How To Play GTA Five(5) On Android Phone Like In Ppsspp Application


 Downloading GTA five for Android may seem a little bit too early as it is not long it was released to the main gaming consoles like the Xboxes, and PlayStations, but you can definitely play the GTA V5 on your android mobile device. I'll let you know how you can download and how you can play the latest Grand Theft Auto Version 5 game on your mobile Android phone.

GTA v download
Grand Theft Auto For Mobile Android Phones

Like I said, releasing GTA 5 apk for Android is too early, but hopefully should be in the Rockstar Game's plan to be released for mobile devices soon.

Apart from releasing the game in apk format, GTA 5 can be put into the iso format in order to be playable on mobile devices with the ppsspp emulator app. Developing GTA 5 from scratch for Android phones, just like GTA San Andreas apk, but the iso format will be quickly converted into the iso format for ppsspp emulator app. 

The only Grand Theft Auto games that are available as apk and iso are:

GTA San Andreas,

GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Vice City

And GTA Chinatown Wars.

You can download these apk games to your android phones from the google playstore. They're among the best offline android games, and also considered top android games for mobile.

You can also Download GTA games in the iso format and play them on your with the aid of the ppsspp emulator app. All you have to do is download the gta ppsspp  games for android, and then open them in your emulator app, tap on the game image and start playing.

Is GTA v5 For Ppsspp Available For Download?

GTA v 5 is not available for android in apk format. It's rumoured to be available in ppsspp, but the ones I tried were remastered mod GTA San Andreas. But not to worry, you can still play GTA v5 on your android device, here's how.

How To Download GTA V Game Playing App For Android

Since GTA v is released for consoles like the PlayStations and Xboxes, you will need an emulator app that is capable of letting you play the game from it's cloud. 

You might want to know more about playing any kind of game, whether playstation or iOS games on your mobile android phone, and vice versa with any other operating system device you are using. From the link there in this paragraph, you will find other alternatives to Netboom should you have a hard time connecting and olaying the game. 

This is what to do to play GTA v five on your android phone. You will have to download Netboom app. Netboom app will give you access to all the games available for playstation and Xbox. Search the app on the Google Play Store and download it.

Make sure your phone has 2gb RAM and above, for smooth experience of the game.

After the download, open the Netboom app, select the categories of games you would love to play in the app. Select from: action games, adventure games, racing games, fighting games, sports games etc..

GTA V happens to be one of the free games given to non registered members of the Netboom game app. Yes, if you want access to whole lot of other playstation games like the GTA five game, you will have to make some subscription to the app, and purchase coins for game time.

It might need a steam account before you can have access to play some games. You can connect your gaming controller to the app to play any game you wish to. You can also use the Netboom borrowed virtual controller that displays on the gaming screen.

What is Steam Account?

Steam account is your profile on the steam games website. Steam is a website where you can buy and sell console games. You can also play games from the cloud.

In the Netboom app, you don't really have to download GTA V, you play it online from the app at once.

You will have to have enough internet data to run the game on your android phone. You will also have to purchase enough time for your gaming pleasure.

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