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In this particular article, I will be listing top open world apk games for android phones that does not require the ppsspp emulator app before running and playing the games. I won't just be listing free android games that are open world, but best offline games with good graphics, actions, and stories! Trust this blog with that. 

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What's more interesting about these open world rpgs games is that you can get them easily from the game store app, playstore. Note! There are some games that are not available to some android phones.

Android phones that do not meet the game requirements of any game might not be able to find the game or games in the playstore.

In order to find most of the best mobile open world video games for android phones, your phone should have the android version 5 up. Your phone should also have at least 1GB RAM. So, if  you don't find the mobile apk  games on playstore, then it means your android phone is not compatible with the game or games.

Playstore games download is always the best and the safest since it comes with the google powered android operating system, but there are other games app free for use in game download, just like playstore itself. You can check on the games you can't find on playstore there, and might be lucky to find the game there.

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So, here comes the list of best open world games for android devices.

Gangstar Rio: City Of Saints

Download Gangstar game apk
Gangstar Apk Game For Android

Gangster rio city saints is another mobile open world rpg game from the Gameloft company. The game is also an action adventure game like the GTA game series.

Like Gangstar Vegas game, there are beautiful clothings to customize the main game character with. There are so many beautiful and expensive cars and motorbikes which you are free to drive anytime anywhere. There are also varieties of weapons to chose and use in fighting and defending self.

Gangstar New Orleans

Download Gangstar New Orleans mobile game
Gangstar New Orleans Mobile Game

Gangster New Orleans mobile game is also, another Gameloft action adventure game for Android devices. Like it also has similar characteristics and features like any other gangstar mobile game available for android phones. It is a free open world game for download on playstore.

Gangstar Vegas

Download Gangstar game vegas for mobile
Jason In Some White Outfit

Gangstar Vegas mobile android game is a free android android open world rpg game. Gangstar Vegas is another action adventure mobile gangstar game that has beautiful graphics, characters, clothings weapons, cars. 

What makes this game more interesting is the magic, and space aliens that the game main character, Jason gas to fight alongside other bad humans seeking to cause harm to him and his friends. Yes, you heard me right! There are aliens in the game, and there's is devil in the game too that gives invisible power to one man who robs bank with an invisible body form. Wow! Very interesting game.

Gangster Vegas game apk happens to be a totally free android game for download in the goole playstore in android mobile devices. Download and enjoy the game.

You might also want to know that the game is updated often by Gameloft - fixing bugs, and also adding new game features and events to it's online multiplayer game mode. Surprised? Yes! The game has Multiplayer mode.

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GTA San Andreas

Download GTA San Andreas apk game
GTA San Andreas Caesar

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the next Rockstar action adventure game series after the it's predecessor, GTA Vice City Stories.

GTA SA has a lot of features similar and more to the predecessor games mentioned and told below. It also has better graphics than it's predecessor.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was first released for playstation 2, and then Microsoft windows PC s, and for other gameable gadgets including the android phones.

GTA San Andreas game for Android Mobile happens to be a very well appreciated game by players for being unique.

The Game story centers around a gangstar, Carl Johnson AKA CJ! Cj happens to come back to meet his broken family, The Grooves street after his mother and other relatives were killed and attacked  by rival family, Ballas. Cj comes back to meet his brother, Sweet, sister, and two street friends, Ryder and Big Smoke. Cj is willing to stay in the Groove Street to see that all the ills going in the street is put off.

Cj fights along side his brother against the Ballas, and the two friends, Ryder and Big Smoke that betrayed the Groove Street Family. Cj also had help from others as he also reciprocated the help to them. Cj happens to move from one location map to another to put things in order for himself and his family members.

The open world feature makes it totally awesome as it feels like players are Inside the game. Download GTA San Andreas from playstore and enjoy best game storyline and actions.

GTA Vice City

Openworld game for Android phones
GTA Vice City Stories Mobile Game

GTA Vice City Stories is an action adventure game that was developed by the two well known game companies, Rockstar Leeds And Rockstar North. It was first released to the playstation portable, and then playstation 2 console. The game was later released for mobile devices. It happens to be one of the best offline openworld game for mobile devices.

Apart from being among the top open world games for mobile android devices, it also has the ad hoc wireless multiplayer feature where over 7 players can connect into the various game modes that are available. 

GTA Vice City Stories just like other GTA games are open world rpgs game with a third person character view. What I mean by that is, the game character is visible on the screen, and you can have 360 view of him by using the buttons that adjusts the camera view.

The game character can perform actions like walking, running, driving, shooting, fighting, piloting, and even 👀 smashing.

Do you want to know how to download GTA Vice City Stories apk game? Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City game from your phone games app store, Playstore or other available game apk stores your phone has.

GTA Liberty City Stories

Download GTA liberty city stories mobile game
GTA Liberty City Stories mobile game

GTA Liberty City Stories is another top open world game for mobile devices including Android and iOS. This openworld game is the predecessor to GTA Vice City Stories game that I have just finished talking about.

GTA liberty city stories is also developed and published by the Rockstar Umbrella which includes the Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar North, and Rockstar Games.

The game was also, first released for the playstation portable - PSP, and then released for playstation 2, and then  iOS, Android, and Fire Os.

Grand Theft Auto liberty city stories is an action adventure game that is similar to the GTA III game. 

The game main character, Toni Cipriani is viewed in the third-person view. The game character is capable of driving, walking running, shooting, riding of motorcycle, accessing the whole openworld game map. Unfortunately, the game character cannot pilot airplanes though they're visible nor drive boats. As a very old fashioned game, terribly, the game character lacks the ability to swim. Character drowns when covered in water body.

Angel Sword

Download best open world game
Angel Sword 3d game for Android

Angel Sword is another beautiful and advanced Dvide arts game than the well known Earth And Legend 3d open world mobile game. Angel sword game is an open world rpg mobile game for download on playstore. The game has similar, yet advanced than the it's predecessor game, earth and legend.

In Angel sword android game apk, you will have to chose the hero or character you wish to use to fight the monsters and beasts you in the game. You chose between males or females just like in earth and legend.

There are so many interesting actions in this mobile game for android that will get you addicted to the game as you progress in solving quests and completing missions.

In this android game, you will roam about the openworld map in the game, moving from one different location to another. The game characters have angel like features, yes wings, and can fly. Very interesting game!

You can use magic, weapons, and armors to win battles against the evil bosses in the game. Download this free android game on playstore and enjoy! But you should note that the game is available only for sale. You have to buy it, but it's free and available for download in the game app store.

Earth And Legend

Download top offline android games
Earth and legend heroes of Fairheaven

Earth and Legend is a 3d game developed by the Dvide Arts game company. This is another good free open world video game for Android phones. In this game, you fight magical creatures, beasts, and wild animals. You also, as the main game character, display your sense of survival as you move about different places around the open world game map to fight creatures.

The experiences you get from battles im the game qualifies you to face evil bosses that plans to terrorize and even bring down the smal town of Fair Heaven.

In this game, the .ain game character which you as the player will have to choose between the males or females. There are three different races to choose from: the dark, fair, and white.

There are lords that control the four elements: Water, Fire, Earth, And Air, but with evol intensions. The right people fairies that used to control the elements right were casted evil spells on to become evil. You will have to fight the evil within this elements lords to defeat and free the fairies from the evil spells. In the final fight against evil over the town of Fairheaven, you will have to fight and defeat the evil lord Gyron.

This open world rpg game for android mobile devices allows the main character the freedom to swim, fish, run, attack with weapons like sword, arrows and magic. The game character goes hungry, and must sale items gotten in the fields, desserts, graveyards, etc in the village in order sell and then buy food, arrows, magic, weapons, and armors.

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