Mobile Game Monetization: Straregies and How To Monetize Game App


  When you hear the word "monetization", no matter your level of education, the first four words will ring a bell in your ears when you pronounce or write it. You only need "y" to the first four letters in monetization to give you the word "money"! 

There you go, monetization is money concerned term as it doesn't mean money! There's more to the words, Monetization and Monetizing a Game App. I'll let you know about this since App Monetization is what I'm about to guide you into. If you wish to make games without knowledge of coding, you might want to check this list of Best Java Game Engines for coding 2d games.

What Is Monetization?

Monetization is the process of converting something, mostly, services into money or other forms of revenue. It is commonly used in the context of digital media, such as websites, apps, and games, where it refers to the process of generating revenue from the content or services provided. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as advertising, subscriptions, in-app purchases, and more.

In this article, I'll let you know most importantly how to monetize mobile games, the process involved in game app monetization, and the monetization strategies for mobile games.

How to monetize mobile game
Mobile Game Monetization

What Is App Monetization?

Applications is usually shortened into Apps for easy and fast pronunciation. Apps are witten programs that solves problems for the users. In this mordern world which we are advancing fast in technology, these written programs are also programmed to earn their developers or programmers money, and in some cases earn users money too. Whether it is a brand browsing app or game app which you have, you can monetize them and make money from your apps. Before doing that you need to start from the basics of knowing what actually game app monetization is 

App monetization is the process of generating revenue from an app. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as in-app purchases, advertising, subscriptions, and more. App monetization is an important part of the app development process, as it allows developers to make money from their apps and keep them running.

How To Monetize A Mobile Game

How do mobile games nonetize? There are various ways to mobile game monetization, and below is a listing and brief information on the three main and most popular methods or models of game app monetization:

1. In-App Purchases

Offer players the ability to purchase virtual goods or services within the game. This could include items such as extra lives, power-ups, or special abilities.

2. Advertising

This is the most commonly used method or best way to mo etize your mobile game though it's not risk free because you could get ban if you miss steps.

In this method of monetization method, you will have to place ads or adverts from an ad network company you signup with within the game to generate revenue. The mobile game monetization ad formats could be banner ads, video ads, or interstitial ads. This will require you to work with some registered and well trusted Advert dealing companies such as Google Admob.

When using this method or model of monetization, you have to be familiar with the various ad formats available for you to add within your mobile game for monetization sake. You should add them in a way that won't affect your mobile game app.

3. Subscriptions

This method of mobile game monetisation is better and more secure than the advertising model of mobile game monesation. It offer players the opportunity to subscribe to the game for a monthly fee. This could include access to exclusive content or live activities. This and In-App Purchase mobile game monetiztion model are more safer to use in the case of being safe with your earnings as they come directly to you.

Actually those methods are just the game monetization models available, and like I have to explain it too with the terms used to describe them as Game Monetization Model I'll put it the following ways:

Freemium Model and In-App Purchases Model: This model allows users to access the game for free, but they can purchase additional content or features. The model allows users to purchase virtual goods or services should they want to.

Subscription Model: This model requires users to pay a recurring fee in order to access the game.

Advertising Model: This model allows users to access the game for free, but they are exposed to advertisements while playing.

Best Way To Monetize Mobile Game

Which way is best way to monetize mobile game? All the above methods or models I have mentioned above are all cool ways for you to monetize your mobile game. It is also possible to use all three methods on your app, and this will depend on the type of mobile app you have. 

You'll need to choose mobile game monetization strategies that will work better with your mobile game. While you're about to choose you game monetization strategy, it will be better if you're well aquatinted with the policies and conditions of Ad network you chose to work with for advertising deals sake.

Monetization Strategies For Mobile Games

Game monetization strategy matters a lot as it should be included in the game app development plan. Mobile game monetiztion strategy here means the systematic arrangements of game app functions to include monetization features within the game app. The way you you develop or create your mobile game must flow well alongside the game's objects, graphics and control. Or you can copy a simple game strategy as the Facebook Zynga Poker Game and it's monetization strategy,  though you may have to make it more easier for users to easily purchase the tokens you offer for subscription to your app unlike in the case of Zynga game.

The way you create your app and the game monetization model or method you decide to use determines the strategy you are using to monetize your mobile game. For example you can choose to use an advert banner immediately after your app is launched by a user, a pop up banner in the subscription model to direct people to where they can pay to get a particular service you render within your game app,

You should must put in the mobile game monetization space within the app you develop them. This is the best way to monetize a mobile game app because from there, and to when you're done with the app development you'll be able add spaces which you can choose to put monetization data(or codes) into from the mobile game layout(the backend) easily.

You can choose use a mobile game strategy in the following ways:

Welcome Screen _rectangular Ad + Before Game Match Launch_banner for user to make an in-app purchase + After Game Match Plays_interstitial ads. That is a strategy to monetize your mobile game app.

If you really have monetization as one of the major aim that led you to programming a mobile game, then within your mind you will have the hint on how you should strategize your monetization formats within the game to earn you money while your users are also enjoying

Requirements To Have A Mobile Game Monetized

First thing is first! You need to have a mobile game app you want to monetize. If you haven't, read on this article which will tell you about creating a game. You can create the app yourself if you have the machine language knowledge, or use other means made to make game making easier as you will find in the article i have provided the link above.

The next step to take is to apply and get approved by an Ad Network Company you want to monetize your mobile game app with. When you do that, the next thing you will do is put in the ad codes within the spaces you left while developing your app.

Most of all, you need to plan your mobile game in such a way that you'll be able to retain users. Retaining users means more money for you since money is the essence for having your mobile game monetized.

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