviews about these apps.

How to Get a Loan in Nigeria Through The Internet

The fastest and most convenient way to receive an instant loan online in Nigeria is to use online lending apps/platforms. In Nigeria, mobile apps for online lending are the quickest way to receive loans, and your mobile account is credited in minutes. The following are some of the advantages of taking out an internet loan in Nigeria.

You Have Access 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

There is no requirement for collateral.

It is quite quick.

Money is sent directly into your local bank account.

These are the advantages of getting a loan through a loan app in Nigeria for your small business idea, larg business or personal use.

Banks and Microfinance Banks in Nigeria will also lend you money, and the money borrowed can arrive quickly or slowly depending on the circumstances. However, there is always some level of anxiety.


There are various additional options for getting a loan without having to put up any collateral. With platforms like Quickteller Loan, Page Financials, and Palmcredit Loan, fintech enterprises are clearly leading when it comes to accessing rapid loans and solving the issue "Where and how to borrow quick money in Nigeria." These loan providers have continued to upgrade their serviceees in a way to suit clients need. However, borrowing money has become easy and so we have stated clearly top loan providers that gives loan in Nigeria.

Yes, you can acquire a loan in Nigeria without having to put up any security. Simply go over the list and select a favorite lender. Borrowing restrictions are set by each lender. Your loan request may be approved in as little as 5 minutes by some of these lenders.

Disclaimer: Before applying for any of these loans for your small scale business, please read and understand the terms and circumstances.

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