Way And How To Verify NIN Number Online At The NIN Verification Portal


 Are you searching for wherever you'll be able to verify your National Identification Number(NIN)? Good job chosing this site. In this article, I'll let you know the precise steps to take to verify your National Identification Number, NIN.

The NIN verification portal was developed to assist the verification and identification of the Nigerian citizens. In the National Identification Number portal, a database is kept for retrieval and inclusion of Nigerian's identify, and can be accessed online.

NIN verification

National Identification Number Verification Online

What is The NIN Verification Portal?

Should you want to check your National Identification Number when you don't have it with you, you can head on straight to the NIMC portal to access your information. That's the most important reason the portal is made available for citizens of the country, Nigeria to utilize. The portal address is at https://nimc.gov.ng/verification-service-api/ . I'll make it accessible as you read through the step by step guide that will follow.

The National Identification Number, NIN is usually a 12 digit number. Each citizen has theirs, and is unique and different from that of each person.

How To Verify Your NIN Number On-line

To verify your National Identification Number, NIN online, follow the procedures below:

Visit the official NIN Verification Portal via https://nimc.gov.ng/verification-service-api/

Scroll to where you will find the “Verify NIN” button or link text and click on on it

Enter your 12-digit NIN digits into the available empty rectangular box

Input the security otp code you'll receive from your registered number in the next empty box

Click on “Submit”

A will pop up letting you know whether your NIN has been validated or verified

After these, depending on the message you receive you can chose to visit a NIMC office close to you to authenticate and validate your national ID number.

If the message shows that your NIN is okay, you can then proceed to use the number for a valid purpose.

How to Check Your NIN Number

Should you forget your NIN digits sinmnce it's what is usually needed in order to verify your Identity in the NIMC portal, NIMC has made provisions for you to check your National Identification Number with your phone app which you use to make calls. Follow the steps below to check your 12 digit NINumber your transportable

  • Open your phone app
  • Dial the code *346# using your MTN, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel, Etisalat, etc.
  • A list of options will ne displayed next
  • Select “NIN retrieval” by sound on “1” button
  • A charge of 20 naira is usually required to successfully complete the NIN retrieval.
  • You should note that the code must be dialled on the sim card you used for the National Identification Number - NIN registration.


The NIMC portal has made it easy for Nigerians to easily check their identities as citizens of the nation. The portal has been organized in a very simple and unique way for easy utilization by the citizens.

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