Buy Cheap Data Subscription For MTN, GLO, Airtel, And Etisalat Networks


 Do you want to buy cheap data that will last you as long as 30 days before it expires? I'll show you how to do that as you follow this article instructions accordingly.

How to buy cheap data bundle plans is a very simple thing to do, and the platform makes it even more cheaper should you decide to choose a reselling plan.

Cheap Free Data On MTN, Glo, Airtel, and Etisalat
Cheap Data Subscription PlanFor MTN

This method I'm going to show you on how to buy cheap data subscription is free though I'll will still let you know about a another plan that requires very small amount of money to get even more cheaper mobile network data subscriptions on the following network providers in Nigeria: MTN, Airtel, GLO, and Etisalat.

This method of getting cheap MB and GB s  is slowly spreading, and soon everyone will leave the default data plans provided by the Network peoviders which do not last long and is expensive for the hustlers like some of us trying to manage life In Nigeria.

End-user Data Prices

Note: The End-user account-type is consider to be an account for personal use not to resell.

The prices of products on this account type (End-user) are more expensive than that of Reseller account type.

End-user MTN Data Prices

MTN 500MB 30Days = N125

MTN 1GB 30Days = N250

MTN 2GB 30Days = N500

3GB 30Days = N750

5GB 30Days = N1250

10GB 30Days = N2500

End-user Glo Data Prices

1GB 14Days = N450

2GB 30Days = N900

4.1GB 30Days = N1350

5.8GB 30Days = N1800

7.7GB 30Days = N2250

10GB 30Days = N2700

13.25GB 30Days = N3600

18.25GB 30Days = N4500

29.5GB 30Days = N7200

50GB 30Days = N9000

End-user Airtel Data Prices

750MB 14Days = N425

1.5GB 30Days = N850

2GB 30Days = N1020

3GB 30Days = N1275

4.5GB 30Days = N1700

6GB 30Days = N2125

10GB 30Days = N2550

11GB 30Days = N3400

20GB 30Days = N4250

40GB 30Days = N8500

75GB 30Days = N12750

110GB 30Days = N17000

End-user 9mobile Data Prices

1.5GB 30Days = N900

2GB 30Days = N1080

3GB 30Days = N1350

4.5GB 30Days = N1800

11GB 30Days = N3600

20GB 30Days = N4500

40GB 30Days = N9000

75GB 30Days = N13,500

Reseller Plan Data Prices

This is a plan different from the end user data subscription plan. Here the data are cheaper than that of the end users. There are also some percentage taken off purchases and other service subscription within the site.

Reseller MTN Data Prices

500MB 30Days = N115

1GB 30Days = N230

2GB 30Days = N460

3GB 30Days = N690

5GB 30Days = N1150

10GB 30Days = N2300

Reseller Glo Data Prices

1GB 14Days = N425
2GB 30Days = N850
4.1GB 30Days = N1275
5.8GB 30Days = N1700
7.7GB 30Days = N2125
10GB 30Days = N2550
13.25GB 30Days = N3400
18.25GB 30Days = N4250
29.5GB 30Days = N6800
50GB 30Days = N8500

Reseller Airtel Data Prices

750MB 14Days = N400
1.5GB 30Days = N800
2GB 30Days = N960
3GB 30Days = N1200
4.5GB 30Days = N1600
6GB 30Days = N2000
10GB 30Days = N2400
11GB 30Days = N3200
20GB 30Days = N4000
40GB 30Days = N8000
75GB 30Days = N12000
110GB 30Days = N16000

Reseller 9mobile Data Prices

1.5GB 30Days = N850

2GB 30Days = N1020

3GB 30Days = N1275

4.5GB 30Days = N1700

11GB 30Days = N3400

20GB 30Days = N4250

40GB 30Days = N8500

75GB 30Days = N12750

Step By Step Guide On How To Buy Cheap Data Plans

First of all, Click this link to sign up or register on the platform. Fill the signup registration with everything or information about you which is required correctly. Failure to do that could make you lose some bonuses when verification might be required of you for security reasons.

Where you asked to choose which plan you want to use to be purchasing the cheap data Plans, choose the End-user plan if you do not have #2000 - two thousand naira to Join the other plan, the Reseller Plan.

When You are completely done with the signup proccess and have been taken to your Tranzit-Tech dashboard. You'll find a list of highlighted options at the Middle part of the website. You will find options like Fund Your Wallet and more..


Fund your Tranzit-Tech wallet in order to be able to make purchase of data anytime or anyday you wish to. To fund your wallet:

Click on the Fund Your Wallet highlighted box option.

Choose the Personalized Payment option in the center part of the the straight rectangular box that will appear after clicking the Fund Your Wallet option - Personalize Payment (Auto-Funding 1% Fee).

After that, you'll be given payment options with an auto personalized transaction account to choose from. I encourage you to use the Wema Bank option. With that option, you will have to fund the account number you can see attached to WEMA Bank. Funding your Tranzit-Tech wallet with Bank Apps work better.

After a successful transaction, head back to the website Homepage dashboard to select the next option next to the Fund Your Wallet option, Buy Data Of All Network.


Scroll down from the next screen to where you can see Purchase Data. Beneath it, choose the Network for the Data you wish to buy.  Next, select the data bundle you want to buy. When you're done with that, in the next option, add the phone number you want to subscribe the data plan. It can be yours or another person's. Just make sure the number is correct.

Finally, click the Proceed button below to complete your order. You'll receive an approved message or an error message telling you if the transaction is complete and successful or there's an error which will be stated in the message.

Do not panic over error message. Calmly read the message, and try again. Network do affect the proccess seldomly.


There are other other subscriptions you can make from the site which includes electricity subscription, aritime purchase, etc.

Difference Between End-User and Reseller Plan

As you can see in the data plans list above, the data plans and airtime purchase is cheaper with some percentage %off in the Reseller plan. The End-User plan is cheaper than the that of Network providers.

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