How To Download And Play PSP Games On PPSSPP Emulator App


    Do you want to play PSP games on your mobile smartphone device, yet you don't know how to go about it? In this article you will learn so much on how to make PSP games play on your device. You will also learn how to download the psp emulator app, the Operating Systems you can play psp games on using the ppsspp app, and how to download psp games and make them play in the Ppsspp application. You might also want to check out the apk most addicting games for android phones

What Is PPSSPP App?

Ppsspp is an open source application that is developed to play or run Play Station Portable(PSP) games on any device you have it installed. If you install the PPSSPP app in any supported devices, you will be able to play playstation portable games - psp games in it. PPSSPP is a PSP emulator app, and is available for several operating systems. You can find out the kinds of operating system ppsspp app supports, and many other things about the PPSSPP emulator app including what it's made up of from this link.

How To Use PPSSPP App

Using the PSP emulator app    ppsspp is very simple, thanks to the creator of the project, and his contributing team. All you need to do is:

First of all install the ppsspp app - you can do that from the playstore or the appstore of the device you are using. You can also download it from the website. If you read on the link I attached above on 'things to know about ppsspp app', you will be informed on the free to download version of the ppsspp app and the one on sale. Yes  the PPSSPP app is of two types. You might also want to know how to play java games on android phones which is a little bit similar to playing ppsspp games.

How to play ppsspp games
Where To Locate Your PSP Games In The PPSSPP Emulator App

Next you will have to locate your PSP game files which are usually in the iso and cso format within and inside the opened ppsspp app, example - Assassin's Creed Bloodlines.iso. From within the ppsspp app you will have to browse your phones storage in order to chose the folder where you store or save your ppsspp games. See where with picture above.

Oh! You don't have psp games? See list of good multiplayer games and that of psp basketball games you can download and play on the ppsspp emulator app.

How To Download PSP Games For PPSSPP

To download psp games, you will have to search for the internet or social media platforms like Facebook. Search Google with the name of the psp game you wish to download, and the results will pop up for you to choose the results with the topic that suits your need. You can also go directly visit websites that deals with PSP games to download, or where the author list games for download, and attach links to download from safe sites just like I'm always doing.

Links are also dropped on Facebook pages, profiles, and groups. All you need to do is search Facebook and they will pop up. The best way to do the search is by using #tags, example - #ppssppgames. One of the face book pages that deals with games is Gamielevel. You might want to Like or Follow.

When you visit the links from Google or Facebook, read carefully to know what to expect when visiting the websites. Look for the "Download" or "Save Buttons" in the game websites you visit, press them to start downloading the games.

Note: Some websites which I haven't mentioned here can be cunny with the download buttons. You know that experience of clicking five(5) download buttons, yet you still can't download a file. That's what I mean.

It doesn't end there, friend. If you don't know, there is one more thing that needs to be done. What is it? Game file extraction from downloaded compressed ZIP file.

How To Extract PSP ISO Game File From ZIP Folder For PPSSPP.

Before you can play a downloaded PSP game in the ppsspp emulator app, you will have to extract the game from the ZIP folder you downloaded. Why are the games in ZIP folder? It's for security and size reasons. It will protect the game file from possibly getting corrupt when being uploaded to the internet. It will also help reduce the size for uploading and downloading.

Step by Step Guide On How To Extract PSP Game File From Zip

There are applications that help with the extraction. I suggest Es File Explorer and Zipper for Android mobile phone users.

Using Es File Explorer, open the folder which you downloaded the PSP game in zip file to. If you have other apps that can access the zip file, you may see options pop up, but chose the "Es Zip Viewer" option. The ZIP folder will open. You will find the real game file inside, if actually it is what you downloaded.

Click and hold on the real game iso file(Don't Tap Once), and then you will have options appearing at the bottom of the screen with: Extract, Web Search, and Copy.

Choose Extract or Copy. If you chose extract, you will be left with the options: Current Path and Choose Path. 

Current Path will extract the file instantly to the current folder which the downloaded game ZIP file is. It's usually the "Download" folder.

Choose Path will let you chose your desired folde - the folder you wish to have your ppsspp games. I suggest you save or extract your psp iso game files into the "GAME" folder which is inside "PSP" folder. The PSP folder appears automatically when you install ppsspp blue or gold app in to your device.

If you choose "Copy", it makes it quick for you to copy it from the ZIP folder to any folder of your choice.

After successfully doing all these, Locate The Game File as told above under the subheading, How To Use PPSSPP, Enjoy! And possibly run through these ppsspp sports games you can download and start playing.


This is the most detailed article that teaches you how to the PSP emulator app, PPSSPP to play PSP iso games. Don't forget to Like or Follow our social media channels.

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