Best Apk Android Games That Are Sold In The Android Playstore


  There are Android games in the playstore you, possibly, have not played yet. People are quick to download the games and apps that are free in the play store, but the one's that are on sale are not widely downloaded and played as the free ones. It's the main reason I want to suggest good games that you could buy on play store and enjoy. 

If you happen to be buying and playing games, thumbs up to you, but I don't think you have tried out some of these android mobile games I will be listing.

The games I'll be listing for you to make the apk games downloads to your android phone are also among the best mobile games you will love to play if you haven't played before. Some of these mobile games are among the top open world games for for Android devices. You can be sure to find the best open world android game you may have heard of or even see a friend play. 

Before I proceed to listing these best mobile games for Android, I will let you know where you can find and download it with ease. 

Android phones come with a game store app known as the Play Store. Games and apps can be downloaded from the apps store easily as far as your android phone meets the requirements of any game apk you wish to download. 

Though there are other game app store to make download games apk, they may not be safe as the playstore as you may download games and apps that may corrupt your phone.

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List Of Best Android Apk Games You Can Buy And Play

Mind Cell

Best third person shooter android games, apk
Mindcell Main Game Character Fighting

Mind cell android game is a new third person shooter adventure game that was releases in 23rd day of June, 2020. The game is a new android game in the playstore, and is for sale by those who offer it, Ray Spark.

This game's main character refuses to be used for experiment by some scientists, and so tries fighting his way off such fate. The game has very good graphics and well organized voice dialogs by the game characters. It supports external game pad connection for android.

Shadowgun (offline)

Download android shooting game
Shadowgun Mobile Android Game

This is an action game that you can consider best offline game for android. It's an action shooter game that features advanced combat artificial intelligence mode. You can flank enemies, seek cover from enemy attacks, and use teamwork from team mates to win the combat. 

There are some other combat tools and equipments like aerial drones and automatic sentries to help you win your battle. It depends on the military tactics you chose to operate in the game, as your win or lose is dependent upon your equips.

This android play store game has beautiful quality console graphics with great lighting effects that takes your game experience to another level. Apart from the good quality game graphics, the game sound sound and voices gives you entirely another plus feelings for the game. 

Shadowgun offline android game is one of the best mobile game that has programmed to use connected controllers for smooth gameplay and quick actions. You can connect any android pad to your android phone to play this game your way. You can customize your game pad move axis buttons to your taste. Never loosing!

Though many android game phones support the game pad connection to android for shadowgun gun gaming, there is a phone that is noted not to be connectable to the game, the phone is Samsung Galaxy S4. 

Sumarai II: Vengeance

Sumarai Ninja android game
Sumarai Vengeance Mobile Game

Sumarai vengeance is a hack n' slash combat mobile game where you fight boss enemies with swords like a badass ninja. The game has been carefully worked on by it's developers, Madfinger games to improve it's graphics quality, missions, and game play. This is a very interesting play store game to download for your android phone.

Angel Sword 3D RPG

Best 3d open world game for mobile android
Angel Sword Open World Game

Angel Sword android game is a kind of open world game which you can use  magic, swords, bow and arrows, shields, axes, and hammers to fight evil bosses. The game is a 3d game that is more advanced than an early realeased game, Earth And Legend of the same company that develop it, Dvide Arts games.

In this android open world game, you will fight with beasts, monsters, and wild animals. The magical part of it makes it more interesting. I mean, imagine doing some magical enchantments and magical attack in the game. Awesome, right?

The game is not a free android game for download. But you will love to play and the game should you buy it.

Gangster Rio: City Of Saints

Download Gangstar Rio City Of Saints Apk Game
Gangstar Rio City Of Saints Android Game

Gangstar Rio City Of Saints is Gameloft android game that is an adventure action game. It is and android open world game like the GTA mobile apk games.

Grand Theft Auto III

Best mobile offline android games
GTA Auto III Android Game

GTA 3 in playstore is an open world game by the Rockstar game company  you probably haven't played yet because it is on sale in the play store.

Grand Theft Liberty City Stories

Download GTA liberty city stories mobile game
GTA liberty city stories Play Store Apk Game

GTA liberty city stories mobile game is another gta open world game for android phones.

GTA Vice City

Best open world game for Android phone
Download GTA Vice City Stories

GTA vice city stories game happens to be very similar to the GTA III game. It's available and for sale in the playstore game app store.

GTA San Andreas

GTA playstore games
GTA San Andreas Apk Game Menu Screen

GTA San Andreas game happens to be a widely played game on mobile phones, because anyone who knows a friend that managed to purchase it from the playstore will definitely want it shared. Apart from that, there are still people who are free from getting shared the game or even purchasing the playstore game.

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GTA Chinatown Wars

Still for sale on play store. You might be wondering why the GTA games are all for sale in the Playstore. Well, the games are addictive  and very interesting games with good graphic, missions, and storylines.

Max Payne Mobile

Purchase and Download Max Payne android game
Max Payne Rocksar Game

This is one big action shooter game for mobile android phones. It's heavy in size. In this game, an undercover cop  is frame on a charge he is not guilty of, so he decides to fight the Cops and mobs sent against him to survive.

This Game's main character is Max Payne himself. His family was slain in plots and twists by people whose aim was to hurt and bring down Payne. Payne is willing to find out and end these heinous activities of his enemies..

Wall Of Insanity

Best horror game for Android
Best mobile horror apk game

This is a very new android game on playstore. It was released on August, 2021. The game has very dark storyline. You have to survive in the open world of the dead. 

From what you just heard, the game is a horror game for android phones. It requires intense actions, smart gaming skills, and firearms to survive and fight the mysterious cult group that disappeared under the detention . The game world is a horror. If you love horror games, then this a very interesting one for you. Buy and make the playstore download.

Bully: Anivassary Edition

Download Bully android apk game
Fighting bully in a competition

In this Bully mobile Android game your mission as the main game character is to beat up bullies in the school, Bullworth Academy. You will face setbacks by teachers and students, and have to triumph over it all

Real Drift Car Racing

Download real drift racing game for Android
Real Drift Racing Game For Android Phones

Apart from action games, I managed to find best mobile racing games that are sold on playstore. Real Drift car racing happens to be one of them, while the other is below.

EA Need For Speed Most Wanted

Download playstore racing game need for speed
Ea Need For Speed Most Wanted Gameplay

Ea need for speed most wanted is the next best android racing game I found for sale on playstore games app. Download and enjoy.

Bright Memory

Download bright mobile android game
Bright Memory Mobile Apk Game

This an action adventure apk game for Android phone devices. The game has good graphics and thrilling actions. It has over den thousand downloads from the playstore. It supports higher versions of mobile devices as it may terribly lag in low quality devices. 

The game is for sale in the google playstore. Though people consider the game to be a very interesting apk action game, they still asked for some improvements in the game as they made reviews over the game. It involves mostly,  shooting. 

Download Bright Memory Mobile game from playstore or APKPure or TapTap. If you can't find and download the game in playstore know that the game does support your phone, but you could still download it from other games app store for free. It will lag unless your phone is at least 3gb RAM and enough ROM storage space.

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