How To Play And Download Java Games For Java And Android Phones


 Do you still long for those interesting best java games you used to play on old mobile phones like the Nokia x2, Nokia C2, Nokia Asha, Nokia S40, Sony Erickson, Motorola, etc? I'd definitely play those java games and apps again after several years. There are some memories that comes with it. You probably would relate to that feeling unless you wasn't around birthwise when these phones was the only mobile gamings option back then. If I can recall the year I realized games could be played on a mobile phone, lol, it should be from 2009, and it was my dad's phone, Nokia 3120. Here's a list of top Java Gameloft Games For Java phones list of top Java Gameloft Games For Java phones you can play on your Android phone.

Anyways, those days have far been left behind alongside those devices, though they're still in existence but discontinued in production. This does not mean that the jar supported phones that can play java games are not used anymore, they're are. You might want to see some Java Game Engines to use in creating 2d games with knowledge of coding.

Thanks to technology, java games in the jar format can be played on Android phones. I will let you know how to play java games on Android phones in this article and where to download java games to play.

How to play java games on Android phone
Play Java Gameloft Game on Android.

How To Play Java Games On Android Phone

In order for you to be able to make use of java games and apps on your Android phone, you will need an emulator app that can run the java jar game files  available in your phone.

There's this java games and apps emulator app I will recommend you in this blog post. The emulator app for Android phones is called J2ME Loader. You can use J2ME Loader to play phoneky java games 240x320 screensized and other screen sizes. You can also use the J2ME Loader to play gameloft java games and nearly all the java games that are available for download.

What Is J2ME Loader?

J2me java games and apps emulator app for download
Java Games and Java Apps Emulator App For Android Phones

J2ME Loader is a j2me(Java Micro Edition) emulator app for Android devices. The app runs old mobile java phones apps and games on the android smartphone. It has been made notable by j2me-loader-en thatyhe J2ME Loader app supports most 2D and 3D jar games, and that makes it more interesting to use it to enjoy those live graphics.

How do you use the J2ME Loader to run or play java games and apps? The next subheading will let you know how to download and install the J2ME Loader java emulator app for Android and how to play java action games and other best java games genres.

Meanwhile, it might interest you to know that this java program running machine, J2ME Loader allows you set your gaming experience to your possible taste. You can set the screen size and the aspect ratio to your taste. You can as well chose the display visibility of your gaming keyboard and buttons.

How To Download J2ME Loader Java Games And Applications Emulator App For Android Phones

In order for you to play those best java games you have in mind, you must download the J2ME Loader which is a jar application/game simulator for android. To get it;

  • Visit the android playstore
  • Search for the J2ME Loader app, it will be available in the list of similar applications result that will come up after you perform the search.
  • Download the the J2ME Loader java emulator app with the icon similar to the one you can find in this article.
  • Click on the J2ME Loader app icon in the result and then go ahead to download it by clicking on the "install" button.
  • After the app has been installed to your Android phone, you're now close to run your gameloft and phoneky java games jar files.

Now, what is remaining is how to launch or open the J2ME Loader to play the java games you have already downloaded or yet to download.

I have compiled best java games list for waptrick action games for java, gameloft java games for android, phoneky com java games etc from the link you can find in this particular paragraph. You might want to check it out. You're welcome

How To Play Java Games On Android With J2ME Loader Emulator apk App on Android

After the download and installation of the J2ME Loader simulator app for java applications, the next step to take to start playing old mobile java games is, launch!

  • Open the J2ME Loader app you downloaded
  • Tap on the + icon or the add button you will see in the loaded screen of the app
  • Now you'll have to locate the java game .jar file you have already downloaded to your phone's storage. Locate the game you want to play from the folder you have the games available, select the java game, and it will be added or installed to the emulator app.
  • After that, tap on the game's icon within the emulator to launch the game. Great! This Java Machine will run the java program you add to it to the best of it's ability.

The settings you apply to the Java emulator app will determine the java gaming experience you will have while playing it on your Android phone.


The J2ME Loader app is recommended by lots of people including an author in to run java games very well.

You should note that the J2ME Loader developers did not include java jar games in the J2ME Loader app. You are to download the java program files you wish to open and then use the java android emulator app to run the game.

Do not forget to checkout the java games list I attached it's link here - above to have in mind the old java games you would want play, maybe again or for the first time.

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