Earth 2 Overview: Is Earth2 Worth Investing Into, Is Earth 2 Trustworthy


  What Is Earth 2? Earth 2 is a metaverse project that paves way into virtual real estate and digital lands.

The journey into the world of virtual and augmented reality is becoming deepened everyday. Perhaps another earth has been established already. Although, it's virtual.

Earth 2 metaverse invetment review
Earth 2 Virtual Real Estate Investment

Earth 2 is a metaverse platform with the primary vision of creating a second earth. That will provide me and you the chance to own lands, digital real estate properties, and travel around the world without leaving our physical location. Just virtual and decentralised.

The project is in its early phase. A reason most people aren't putting their credibility on Earth 2. Surely, you will be able to make your decision after the course of reading this detailed orientation.

Earth 2 is a metaverse project

Earth 2 is a metaverse project paving way into virtual real estate 

On the course of my research, i found a very essential piece that describe Earth 2 as a:

"futuristic concept for a second earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical reality in which real-world geolocations on a sectioned map correspond to user generated digital virtual environments."

Overview of Earth 2

Launched in December 2020 by a team of Smart blockchain executors. The goal of this metaverse platform is to create viable digital real estate where human actions can take place virtually including gaming.

The project is built on MapBox technology. That allows a grid of maps, geographically ascertained and running around every location on the planet earth. These maps are structured into digital lands, referred to as tiles, spreading across each location around the earth.

Over 5.1 trillion tiles have been created on the platform and are classified under 3 models. While each tile also has the same 1:1 variation with normal lands in the physical earth.

In fact, each tile has a price tag of E$0.1 (that is 0.1 USD) initially. Meanwhile, tiles in locations with great values feature a higher price tag.

For instance, sales of tiles around a certain location (e.g San Marino) will rise if there had to be a lot of sales in that region. This is because the location will continue to develop faster, it gains value and the price skyrocket. Wow… Such an investment.

In summary, earth 2 has a model of second earth. Our avatar stays in the virtual earth and we live in the physical earth.

Alternatively, we are still new to Earth 2.0. Investments at the early days seemed more profitable but risky.

Earth 2 Investment: Should You Invest In Earth 2?

Let's end the bizarre opinion about investing in Earth 2 once and for all.

Do you have interests in investing in virtual lands? Or are you a gamer interested in another P2E platform? I'm sure you are dwindling whether to invest in Earth 2 or follow the "it's a scam" people.

Earth 2 is in its early stage. Looking at the updates from the project team, the expectations are high. Mind you, the fear of many investors is that this project might be cut out anytime soon. If that happens everyone loses their money.

Moreover, Earth 2 is not registered under the law. Users buy lands and gaming properties on the platform without having the backing of any top government agency. Even comments in their social media pages and reviews on trust pilots are discouraging. Such as the inability to withdraw money for users or players etc.

Is Earth 2 Trustworthy?

Alternatively, this project is not even up to 18 months. The gaming possibilities of Earth 2 are not sophisticated enough to compete yet with the bigger metaverse projects.

So, is it worth putting your money on?

Investing is a game of risk. Aggressive investors who did put their money in bitcoin 10 years ago are probably multimillionaires now. I could even recall I was one of the anti bitcoins who regarded it as a scam.

Bitcoin figures today show it's not a scam even though it seems like one project that will monger one's money away. Maybe this is going to be replicated in Earth 2 or not. It is definitely too early to judge.

Earth 2 Egg Hunt Game - What it Entails

Earth 2 Egg Hunt game is a Play to earn game built on the blockchain. These kinds of games signify a futuristic planet earth that will evolve virtually. The Egg hunt game is the biggest gaming event hosted on the platform. All Players will be online to report when you find an egg on the Earth 2 platform.

These Eggs are NFts that are assigned with corresponding values. The values might rise over a few years as the second Earth project progresses. Several Eggs will be positioned in several areas. The first player to find a certain egg will be rewarded with in game credits + egg NFT.

Note that the game credits can't be withdrawn, instead players have to spend it on the Earth 2 platform to buy gaming items or virtual lands (tiles).

To participate in the Earth 2 Egg hunt game, you have to register on the Earth 2 platform.

How To Be A Part of The Growing Earth 2

Go to

Input the required information and Sign up.

Go to your dashboard and buy/add credit to the platform. Note that the only mode of payment is Paypal.

To buy Land, tap on Buy Land. Browse amongst the land and choose a preferred location to buy your land (tiles).

Earth Two Site

With the proven results of these establishments over the past few months, I'm optimistic about the company's growth. All the same, follow the golden rule which states invest not the amount you are not willing to lose on Earth 2.

Earth 2 and Similar Platforms

Earth 2 is coming very solid on almost the same motives as earlier projects such as Decentraland, Next Earth, Alien Worlds, Star Atlas, Wilder world etc.

However, Earth 2 is still an infant project according to experts. It still hasn't gained the credibility of the likes of most of its competitors.


Earth 2 is potentially a platform to mimic if all the promises of the project team are kept on to.

It's no news again that the metaverse is the future. Adopting it from today might be risky but it's worth preparing for the future.

Conclusively, the goal of Earth 2 is to make every action you take in the metaverse very easy. In such a way that you and I can replicate the physical world. So, investing now when you can acquire than to wait for the future when it's no more affordable and you will only desire.

You can sign up and join millions of players on Earth 2 today, it's your choice to make after going through this article.

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What is Earth 2?

How to sign up to Earth 2 and invest in it

How earth two work

How to play Earth 2 Egg Game

Earth 2 is simply going to evolve into the second earth. The concept works in a way that the second Earth will be a duplicate of our physical Earth.

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