Business Plan: Necessary Building Blocks For Successful Businesses


 Planning and organizing is the next step to take after having awareness and understanding of what it takes to start a successful business. This part will require ethics and social responsibility as it is what will provide moral standards that will determine the business success or failure state. Business ethics- address issues of morals in business; the business should establish balance between ethical exigency, economic experiency, and social responsibility.

Social responsibility- attitudes that supports laws and professional codes linked to the business organization.

Business plan and Feasibility Report

Start a business

Seeking Business Plan Knowledge From Expert

Business plan

This is a written document that contains and describes all relevant internal and external elements and strategies for starting a new venture or operating an on going business. It's written by you(an entrepreneur), and sometimes with the help of consultants. It provides a clear view of all the sections that make up the plan; guiding you to make strategic relationships and sourcing for funds.

Feasibility Report 

This is a brief sum up of events stating clearly where and what things are to be done.

Business plan is not only for the entrepreneur, but also for investors or creditors who may provide financial support. That's where a feasibility report is needed: you'll have to see that the benefits exceeds the costs. Before you get a loan, see through feasibility report.

When it comes to penning down a business plan, the introductory page, the abstract or executive summary, the description of venture, the production plan, the marketing plan, organizational plan, assessment of risk, the financial plan, and appendix, will definitely be the headings in which things it covers will be explained in details.

Here's How The Business Structure Is Built:

Introductory Page

Name and address of business

Name(s) and address (s) of principals

Nature of business

Statement of financing needed

Statement of confidentiality of report

Executive Summary

This functions same as and abstract in a research project, usually 2-3 pages.

Industry Analysis

Future outlook

Analysis of of competitors

Market segmentation

Industry forecast

Description of Venture

Products and services

Size of business

Office equipment and personnel

Background of entrepreneurs

Production Plan

Manufacturing process

Physical plan

Machinery, technique, and equipment

Names of raw materials suppliers

Marketing Plan




Product forecast


Organizational Plan

Form of ownership

Identification of partners or principal share holders

Authority of shareholders

Management team background

Roles and responsibilities of members of the organization

Assessment of Risk

Evaluate business weakness

New technologies

Contingency plan

Financial Plans

Pro forma income statement

Cash flow projections

Pro forma balance sheet

Break-even analysis

Sources and application of funds



Market research data


Price lists from suppliers

Everything has to be critically analyzed, and the advantages and disadvantages put out, and a solution for the disadvantaged areas. From back to front, and front to back, everything should have a well organized algorithm. In other words, it should be a kind of flawless plans.

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