Apps Like Bluestacks Which You Can Play Android Games On PC


  How To Play Android Games On Your PC is a very simple thing you can do. Before you check up the internet on how to play android games on your windows pc, it means you have the need to play these games your way using your laptop computer. 

The pc screen is usually bigger than that of mobile phones; it could be the reason you want to view everything in the android game in full screen of the pc, especially android sports games

Another reason you may want to play android games on pc is the fact that there are some interesting and best mobile games that are only developed and available for android phones, and you would want to have a feel of it with your pc.

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To play android games on pc, there are some applications you should download for your pc laptop or desktop, whichever ever it is. This applications you are supposed to download before are applications that will run the android game apk on your pc. Applications that do such things are called game emulator. They allow you to play or run an application meant for a different operating system on the different operating gadget system you are using.

For example: The pc you wish to download and play android games is a gadget with Windows Operating System, and Android is another Operating System that runs on mobile devices. So, to play android game on PC, there has to be an application programmed to open and make the pc feel like android which is the emulator app.

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Like I said earlier, there are lots of emulator apps you can use to play android games on PCs, but Bluestacks is the most known of it all. I will mention and let you know about  some well-known to be working best android emulators for PC.

Best Emulator Apps To Play Android Games On PC


Bluestacks alternatives
Nox android emulator

Nox android emulator app for pc is one of the latest emulator app for pc. This application supports the android version 9. This means that you have the chance of playing many more  android games that are available for that android version.

This android emulator app for pc, has some features that other emulator apps for android to pc game play don't have. Some examples of such features are the:

Keyboard Mapping; this allows you to map or choose keyboard keys for specific game actions in the android game being played on the pc

Controller Support; this gives you the freedom to connect your own controllers. Any connected game pad to the system works on the app.

MApps Like Bluestacks Which You Can Play Android Games On PCultiple Game Screens; this emulator android app for pc supports splits screens which you can use to play multiple games at the same time.

And Gesture Control: in android operating systems, the medium of inputs are basically swipes and taps. In the pc you wish to play android games on, you can map or chose some keys that will respond to those android input actions.


Best android emulator app for pc
Bluestacks Android app emulator for PC

Bluestacks is the most used and known to be one of the best android emulator for PC and Mac. This android player on PC has some outstanding features as well that make the android game play on your laptop computer a different feel.

Bluestacks android emulator for pc happens to have a new version that runs android apps fast and smoothly on pc laptops and even desktops.

Like Nox it has the split screen feature that allows the gamer to play multiple games at the same time. It also has key mapping system for customization of games action keys, and other controller support.

It is considered a safe app for users as they comply with the the GDPR to keep user's data safe 

Phoenix Os

Best Bluestacks alternatives
Phoenix Os Android Emulator For PC

This is another game emulator app you can use to play android games on pc though it's not really known by many, but it actually works very fine when it comes to playing android games on pc. It supports the android version 7 as at now in it's latest version.
Phoenix Os supports Google play services which will help in saving your game progress, and as well as giving you access to more apps in the play store.

Arc hon

Play android games on chrome browser
ARChon Chrome Extension

ARChon is not a standalone android emulator like the ones mentioned above, it is dependent upon the chrome browser for function. ARChon is a Google chrome extension. You have to download it to the chrome browser and then get apk games you would like to run or play on the PC chrome browser.
ARChon, at some point may seem complicated as you may have to convert the apk format of the android game you wish to play to a format ot supports more.

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