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  As the world is moving higher in terms of science and technology, great and task full things are broken down and solved easily. 

There are things, and components that are made to be compatible just for it is created for; that's just the same way the motherboard of a computer is a component that make a  computer, hardware and software wise, and it is also why gaming gadget (consoles) were made to play or run only what is created and is made compatible for it to play, e.g game disc or game file. It used to be this way before, but now, components are made compatible to several other kinds of gadgets.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predators Ppsspp Game
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Ppsspp Game 

Now, let's get the point right.
You may have just an iPhone with an iOS, Android operating systems or just a Windows PC - Personal Computer, and you are a game lover. You may be tired with your regular iphone games you have been playing on your iOS device or Windows PC, and might just want to check out other interesting games you may like.

You may go online to search for games that might interest you, and end up finding out that your kind of games - games you would love to play, are programmed or developed to play, run, and to be compatible with other operating systems such as  Android. 

To make this clearer:
You may search and find the game you want and love to play, and realize it to be developed for, and compatible for an android device, damn! That's exactly what we're talking about; Android games can now be played on iOS devices like iphone, iOS games can aslo be played on Android. Not just those, both Android and iOS games can be played on Windows devices and laptops!

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How to Play Android Games on Windows Laptops or Smartphone.

There is an application to play android games on pc or laptop computers with windows operating system. You should download it from  your PC, maybe through Chrome or Steam. Install and open it. The app we're talking about can be used like an android playstore where you will you will find Android games to download and play from it. The app is known as Bluestacks Emulator. 
Bluestacks Emulator view
Bluestacks Emulator view

Using bluestacks emulator to play PUBG Mobile game.
Using bluestacks emulator to play PUBG Mobile game.

Playing Multiple games on Bluestacks emulator.
Playing Multiple games on Bluestacks emulator.

Search any android game you want to play in it, click and start enjoying.
You may want to know more about BlueStacks. It is an app said to be produced by American technology company. The company is also responsible for the production of other cloud-based/cross-platform products. The BlueStacks app is designed to enable Android applicationsto run on PCs running Microsoft Windows and Apple's iOS/ macOs.

How To Play Windows Games on Android Devices.

Okay, how about Windows' games, can it be played on Android devices? Yeap!  Below are two applications mentioned out of many for the purpose of gaming PC games on Android devices.


Liquidsky is a cloud gaming application that the Android operating system could use to run windows games. 

According to some facts gathered from Venturebeat, "the LiquidSky 2.0 beta on Android fulfills one of the promises of cloud gaming, the company said, by enabling gamers to play their high-quality PC games on mobile hardware that wasn’t designed to run them. It does so by running the game in the cloud and streaming the images to the smartphone or tablet in an efficient way.

There are other cloud gaming apps for Android to do the same thing or something better as Liquidsky. 


Another Cloud Gaming app for Android is the Netboom. You can find all the games you would play on your personal computer there, and best of it all, you play them online.
PC games displayed in Android device in Netboom app.
List of PC games displayed in Android device in Netboom app.

It's important for you to know that you need to purchase coins in order to for you to get access to any game you would love to play. For example, Netboom uses 2 coins for 1 minute gaming. so, you need to purchase a lot of coins that will allow you end the games satisfactorily. The coin ranges from $1 to $2.

Gcloud Lite

Gcloud is another cloud gaming application for Android devices. You could play games with an unlimited timing, but you will to pay very little and affordable amount of money for the SVIP.
SVIP is what grants you the authority to play the games available, and it costs $1.49. You can purchase that from the play store.

How to Play Windows Games on iOS or How to Play Windows Laptop Games on iphone and iPad.

Steam Link, Moonlight, and AMD are applications considered by Pcmag to be available for playing laptop or pc games on iOS and Android devices. Of all the mentioned applications above, Pcmag recommended the use of Steam link before trying the others; says there's a smooth experience for most games played there. Reasoning this well, you can see the need of wanting the other applications: Moonlight and AMD as Pcmag speaks of experiences with some errors, "quirks", as was called while using Steam Link.
Setting up the Steam Link doesn't seem to be much of a problem as Pcmag added, "The Steam Link app (iOS, Android) is remarkably easy to set up, so long as your mobile device is on the same network as your PC. When you launch it for the first time, it'll scan your network for computers running Steam and present a list of them". 

How to Play iOS Games on Windows Laptops or How to Play iPad or iPhone Games on Windows

You can play iOS games on windows by using any of the available means that have been in use already. There are a lot of different options available to choose from in order to play iphone games on your PC (windows). Few of the options gathered from gadgetmeetsguy are listed below.

Air iPhone Emulator

This is an iOS emulator for the windows operating system. If you have a windows 7, 8 or 8.1 windows PC, then it would be interesting to know that this app is considered to be simple and easy use. It is an Adobe Air application. You can access the iOS Apps and play iPhone games directly on your PC. It is said to imitate the GUI of an iPhone.

iPhone Simulator

This app is said to be a free one where you won't have to spend unnecessarily in order to access it. It comes with an excellent quality of graphics while playing an iOS game on Windows OS.

iPadian App

This app plays iOS games on any of the listed PC or laptop operating systems. It does not matter whether you are having a Windows, MAC, or Linux OS installed in your computer. According to gadgetmeetsguy, "It is highly recommended to use the simulator with having the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and .Net framework installed on your PC. You can also save your games on it".


This application is allows you to play your iOS games that is already running on your available iOS or iPhone device on your available PC or Laptop. In order words, it mirrors the screen content of your iOS device to your windows screen.


This application is said to have been developed from the open-sourced MAME project and is a modified version of an Andriod OS. It is an emulator you can use to play iOS9 and above compatible iPhone games on a PC.

How to Play PS or Playstation Games on Laptop Computers and Mobile Devices Like Windows, Android, iPhone etc. 

The most used application for playing playstation games on the devices mentioned above is PPSSPP Emulator. You have download a version with an app extension compatible with your phone or PC. Example: for android devices, download the apk extension of the app, and for windows, download the exe extension of the app.

You may also want to download play station game files to play on the PPSSPP Emulator.

If your need is not mentioned here, you don't have to worry, developers are not stopping till they could produce the best option for everyone. Keep checking on what you need, it's possible it would mentioned someday soon.

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