Most Free Addicting Games Online and Offline For Your Android Phone


 Have you ever played an addicting game before? I mean a game you play, play, and keep playing every or almost every single day.. I don't know about you, but have. If you have, I'll learn of it from the comments section if you wish to let me and others know.

There are lots of addicting video games out there and available in multiple game platforms like on Playstation, Xbox, Android, iOS, etc.. In this article, I will let you know what are some addicting games for android trending. Before I head into the list of android most addicting games, I'd like to know your observations on what makes games addicting.

You might want to also know of the available best open world games for android phones after checking out the awesome and most addicting games listed below

Why Are Video Games Addicting?

Best Addicting Video Games For Android Phones
Best Addicting Video Games For Android Phones

From my quick, brief, and scanny observation, what makes games addicting are just the things that makes the game look lively, and realtable to the lively activities, people, and things around - depending on fhe game genre.

The two main things to me that would answer the question, 'why are video games so addicting' are Graphics and Storyline. What makes games addicting is mainly the graphics. The graphics of fhe game entices people and linger in people's memory. People  will always want to feed their eyes more on those good looking things often. How to make addicting games? Those two things and more are necessary.

Now lets head in to the list of the most android addicting games. You can let us know which you consider to be the most addicting in the comments section of this blog or on our Facebook Page as you search for the same title here, there.

List Of Free Addicting Video Games For Android

Call Of Duty Mobile

Most addictive action game for android
Call of Duty Mobile Addicting Video Game

I'm not sure, but if I can guess, if you love shooting games or shooting movies, you will definitely get addicted to this game. This is an action adventure shooting and combat game.

Call of Duty Mobile, also known as CODM is a Battle Royale and Multiplayer game for Android phones and other gaming platforms like Xbox, PC, and Playstation.

Call Of Duty Mobile Warzone

Most addictive games for android phones
Call of Duty Mobile Warzone Latest New Android Battle Royale Game

Call of Duty Mobile Warzone is the latest Calll of Duty Mobile game for android phones. It was made available already for platforms: Xbox, PC, Playstation 4 and 5 before its recent announcement on September 2021 by Activision.

In November 30, 2020 CODM Warzone was already released and limitedly. It's one of the best most addicting games online currently.

Free Fire

Free online battle royale video game
Free Fire Android Game

Free Fire is another battle royale game for android phones that can be quite addicting to some shooter and adventure games lovers. It's one of the free addicting video games like the call of duty mobile games listed above.

Free Fire as one of the free online addicting games is available in two versions: the Free fire Max and Lite version.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Android Apk Games Online

PUBG Mobile is one of the best addicting games online next to call of duty mobile games. The graphics and game actions are  more advanced than that of Free Fire.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds - PUBG is a Battle Royale game and multiplayer video game available for android puones and other platforms.

PUBG New State

Download android most addictive games
PUBG Mobile New State Addicting Video Game

PUBG mobile New State is another version of the PUBG mobile game that was released lately. You can still consider it to fall into the most addicting games category. There are differences in maps and characters.

Traffic Racer Pro

Free online car racing game
Traffic Racer Pro Car Racing Addicting Video Game For Android

Traffic Racer Pro is a car racing game that also has the open world mode where you can drive any anywhere.

Asphalt 9

Free Most Addictive video games for android
Asphalt 9 Car Racing Addicting Video Game

Asphalt 9 is another racing game under this list of most addictive games for android. It's one of the free car games online that is addicting.

Pro Evolution Soccer - PES

Pro evolution soccer PES addicting apk game
PES addicting Football Game

Pro evolution soccer games is one of the most played games since it's a kind of football simulation. This is one game you will always visit when ever you have the time to, unless you have other games and their missions to complete.


FIFA Addicting Football Sports Game
EA FIFA Football Sports Addicting Game For Android

Next to PES is the FIFA football game. It's also one of the addictive games for football game lovers.

3d Pool

Download free online addicting pool game
3d Pool Android Apk addicting Game

3d pool is one of the most addicting games. Its both online and offline. In the online mode you have access to more game levels, and you can also compete in multiplayer with other players around the world.

Shadow Fight Games

Shadow Fight 2

Download android addictive games
Shadow Fight 2 Android Game

Shadow Fight 2 by Nekki android game is another of the addicting games. The game is an action game game where weapons, punches, and kicks are used. It features a silhouette-like graphics, and the game characters are are dark as shadows are. 
The game is falls under the free online games and also, offline games for android phones. It doesn't have the multiplayer feature where or doesn't fall under the two player games categories of android games.

Shadow Fight 3

Free online addicting video games for android download
Shadow Fight Addictive Game

Shadow fight 3 Nekki game is the sequel to shadow fight 2. This is one of the free online addicting video games similar to shadow fight in terms of weapons and fight styles, but it's no longer in the silhouette -like format as in shadow fight 2. Shadow fight 3 apk android game has its characters fully visible, and is just an online game.

It will require data or internet connection in order for you to play the game. It doesn't have the multiplayer feature.

Shadow Fight Arena 4

Android addicting shadow fight 4 game
Shadow Fight 4 Arena Multiplayer PvP Android Game

Shadow Fight 4 Arena is the latest part of the Shadow fight games by Nekki. The game is one of the most addicting games currently for android phone and iOS phone users.

Shadow fight 4 Arena happens to fall under the two player games category of games. It supports competitive multiplayer gaming. It is similar to Shadow fight 3 game

Subway Surfer

Subway Surfer Addicting Video Game
Subway Surfer Addictive Android Game

Subway Surfer is one of the most played games which will definitely fall under the free addicting video games for mobile phone users. It's available for download in the google playstore and other app stores of operating systems that supports the game, Subway Surfer.

Gangster Vegas Open World Game

Android addicting video game
Gangster Vegas Addictive Game

Gangster Vegas will fall under the most addictive games for lots of people because of the open world characterestics it has. You can roam the entire map of Vegas without limitations and complete tasks even after completing all the available missions.

Extreme Car Racing Game Oepn World Game

Most addictive car driving game for android download
Addicting Extreme Car Racing Game

I had made a list of best car games you can download and play on your Android device, and Extreme Car Racing game is also in the list. The graphics of this game and the car stunts and sounds has put this game in the most Addicting games for android phones.

I'll be updating the list to add more addicting games. Meanwhile, comment on the game categories you would download games based on - Is it the Adventure, Action, Racing, Sports, Puzzle, etc categories?

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