Money, Modes On How To Make Money, And Other Things To Know


 In this article, you will get to learn of what money is. You may be wondering what is actually different in the money you know and the one to be talked about here. It's going to be nothing different about the money you know, but the deeper meaning and explanation of money and it's importance. You will also learn of how to make money, and the modes that are used for money making as at now. With the help of relatable links attached here, you will learn so much about money and the process of making it. 

Money And How Important It Is!
Make money with creativity
Making Money

Money is any unique substance with symbols(currency) that is generally accepted for payments of goods, debts, services, and taxes. Money, itself, has no actual value; its value is symbolic because it conveys the importance that people place on it. The currency is usually in form of coins and notes. Before the idea of money, exchange were made through the process known as trade by barter; a process you trade goods and services for another person's goods and services.

Money today is a very essential need of man. Talking of essential needs of man; shelter, clothing, food, and water must have run through your mind. But look at how life is now, how do you get the basic needs when you can't pay for the need or the services of those who had also paid money/price to acquire the skill and resources required to bring to you, your needs? Its value increases decreases depending on how advanced a country is in investment and accumulation of wealth.

Money with its importance have been the major factor in keeping the modern world in balance. It keeps the balance by; allowing trade of goods and services indirectly, communicating and measurements of price and goods in that respective, allowing storage of wealth in the long-term.

Moreover, apart from the basic needs, people want to explore their world. They want to move from places to places while they pay for the transportation. They want comfort before they pay for an accommodation/hotel to cover and protect them from the weather changes. Of course! It's all money. Everyone needs that medium of exchange (money). A medium safer and more preferred to trade by barter. See how to attract money to yourself.

Everyone needs to survive. Money is needed to survive in this modern world. How is money gotten? Even a 5year old can perceive that money is gotten by going out and coming back with food or other needs and wants. They perceive what hustling feels like. They realize that everyone has to work; labour to survive.

Work actually, involves putting efforts to provide what is needed by others and will aid in survival, and also, getting what you need in return; payments. Work are in different forms, but serve the same purpose. One can work for/with the government (public) or work for another (private).

Before signing up for any form of work, especially as a Nigerian, think of the possible things you can do. You should also know that working, basically, requires at least basic education. Yeah, a First School Leaving Certificate and an SSCE. So, you should be able to write well, do addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication well, and aware of various professional terms. The next step is to carry out a personal field trip; go find out about the type of job you would like to sign up for. Apply for it if there's a vacant position. Note: you can create Jobs yourself by becoming an _entrepreneur_.

The next step is to be diligent, creative, and protective over your job. Never allow the thought of slacking. Know of the _terms needed to be successful money/emotional-wise as you will learn as you read down.

Important Things To Have In Mind When You're Or About Making Money.

Do you back off jobs easily? Do you want to make money, keep making money, and stay balanced with money?

Money, can be gotten by anyone as long as they understand the terms that follow in the process of earning it. If you've been paying attention, you'll notice that almost all every working individual in organizations have been facing ups and downs in their jobs. There are things that keep them going. This things are abstract. They are capable of making you successful. 

They are:


You'll have to love what you do. What you do should always encourage you to do more. That's what passion entail. Passion will aid you in:

Being focused on what you do

Being persistent regardless of the down side

Being optimistic


During the down times, you'll get to face uncomfortable and unpleasant moments within and around you. That shouldn't be a reason anyone would slack off what will put food on his or her table. While facing pain, you should consider it as a stepping stone. Really? Yes, it will definitely bring change within you and to your job. How will this happen? Well.. when you're facing pain, you have to:

Bear it; you think of the cause and look for a possible means of eliminating it.

Endure it; you absorb the thoughts of damage caused by the pain without letting it weigh you down.

Love it; you get used to it in case you get to face something similar later on.


Cooperation between you and your work colleagues or Business partners can go along way to making you more money. If there is understanding in the midst, surely you both or more can stand in for another, while the other goes out to make gains from other side hustle, there the money getting compiled. 


When things are moving well. At this point, you'll feel good. You'll want to explore more comfort zones and other things that the flesh craves. Why should you have pleasure at the back of your mind as it concerns how you earn? When people begin to gain experience of good moments in life, there's always a tendency to get more, but this, a lot of times, do lead to down falls. People get to lose their business or Job integrity. So, what matters in this part is to:

Abstain From Toxicity 

things that will damage your reputation. Toxic here could mean devilish thoughts or corrupt people around.

Keep yourself descent

Make plans to rhyme well with the changes derived from your experiences.

Side Hustling

If you want to be comfortable in life, you should consider having other sources of income aside that which comes from your Job. So, in the case of having a side hustle, you should know of the various ways of making money which all falls under three categories which you will find out as you read down. 

Modes To Use To Make Money

Money, as we know is important. It's something that needs to circulate. It's something that has to reach every human being. While everyone is up and going in their day to day businesses and jobs, money gets to circulate from one individual to another, and then to the government. With the presence of the internet- where people, all around the world form a network by connecting with any gadget that can transfer and receive data/information through signals and servers, money seems to circulate quicker than the offline mode.

Three Modes On How To Make Money

There are three modes by which people work and get money. They are: The offline, The online, and Off and On. Keenly looking at things concerning work in regard to the modern world, it could be seen that all jobs and businesses are at good chance of moving high with the 'Off and On' mode. It seems so because we human beings have to prepare and plan the things necessary for our jobs_(business or job planning)_, which is in under the mode regarded here as 'Offline'. So, after the offline part, some people who have the necessary things required to put them where many others will get to see and make purchases (internet), will do so. Putting what you do on internet simply means putting your business 'Online or internet' where a whole lot of people are connected to.

It's really an amazing feeling to get to get more and quick money with the aid of the internet. A lot of times, businesses and jobs are boosted with the aid of the internet.


Finalizing this, if you're well acquainted with this terms and follow the rightful conditions, you'll realize you've dealt with a problem that could have scared you out of your job. You'll definitely feel different. You'll

 feel the changes in regards to more knowledge as to how things work.

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