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  There are many kinds of games developed for, and to play on specific gadgets depending on the programming language and format used and stored. The laptop gadget may have Windows as an operating system, so, the games and applications it tuns comes in the format, .EXE. Other games stored or saved in any other format can't run on the laptop pc, except there is a .exe application that is designed to emulate and play the format.

So, in this article, I will be talking about best mobile games and apps that are developed and stored in  the APK format. The apk format is an Android operating system format for game and applications. It is what Android phones are programmed to run from factory where they are produced. You will get to know the best android games for android as you read down.

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When I talk of best games for android, I'm talking about games with good graphics, stories, and actions. These things make a game interesting and very addictive to players. So, careful selections are made, and will be updated when other top android games have been spotted.

There are so many interesting android apk games that are available for download and play. Some of these Android games are free, and some has to be purchased with money.

I'll list out android free apk games you will definitely enjoy if you haven't played them already. The game store app that contains the best games for android I'll be listing, is the google playstore.

Playstore games download is the simplest and safest means for people to get apk games free download. The play market also has games that are for sale, and are affordable. Playstore is the games app free for apps and games downloads for android. There are other games app free for download, and which you can also use in making apk games free download. An example of such game app is the APK Cure App. You can still download games apk format from there, though they may be modded in one way or the other to avoid copyright infringement.

Well, like I have always been, straightforward, I'll let you know that there are some of these games I might list may require some purchases in the game to play the game. Most of them don't need purchases, but ads views. An invite to like our Facebook Pages for games.

Do you have a PC and wish to play android games on it? Read from attached link right above this line to see other apps like Bluestacks which you can use to play android games on your PC.

The List!

Fighting Games

Shadow Fight 2

Android Apk game app shadow fight
Shadow Fight 2 android game

Shadow Fight 2 android fighting mobile game with the character view in silhouette form - to depict the shadow image of the character. It is one of the best offline android games for mobile phones with android operating system. It is one of the free android games you can always go back to play offline without getting connected to online.

Shadow fight 2 mobile game apk happens to be of two. The one that I have explained above which is free, and the one that requires purchase. The one with purchases have no limits to what players need to achieve in the game, unlike the free shadow fight 2 apk game where you have to struggle for coins for weapon and armor upgrades.

Shaddow fight 2 game apk can also be played multiplayer online with other players around the world.

Shadow Fight 3 (online)

Games app free for download
Shadow Fight 3 Online Game

Shadow fight 3 Mobile game is the next game to shadow fight 2 apk game. It's not like Shadow fight 2 in terms of the shadow silhouette. The game characters are visible, and with visible clothings and weapons. Like Shadow fight 2, it's one of the best mobile games for android.

The game happens to accessible only with internet connection - online.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Best offline android games
Injustice Gods Among Us

Injustice gods among us is another top android game. Also best offline action game apk for mobile phones. The game features heroic and heroine characters we see in movies; characters like: Superman, Wonder woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and a host of others.

Mortal Kombat (online)

Mortal Kombat game apk
Mortal Kombat Apk Game

Mortal Kombat fighting mobile game is a game that features the movie characters and their fighting skills and abilities. The game is accessible ony when connected to the internet. It's an online apk game with good graphics.

EA Sports UFC

Best free android games
UFC Boxing Game Apk

UFC is an EA Sports boxing apk game for android devices. You compete in fights with other players.

GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Liberty City Stories mobile game
GTA Liberty City Stories Game Apk

GTA  Liberty City Stories is one of the best offline android games in apk format. It was earlier developed for the play station and Xbox consoles and later to the android phones. It is a game developed and released by the Rockstar Games company. One of the best apk open world games for android phones.

GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas apk game download
GTA San Andreas apk Game

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is another rockstar gangster game that was later developed for android as an apk game after its early releases to playstations and Xboxes.

GTA games are open world games that allows players to roam about and capable of any available programmed actions.

Some people do face issues with GTA San Andreas as it would not open properly. There are things to do to gta sa play on your android phone. Read on how to make GTA San Andreas play on your android phone.

Gangster Vegas

Top android games
Gangster Vegas mobile game

Gangstar Vegas is Gameloft game that is similar but different to the Grand Theft Auto Games by Rockstar Games. Gangstar Vegas is developed by the Gameloft company. It is an apk open world game where the game character is free to carry out any action, along side movements all around the open world map.

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Gangster New Orleans

Playstore games download
Gangstar New Orleans Mobile Apk Game

Gangstar New Orleans apk game is another game that is similar in actions to gangster vegas mobile game. It requires an internet connection to play the game which is very unlike gangster vegas or gangster 4 android game. Gangster vegas do require internet to set up and verify file after download, but doesn't require internet data connectivity to play the game on a compulsory terms. In gangster new Orleans, it's kind of compulsory.

Gangster Rio: City Of Saints

Gangstar Rio City Of Saints game apk
Gangstar Mobile Game Apk

This is another gangstar game version of Gameloft game company. It's a very nice feeling to know that the gangstar games, each give their own special fun to players.

Life Is Strange (offline)

Best offline android games
Life is Strange Offline Android Game

This is a very heavy, yet interesting game to play. It requires devices with high features like the RAM and Processors to run smoothly. It requires an Android version of 6 upwards, a RAM of 2GB and above, and an Open GL feature. The game has rich storyline, and the ending of the game is determined by the choices and actions you made in the game.

This apk game is said to have won an award for people's choice award in 2018. It's an Android Mobile game you would love to try. Best of it all, it is free for download.

Way Of Retribution: Awakening

Playstore Games Download
Way Of Retribution Apk Game

This mobile game is an apk game that involves the use of sword and magic for battles. It is a very interesting game as told by players. There is stealth mode that does the backstabbing action.

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Racing Games

Asphalt 9 Legends

Apk Racing Game for Android
Racing Game For Android Phones

Asphalt 9 is a car racing free android game, just like every other game that is mentioned and listed her in this article. The game is developed by the Gameloft company. Prepare to drive crazy your opponents on the different maps available.

Need For Speed No Limits

Mobile Racing Game
Need For Speed Racing Game

Need for speed apk game is up for download in the playstore. The game is a car racing apk game for Android.  In this game, you own a garage that you can stuck the virtual form of the real cars you know of. You can easily customize your cars to your taste with the available components available in the black market.

Rebel Racing

Game apk download from playstore game app
Drift Racing in Rebel Racing Game

This another free online racing apk game for download. The game allows players to customize cars to their taste and function - to win races.

Taxi Sims

Taxi Sims Apk Mobile Game
Taxi Driver Game For Android Phones

Taxi Sims is a free android game you can download from the game store app in android - play store. The game is a simulator of the taxi profession. Enjoy the race, alongside earning while making successful lift and transportation.

Petrol Head: Traffic Quests

Apk game download for Android phone
Drive the traffic crazy

Petrol head is a racing apk android game that is played online though it has the offline mode, but not unlocked by the developers because of the fear tweaking and causing cheats in the game.

Rush Hour 3D

Rush hour game apk
Rush hour Racing 3d Game

Another android apk racing game for download. Download Rush hour racing game apk from the playstore and taste the difference in racing game graphics.

GT Racing 2: Real Car Game

Racing Games
GT Real Racing Inside Car View

Like the name implies, GT Racing android apk game contains the virtual versions of real cars you know. Customize them to your taste and make sure you win races with them.


Heat car racing game
Heat Car Racing Mobile Game

This another interesting racing game many don't know about. This apk racing game has the multiplayer tag feature which you can tag along with your friends as a crew and win races together. 

Online/Offline Battle Games

Nova Legacy

Sci Fi android apk game
Nova Legacy Mobile Game

Nova Legacy mobile apk game is a Gameloft game. It contains space missions and fights with aliens and monsters. It also has Multiplayer mode which is online. Players in the multiplayer mode battle against selves.

Nova Legacy mobile game for android is an offline game. Well, you can put it that it's one of the best offline android game with fps. It is also a free android game you can download without having to pay for it.

Garena Free Fire

Free fire download
Free Fire online multiplayer BR Game

Free fire mobile game apk is an online battle royale game with an open world for gun, fist, and vehicle combats. As an open world game, you can roam about the whole world map therein, hide, and assault opponents.

PUBG Mobile

Top android games for download
PUBG Mobile Android Game

Pubg Mobile is also an open world online game when in the battle royale mode. It's an apk mobile game you can download from the google playstore. Like free fire, it involves shooting actions, roaming, and vehicle operation. At the moment, pubg mobile 8s considered one of the top android games online. Make the game apk download at play store or any other game download app that is safe.

Mind Cell

Playstore games download
Best New Mobile Game

Mindcell android game is an action adventure shooter game for android phones. The game was released in June 23rd of 2020. New game! The game is offered by the gaming company, Ray Spark. From the game play I have seen, the game seems to be one game that will be put in the list of best mobile games.

The game for sale in the playstore game app. Before you make the playstore game download, you will have to purchase the game first of all.

PUBG Mobile Lite

Battle royale android game
PUBG Mobile Lite

Pubg lite is a lower or lighter version of the PUBG mobile game app. It's made for android devices with low qualities for gaming. It has its own map, and similar features with pubg mobile game.

Call Of Duty Mobile

Playstore game apk download
Call Of Duty Mobile Online Game

Call pf duty mobile game is an apk game that is similar, if not better than the PUBG mobile game. The game is a battle royale game. It is an online game that supports multiplayer with players all around the world.

Evolution 2: Shooting Games

Multiplayer games for Android phone
Shooting game for Android phones

This another good android game to download to your phone. It is an action game with gun fights, loots, and multiplayer competition with friends. It has some form of sci-fi features in it. Download Evolution 2 android apk game from the play store and enjoy.


Best Survival battle royale android game
Capturing Enemy territories

Badlanders is A survival android game, where you have to loot, and shoot at enemies to survive in battles. This is one nice new game that is not long since dropped in to the play market. It is an  apk game free for download on the playstore. Download badlanders action game and enjoy from the game apps store.

Infinity Ops: Cyberpunk Fps

Online best games for android
Cyberpunk Game character

Cyberpunk Fps is no doubt one of the free android game available in the playstore for download. It is a first person shooter game.

Brothers In Arms

Top android apk game
Brothers In Arms

Brothers In Arms apk is an offline mobile Android game. The game is developed by the Gameloft company. 

Critical Ops: Multiplayer Fps

Best Fps Mobile Games
Online Multiplayer Game Apk

This as free android multiplayer fps game you can play with other players online. Contains gun violence and fights.

Football Games

eFootball PES 2021

Best online Apk games
Pro Evolution Soccer Apk Game

Pes happens to the best soccer game I could come up with in the google playstore. There other nice soccer apk games, though, but pes 2021 proves to be the best.

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